Season 6 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 24, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • Futurama returns with it's great comeback episode!

    I've been waiting 7 years for this, and THANK GOD, it delivered very well (for me anyway). I was surprised at how the chemistry between Fry and Leela worked so well, obviously the writers knew what they were doing when they wrote this, just as usual. A great story to kick off Futurama into its new season, it was a real Sci-Fi one, and the comedy was fresh and very funny, because it kept true to Futurama's language of comedy. Some people including me were slightly worried that Futurama would have lost its touch by now, but I think it's safe to say that it passed the test. Bender's side story was great, I didn't think that because of the main story being so epic, they'd be able to fit in a side story but wrong again, they succeeded in doing so. All characters were great to see again, and their voices were the same as when they left. I loved the plot twist near the end, however complicated it got. But the only thing in Futurama lately that's been worrying me is that the Sci-Fi element is beginning to sound like they're not making sense. Maybe it's just me but it has happened more than once, but that's the only minor issue I've got at the moment, the next episode was very funny as well, Futurama is truly back and biting Shiny Metal Ass!
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