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  • Show that follows Fry, a pizza delivery boy from 1999whofalls into a cyrogenic freezing machine and wakes up in the future, as he adjusts, tries to win over Leela and be a delivery boy.

    Great show, one of my favorite shows, animated or otherwise. It balances the silliness factor with seriousness, most of which for me, is Fry's never-ending (and endearing) attempts to win Leela's love. It has great voice talent and I honestly think, not afraid to make fun of itself. I also apperciate the slight departure from the Simpsons animation, I think this looks better. It's definitely meant for older audiences (meaning not young children), particularly for language. That's fine though because Futurama is a cartoon definitely made for adults, not kids. I'm glad to know that another season is being made; it took long enough!
  • This is a show that definitly should get brought back. It was so great. This is why I hate people who work for TV. They don't know what their doing!

    "Pizza delivery...for, I.C. Weiner. Oh crud. Here's to another lousy millenium." Fry then gets stuck in a frozen time machine type thing. He goes all the way into the year 3000. This is where he meets Bender and Lela. Bender of course, is a robot and Lela, is a one-eyed alien. These three, along with the rest of the crew (Amy, Dr. Zoidberg, Hermes, and Farnsworth), have had some wacky times. Flying through space, going to different planets. It really was a great show and can someone explain why they got rid of this show. Futurama, Futruama, Futurama! We need to protest!
  • This show is funny and it is made by the same creator of the Simpsons...Matt Groening. The show has the same animation and is very funny.

    This show is great for the great comedy and storyline. The show is about a guy called Fry who was frozen 1000 years ago(the year 2000) and now is in the year 3000. Each character has their own little story...Bender the alchoholic robot,Leila the only cyclops alive(we presume)..etc

    The show is great on its comedy for showing its viewers what would have happened to things we are wondering about. Like who is going to win the 2008 election,music groups,Celebreties...etc. It is always funny to hear Benders rude comments and and the way he thinks. Sometimes he will act completely different and it just cracks me up.

    The show is funny and I don't want to ruin it but I do suggest that you tune in the next time you see it.
  • a boy is frozen and wakes up 1000 years later forgetting his old life and starting a new one in the future with new friends.

    a funny show. has no specific plot line just a random funny episode after another. intresting and definitly a have to see show. it has a dumb person, a smart feminist, a rich snob, a drunk robot. something that will have you quoting from for sure. dosent realli have a story other than fry trying to end up with leela. which he eventually does sorta. the last episode did not realli focus that much on the fact of their relationship and was kind of clif hangerish but none the less obviously a humorus and definitly a show that will keep you watching.
  • Matts other awsome show!

    Futurama is the greatest show also I love Futurama it rocks I mean who cant love this show it slimply rocks I love Matt Groenings Shows I mean Bender Is really really really funny XD he is the greatest charater in the show same with Fry and Dr.Zoyberg lol I love how Dr.Zoyberg said in one Ep "Yay people paying attinson to me!!!!!!" lol that was my favortie part this show is just simply simply simply the greatest I also love the Humor in it lol If you didnt watch this show yet you should watch it rocks! to end this Review its really awsome
  • Now I really mean that when I used the classification. this show puts the future in the eyes of a young adult not caring about his past and looking to do some fun things we could not think would be in the future.

    I really like this show. Ever since when it premiered on Fox, it is a very good spin-off from The Simpsons. The storylines and the sexual jokes are very funny and since I am older than when I remembered watching it years ago is a very goos dhow looking back and I hope they make some more good episodes someday. All the characters are very funny and are some part of the future and the storyline. I like Leela, and Bender, but my favorite is Dr. Zoidberg since he has something to say. The planets are funny and the environment there is still hilarious. Don't forget about the headless celeberities, they are awesome. The show is awesome but not a 10 for me though.
  • A super funny show that anyone can enjoy now that reality t.v plauges our screens. Great news on the Comedy Central revival. Can't wait for the new episodes.

    Like "Family Guy" this great show was canceled by FOX for no good reason. FOX set this show up for failure by giving it the worst possible time slot on their Sunday lineup; 7pm. With "Futurama" airing at 7 rarely any of it was seen, because of football. When games ran past the predicted time (which they do 90% of the time) people only caught the tail end ofthe show, leaving many people un-interested. But like "Family Guy" the good people at [adult swim] took the show and gave it lif once more, calling for a revival (also like "Family Guy"). Any way this is a review so lets review; Futurama is set in the year 3000, in New New York. Its an animated sitcom and its a good one. With discreet and not so discreet humor, "Futurama" would appeal to anyone 15 and up. To make a long story short, its funny and in my opion better than the "Simpsons". Though they were created by the same person. So; its a good, funny, and sometimes smart show for people who like to laugh.
  • Ahead of its time (literally!)

    This show has everything, lazers, hot space chicks, and of course Bender Bending Rodriguez, this show does nothing wrong, i have yet to find one episode where it bores me, this show encompasses the great mind of writer, and cartoonist Matt Greoning, this show, is awesome, from the 3D effects to the great voice acting, a show to watch considering its officially been pronounced off hiatus in 2008 thanks in part to Comedy Central, a show which should, and will follow in the foot steps of the Simpsons as being the greatest prime time animated series
  • This show is like a G-rated, inmature version of "Family Guy".

    I started watching this show when it was on ocassionaly on Adult Swim in CN. Since I have heard so highly of it, I actually started watching it. I can say I mildly wasted half an hour of my time. This show is dull, the jokes are unfunny and the characters are inmature. Really, the only time you can succesfully watch this is when other people are around because you can laugh at the show's stupidity. But I say that this show is completely overated and nothing special. Overall,the show is boring and I think it's the kiddy part of Adult Swim.
  • Futurama, set in the next millennium, follows the exploits of Fry, a pizza delivery boy who was cryogenically frozen by accident for 1,000 years; Leela, a female cyclops; Bender, an immoral robot

    Futurama is great.Bender, the lovable beer drinking,smoking,and stealing robot.Fry, the sweet,dimwitted idiot that everyone loves. Leela, the butt kicking and most reasonable of the group.
    Even though the was canceled in 2003, it still shows reruns on Adult Swim. I can't wait until they air new episodes on Comedy Central in 2008. Just one more year and the future continues with an idiotic orange haired moron, a drunk robot, and violence from an cyclops. There is so much to be done throughout the show. Fry and Leela gotta get together. Bender well...Bennder just have do what he do best, smoke and drink. Futrama is definately a 10/10.
  • Bring it back, immediately.

    New Years Eve 1999, Pizza Delivery Boy Philip J Fry takes an order to I C Weiner, and falls into a cryo chamber, and awakes in the year 3000 where he meets his descendant Professor Farnsworth, one eyed mutant Leela, and an array of other bizar characters based in New New York. This fantastic cartoon was axed after 4 series which some will agree was a tragedy. Bender was by far the best character, the alcoholic robot was rude, obnoxious and hilarious with his Kill All Humans aggressive attitude. Unfortunately, it fell against Groenings popular Simpsons, but at least Bender and BArt got to be in each other the shows.
  • Funny!

    This show is great! Fry is Bart, Bender is Homer, and Leela is Marge, Lisa, and Maggie combined! Fry is the one of the best cartoon characters I know. I love Bender. He's my favorite chain smoking, beer drinking, alcoholic, stealing, and gambling robot. Fry is the sweet, dumb, idiot you love. And Leela is the voice of reason and Fry romance interest. They should really hook up. Even though the show was canceled in 2003 by dumb FOX!!!!!! I still watch the reruns on adult swim. I can't wait for the new episodes on Comedy Central. Matt Groening should be a billionaire. But Fox took most of his money. But Futurama is a 10/10.
  • Futuama is a better show than the simpsons.

    Ever Since I started to Tivo the show, I liked it more and more. I think that everyone should watch this show. Even though the Simpsons is one of my favorite shows, I don't know what made the Simpsons rise to the top and Futurama to be cancelled. Futurama has so many gret things that the Simpsons doesn't, and I think that the simpsons has so may limitations. The simpson episodes are the same thing over and over again while futurama always has a different plot line or they have to deliver a differnt delivery. That is why Futurama is better than the simpsons.
  • I want more! This is one of my favorite shows. It was funny and clever and very original. They just canceled it too soon.

    Fry, a lame pizza dilivery boy who got a cranke call was frozen for a thousand years. When he wakes up he meets Leela and Bender and his crazy nephew. Together Fry, Leela, and Bender go on crazy space deliveries and funny times. Fry gets pretty used to the 31st century. I just belive they should get another 5 seasons and then end it. I miss this show.
  • It's a must see show!

    The show revolves around Fry who was accidently frozen in our time and sent 1000 years into the future where aliens and robots are common place. Fry searches out his nearest relative, an ancient inventor who also runs a delivery service. The professor puts fry to work in his company. Fry is accompanied by Leela, the cyclops, and bender, the foul mouthed robot. The plot revolves around the dangerous missions they are often sent on and the inventions that the professor makes while they are gone. We never see him build these inventions he just makes announcements when he succeeds. Being set so far in the future it is believable that all these creations could be around. It also provides room for the animators to get creative and create situations that would only be believable in this futuristic world. The show itself uses lots of physical and adult humor putting it in the same catergory as Family Guy and the Simpsons. Meaning children should not make a habit of watching. Overall the show is a must see and should not be overlooked. Although it can be compared to other shows, futurama brings a new aspect to the table...beer drinking robots.
  • One of the best shows on tv today.

    This is a show that I have watched since it first aired. I had my doubts from the trailers but when I saw the pilot I was hooked. The writing and character development makes the show truly special. The subtle nuances in episodes that are revealed later(Nibler's eyestalk shadow in the pilot) shows the careful planning that was put into this show. The character development in Futurama shows what it lacking in many other animated comedies on the air today. Plus, who doesnt enjoy a foul mouthed alcoholic robot? Thankfully it is being brought back to the air next year. I can only hope that the quality writing and story lines continue.
  • ...I love it

    You Have to Love it
    Ok, You have to love or like futurama! I do and i think you should too. Futurama may have ended and will come back (2008 On comedy Central). The whole story is Smart, and creative. The characters are Even Better!! Fry is my favorite following by Bender, Leila! Ok so you may not like it but Lots of people miss it (I sure Do) I started watching in 2005 and since then thanks to Adult swim i've seen pretty much every episode! I give this show a 10 out of 10. Futurama Will Live on for years to come!
  • A very hilarious show about the adventures of the 20th century delivery boy named Fry, a one-eyed butt-kicking woman named Leela and a drunken robot named Bender.

    This cartoon is very funny and totally hilarious!! I've been watching for awhile now and I loved almost every episode of it. It's the only show that has sci-fi and I actually like it, because I don't really like to watch sci-fi shows. I really love how Fry is very clueless and dumb about stuff and Bender, who is my favorite character steals stuff and jokes around with Fry. Also, Leela is awesome, who is the one who has to rescue Fry and Bender sometimes when they have done something wrong. The relationship between Fry and Leela is very sweet too. The relationship and character development has really changed over the seasons. I can't wait until the bring more episodes back in 2008 on Comedy Central and then to Adult Swim. Overall, this is a very humorous and entertaining cartoon that I really enjoy watching over and over again!
  • Why did they get rid of it!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    This how is my favorite show I watch it every night on adult swim. This show is great and I love it Fry and Bender are hilarious they are what makes Futurama great and I love it. The episodes are great and I loved every single one of them. I have seen every episode I will still watch all the reruns. I’m not sure but I heard its coming back in 2008 I am not sure but who ever reads this if you have ant info send me a message. Why did they get rid of it not enough lovers I don't know.
  • A delivery boy gets frozen for 1,000 years and meets a drunken robot, a senile nephew, and an insane lobster-thing. Need I say more?

    I love this show for its originality and its characters! Never have I found funnier characters than Bender (a drunken robot) or Zoidberg (a certified "Doctor"! The entire plot is crazy and the situations are hilarious(Once the delivery crew had to go to robot hell, which was located in a broken down themepark ride! One of my favorite things about the show is the CG they incorporated into the episodes, wow! The beat thing about the series, in my opinion, is the number of political jokes that are in it!Futurama is probably an accurate interpratation of what the world will be like 1,000 years from now!
  • A pizza delivery boy gets frozen and wakes up 1,000 years in the furure, where he meets some pretty interesting people.

    This show is definitely one of my favorites. I love it so much! I never get tired of watching it. It is so original and hilarious! The characters are all super unique and funny (especially Bender). I love that since the show takes place in the future, all these episode ideas are possible. More shows should be like this. Sure, it has its weak moments here and there, but those are very rare and you forget about them when you think about a funny moment in your favorite episode. I also love those deep, sad and emotional episodes like 'Luck of the Fryish' and 'Leela's Homeworld'. Those are the best.
  • A delivery boy is frozen and wakes up 1000 years in the futuer.

    This show is hilarious! My favorite character is Bender because of his concedness and his killing people and other crimes. Also I love his catch phrase "kill all humans". But I also love that even through all that he can still love things especially himself. More good things about this show for instence is the captions in the begining they are funny. Another great thing is Dr. Zoedburg. Ever though he is ignored and poor he still moves on in life. This show is just great not as good as Family Guy but still good. So thats what I think of this show.
  • This is a show You Will get hooked on! The Charicters,Storyline&Plot is amazing.

    This is a Great show The beginning of it all is When Young Fry, is having not the best life, is accidently cryogenically frozen and Bam hes in the year 2999. He Meets Leela, a female cyclops, Bender,a smoking drinking robot, and Fry's great, great, great... nephew, Professor Farnsworth. There are over 70 eposoides and my favorites are The sting[deadly deadly bees] and luck of the fryish. you will fall in love with the comedy,romance and action in this show.
  • I want this show to return and entertain me with new episodes. When Family Guy returned it made a huge impact. There is no reason why the same thing cold happen to Futurama. Futurama is hilarias and its only rated TV:PG. It should return and should rule!!

    Futerama is my all time favorite show non-wwe related. It is so funny and humerous. I can't belive it got cancled after only four years. I hope fox will bring it back just like it did to Family Guy. Familiy Guy became really great on its come back and is making a new season in September/October. But, if futurama returned it could make just as good an impact as Familily Guy if not almost as good. Family Guy left for three years because of the ratings and Futerama had the same problem. But now people want it to return. I hope you agree with me. People often watch Futerama at 11:00pm EST on [adultswim] chanel 56 with my TV. The same episode repeats at 2:00am EST on [adultswim]. I think i speek for a lot of people when i say "Bring Back Futerama Into My 20th Century World!" Thank you for reading this message.
  • Behold... the world of tomorrow!!!

    Matt Groening does it again! Is there anything that guy can't do? What a terrific show. I can't think of one less than amazing episode.

    Futurama is based 1,000 years in the future. We follow the life of a typical 90's man named Philip J. Fry. After being cryogenically frozen, he leaves behind his life as a pizza boy to become a space traveling delivery boy. He is accompanied by the rest of the intergalactic crew: Bender, The Professor, Leela, Amy, Hermies, and Dr. Zoidburg.

    I almost cried the day this show was cancelled. It was a very funny and witty series that had some of the greatest writers in the around. I can only hope that when the straight to dvd movies are released, the sales may generate a whole new season. This series is a must see!
  • can't wait till 2008.

    The series begins with Philip J. Fry, a New York City slacker and pizza delivery guy, who is cryogenically frozen on New Year's Eve, 1999. He is defrosted one thousand years later on New Year's Eve, 2999, and finds himself in New New York City. Fry thinks he has a chance at a new life, only to get himself permanently assigned a career as a delivery boy. Fry's attempt to escape from his now-mandatory job assignment results in him ending up at Planet Express, a small intergalactic package delivery company run by his distantly descended nephew, where he is hired on, interestingly enough, as a delivery boy. The series covers the adventures of Fry and his colleagues as they travel around the universe making deliveries on behalf of Planet Express.

    The futuristic time frame allowed the show's writers to be creative with their humor by introducing ideas and events from pulp science fiction of the mid 20th century into the series
  • one of my favorites

    Futrama is a truly great show I love it.
    I hope the future is like this :3
    the characters are strange yet appealing.
    Bender is a robot who drinks and smokes to stay alive.
    Fry is a guy who gets frozen and ends up in the future.
    leela is a one eyed alien aka mutant.
    Zoidberg is well kind of like a crab xD
    anyways theres tons of more lovable characters.
    This show is just great so watch it kay just watch it.
  • One Cool Show

    This was a fantastic show that got cancelled too soon. The show was a great idea. A guy is sent to the future and joins a group of oddballs. A drunk robot,a one eye alien and more. Futurama was very well written and just a blast to watch. Fry and Bender were great as a team. Bender always did stupid stuff and scams. He was so cool. Fry was the heroic idiot. He was so stupid he was a hero. Leela was a kick ass alien with a sweet heart. Together all three went on crazy adventures to deliver packages. For a old crackpot who always funny. Dr. Zoidborg,now he was always funny too as he was just odd. Best part about the show was it was just a cool sci-fi comedy that was new and original. In the end another great comedy.
  • There's only one word to descibe this: FREAKIN' AWESOME!!

    I've seen this show, and trust me, it is amazing! Actually, it's my 3rd favourite cartoon of all time, only a tiny bit behind the Simpsons and Family Guy. The characters all rock, and have unique personalities, which makes them all favourites. There's Fry, the delivery boy. He's an awesome character with many sides to him! and there's Leela, captain of the Planet Express Crew. There's also Bender...my favourite character! He is so funny and sarcastic! and Dr.Zoidberg? He is fantastic! The others are good too though. ^^

    But what I really love about this show is that it ain't just about the laughs, but also has sentimental storylines! This show is amazing! I definitely recommend it to you! It really rocks!!
  • Have to watch!!

    This show is OK. I love it. It just what I need when I get home from a bad day at work. It’s entertaining full of laughs and makes me want to never move again. It really captures the free spirit of media and keeps you wanting and guessing for more. It’s the kind of show that you don’t need to constantly watch in order to get the whole spectrum of what’s going on, I really like that, that way you can do multiple things at once. If you feel like it that is. This is defiantly one of my favorite shows.
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