Season 6 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 24, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • Bender: Yeh....We Back Everyone: YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Futurama is back, the moment everyone was waiting for the past 7 years...and did it reach my expectations? It sure did!
    Starting with Fry asking why is his fry-fro so frizzy and why is he covered in burns and Farnsworth telling him what happened since the cliffhanger of Green Yonder, and he revives everyone and Leela is in a coma so after trying to revive her and fail Fry builds a Leelabot to be with her again and are about to leave real Leela in the cyclops cementery but Bender wakes her up and a cyclops eating creature. Bender was about to die and Farnsworth installed a doomsday device on him to keep him alive and he couldn't stop dancing if not he would explode. At Planet Express the cyclops eating thing returns and is about to eat Leela but Bender stops dancign and loses an eye and the monster eats him and he exploes inside him, killing him. Then it's revealed Fry is a robot too and Leela actually survived and made a Fry-bot. Then Fry revives too and they get together and the bots get together too. A lot of get jokes like:

    Do the bender, do the bender!
    I dont want to
    I SAID DO IT!!!!!

    or It's like a comedy central channel and were on it now!
    Amy: I GET IT!

    10/10 great comeback!
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