Season 6 Episode 26


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 08, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • Old cartoons, 8-bit videogames and anime, all combined into a masterpiece!

    Alright, from most "what-if" episodes of Futurama this one is got to be the craziest one so far... but crazy in a good way. For example, the parody to Walt Disney's first black and white cartoons on the first segment was amazing (it made laugh as hell when we see the Planet Express ship come to life, or the characters' hearts pounding in their chests... so classic and so funny). Then, the second segment is a parody to old-school videogames, which isn't perfect but it's still very funny (I think The Angry Videogame Nerd would love this segment). And finally, the third segment is amazingly cool because it's a parody to so many animes like Voltron, Sailor Moon, Masked Raider, Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs and even Power Rangers.

    I give this one a 9 for its fresh humour and for making me laugh so hard.
  • Pretty good episode.

    I really liked it.
  • Futurama's season finale does not dissapoint.


    Just like last season it ends with a hilarious episode containing three segments. The first segment has black and white animation and it is about the professor finding a comet made of diamondium, the hardest substance in the universe, and sends the crew to gather diamond dust from the comet's tail to polish a domsday device. The second segment is in a video game style animation and its about the professor creating a microscope lens powerful enough to find the smallest unit of matter. The third and final segment is in anime and it is abouta race of gelatinous aliens who can only communicate through body language and gets angered by the destruction of the diamondium comet which they worship as a god and attack Earth in retaliation. Overall this was a fantastic episode of futurama each segment was unique, funny and very entertaining too bad we have to wait till summer 2012 for more futurama. How will we survive? Were doooooooooomed!!!!!

  • This was supposed to be the last episode?


    The basic premise behind Reincarnation was an Anthology of Interest type episode with the show reimagined in three different styles.

    The first was an old time cartoon style episode with Fry trying to find the perfect diamond to propose with. A somewhat sweet if silly segment, it was a relatively good Fry/Leela episode and works in probably around a grade of a solid B.

    The second was a professor heavy episode, done in old style pixelated videogame form. The professor attempts to find out the ultimate answer to the mysteries of the universe. It was a fairly good segment, and went a ways to show how the professor ticks. Overall, B-.

    The last (and in my opinion weakest) segment was done in anime style. The planet express crew had to find a way to communicate with an alien race that cannot hear or talk in order to prevent them from destroying earth. Eventually Zoidberg saves the day. It wasn't a particularly entertaining or engaging plot in my opinion. The laughs were few and the story was predictable. Not a horrible segment, but still coming in low at around a C-.

    Overall, it was a decent episode. Had some good laughs and some Leela/Fry development. If it were any other episode, it would probably have been a decent B instead of hovering on the C to D grade range.

    My main problem with it however, is that this might have been the LAST episode of Futurama. Now, I know it's unusual for a show to have three last episodes. But compared to the first two, this one just didn't stack up.

    The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings was brilliant. It had a great story and was tender and a little bittersweet.

    Into The Wild Green Yonder did a decent job of wrapping things up too. We finally got to see Fry and Leela kiss, and flying into the void, uncertain of where they would come out was a good way to end things.

    But... Reincarnation just didn't work. There was no closure, not even a nod to it being the finale. It was a decent episode, but I'm glad Futurama got picked up for another season because this is not the note I wanted it to go out on.

  • I saw last nights' season finale and I just want to say that I loved it!! It was an anthology of three differant styles of animation which had a 1930's style, a salute to 1980s' video games and the last was anime. This is why Futurama should stay on.


    The first one was a salute to the 1930s' style old Mickey Mouse cartoons like Steamboat Willy and Betty Boop. It was a Fry and Leela story which has Fry trying to show his love for her by gettting a diamond from a rock on the moon. He uses the Proffesors' bomb to get the diamond but everytime it explodes, it comes out as a rainbow and it gets even better by showing more of the rainbow and finally it snows diamonds. Fry pops the question but both of them were frozed and were in the shape of a diamond. One billion years later, they were in the shape of a ring and a male monster proposed to a female monster. It was funny with lines like "I couldn't get Leela pregnant but I got Amy pregnant." What Fry did was touching and sweet. This was just like the earlier episodes.

    The second one was in the style of 1980s arcade games. The professor tries to solve an experiment by using scoring. This was funny and I enjoyed how Bender tries to get out but keeps coming back and the Professor gets another life.

    The last one was a salute to Anime. Each character was a character from differant anime series. The Professors' look was cool and I loved Amys' They tried to stop aliens from conquering the Earth. These aliens can't talk because they don't have mouths and communicate by dancing. Fry and Bender danced but got them mad. Zoidberg danced and saved the planet.

    This was a great and brilliant season finale. It was differant and it showed that Futurama is much better The Simpsons and has surpassed it. You can do so much more with the 30th century than modern day Springfield. I hope Futurama stays on the air for a good long time.

  • Just as good as the Anthology Of Interest episodes



    Grade: A

    So, after the Holiday Spectacular disaster last year, Futurama ends Season 6 with another 3 story episode. Thankfully, Reincarnation is much better than the Holiday Spectacular and just as good as the Anthology Of Interest episodes. The animation used for all 3 segments was excellent and there was plenty of humour in each tale.

    The first segment is a black and white Fleisher style tale which deals with the relationship between Fry and Leela. This episode parodied black and white cartoons perfectly and was quite amusing for it to actually end with Fry proposing to Leela, but making you go "Awww" as seeing how the episode ends in a rather ironic fashion. No doubt the shippers will love this segment!

    The second segment is my personal favourite, in which parodies 8-bit video game animation and the Professor discoving something that answers all the questions in the universe, making him depressed as a result of no more challenges. This segment had classic video game references such as Donkey Kong, Digdug, and mostly games from the 80s. Bender had some really funny lines and it was pretty much flawless.

    The final segment ends with an Anime parody, which has been done many times before but nevertheless is still very good. A race of dancing squid aliens invade Earth and the "Action Delivery Force" try to work out how to communicate with them before it's too late. Although I haven't watched too many animes, I noticed alot of cliches that are parodied such as bad dubbing, typos in subtitles, and scenes which make absolutely no sense. Nevertheless, I found it entertaining either way.

    Overall, Futurama ends this season with an unusual but exciting episode which is non-canon, but perhaps could have actually gotten away with being labelled as an Anthology episode. Opening the episode with God was a nice touch and it was very fun watching all 3 segments. One of the better episodes of Season 6 and if this was the final episode, I would have been pleased.

  • The video-game animation style is definitely the best out of the three animation styles


    I thought that this was a superb Season 8 finale of "Futurama. I can't believe we have to wait til' next summer in 2012 for the 9th season of "Futurama". This whole season definitely went by really fast. It was nice while it lasted to see the new "Futurama" episodes. Well, I actually thought the three different animation styles in this episode were interesting. One was the black-and-white animation style, the second was the video-game animation style, and the third was the anime animation style. I would have to say that the video-game animation style was the best out of the three animation styles. I just thought the animation style in the video-game segment was awesome I definitely laughed really hard at that segment. I laughed at the head of Stephen Hawkings in that segment and I also laughed at Professor Farnsworth's Sad-O-Meter. That's not all though, I laughed at a bunch of more things in the video-game segment... definitely my favorite segment out of this entire episode. The black-and-white segment was good was well but only made laugh 3 times and they were all from Bender. As for the anime segment, it was great but my least favorite segment out of this episode. I just felt like it was too weird for me. I did LOL a few times in the anime segment... I'm not gonna lie about that. Overall, a superb Season 8 finale... I guess until then, see you in Summer 2012 "Futurama". 9/10

  • A Futurama episode presented in three different styles


    What I love about this episode in particular is that harkens back to what makes Futurama truly great. It implies and reminds us that the show basically has no boundaries in where it can go and on what level of pop culture/sci fi, it can make fun of. Ending a really terrific season, it goes out with a bang having as much fun as possible, as well as being clever and artistic. Out of three segments I don't know which one I love more, though if I had to make a small complaint I would say the anime segment isn't as inspired or as funny as the two previous segments, but only because South Park had done it previously and better. What I like most about this episode is that it shows us the core ingredients of Futurama. One, that no matter what it always comes back to Fry and his friends sitting at the round table with the Professor saying, "Good news everyone..", but also that it knows, understands, and most of all respects its strange and complex continuity. It still comes back to Fry and Leela's relationship (as the previous episode had done), and continues with it in the following segments, giving us both the heartwarming and comedic moments as always. Here's looking forward to the next season.

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