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  • its kinds of cool

    i love futurerama this like the most funny think in the world it made me laugh once it can make me laugh again only if it return i heard that it will return on january 2008 at least thats what i heard but i cant wait to long i love it darely its kinda cool thougth but sometimes it not that funny i seem to not understan that much i like futurerama the future seems like it could really happen accept for the alieninvasion stuff thats kinda stupid falling in love with them and stuff but i love it and thats what all bout
  • It's all about Bender!!

    Better than The Simpsons, Futurama takes place in the year 3000. This allows for an "anything goes" model, that is truely hilarious. It took me a couple episodes to really love this show, and it is the best written adult animated show to date. But how do I make this review long enough to submit? Just repeat.

    Better than The Simpsons, Futurama takes place in the year 3000. This allows for an "anything goes" model, that is truely hilarious. It took me a couple episodes to really love this show, and it is the best written adult animated show to date.
  • philip j fry, better known as fry, works a dead end pizza job but then, on the turn of the second millenium, gets cryogenically frozen and wakes up in the year 3000. Along with the cyclops leela, the robot who runs on alcohol bender and many more.

    A very funny, hilarious show about the future of a very insane stupid world. However because of said insanely stupid world, the show is very funny. The characters are probably what makes the world stupid but they are funny because of their individual traits. I give futurama a 9 for just being a good funny show, if thats our future, we are in trouble.
  • you know its funny... you just dont know it!

    i mean the witty jokes and uncomfortable humor...i think that this show has to be one of the best out there today...Besides Family Guy, this show is the funniest thing on [adult swim]...with crazy characters, the writers of this show can basicly come up with ANYTHING...it actually makes you think of the future...it makes you get excited about the future. Fry is stupidly hilarious...and Benders Bending Rodriguez is in your face. i think that if the show was still making new material, it would only become funnier, and funnier. i think that the concept behind everything is just pure amazing.
  • Not a show I would go out to watch, but I enjoy it when I do.

    Futurama is the worst of the leading four Comedy/Animation shows for me by a fair while. I find both of Matt Groening's shows to be dated and dry. When he created the show, he maybe opened the door for about 30-50 new storylines for the show, but that was all. This show was good in its time, but I do not believe it will have the same success as Family Guy on its return. Nonetheless, Futurama can sometimes be a good quality show, with its fair share of lighthearted and serious moments. Considering what I've just written, I believe my rating for the show is fair.
  • Exceeds the high standards set by other adult animated TV series

    Matt Groenig had a tough act to follow when he decided to follow his wildly successful Simpsons show. After all Homer, Bart and the gang were the most successful animated series of all time, and has now become one of the longest running TV shows period. The best thing to do was pretty much what he did: make the new show as far from the Simpsons as possible. He took one dim witted delivery boy, a tough and sexy cyclops, a lying, cheating and thieving, but nevertheless lovable robot and other assorted losers, set them 1,000 years in the future and let the fun begin. I'll admit it took me awhile to warm up to this show; I really didn't get into it until the Cartoon Network reruns, and that was only because it was on before Family Guy. But after buying all the DVD sets of Futurama and FG I can say that Futurama is better on repeat viewings. Once you get through FG's "ooooh take that Kelly Ripa or Margot Kidder or Mel Gibson" lame Hollywood injokes, there's very little substance. Futurama is smarter, better written and likely not to date as fast (how could it date, it's in the future ha ha ha). Another thing it has on FG: it's not the vehicle of one man's ego trip McFarlane. The Professor is my favorite character; I can never get enough of the constant old jokes thrown his way. I hope the very first line of the new episodes is "good news everyone!" Yes, it's good news for us that it's coming back!
  • futurama should come back it was pretty cool i mean it was really nice it is still on tv and even now i still watch it

    futurama should come back it was pretty cool i mean it was really nice it is still on tv and even now i still watch it it has very funny episode that is really good , you know some people still would like for futurama to come back it would be great .
  • Futurama is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons) and David X. Cohen for the Fox Network. The series follows the adventures of a former New York City pizza delivery boy

    Futurama's setting is first and foremost a backdrop, and the writers are not above committing continuity errors if they serve to further the gags. The world of tomorrow is used to highlight and lampoon issues of today, and to parody the science fiction genre.

    Futurama is set at the beginning of the 31st century, in a time filled with technological wonders. Global warming, inflexible bureaucracy, and substance abuse are a few of the subjects given a 31st century exaggeration in a world where the problems have become both more extreme and more common. In a jab at segregation, for example, the show depicts the human prejudice against mutants as being so great that the latter have been forced to live underground in the sewers. The characters' home on Earth is the city of New New York, built over the ruins of present-day New York City, referred to as "Old New York".
  • Futurama

    i adore futurama. I personally think that this show is one of the best animated shows of all time. It is innovative, funny and cool. I really really think that the one thing that holds this show together , is the amazing ly fantastic characters. the main character is Fry: a regular guy from 1000 years ago who got stuck in a freeze arch. alot of the episodes are based on troubles that could ONLY happen in the future and are usually solved with some idiotic, yet hilarious, solution using high level thinking, which some of the characters posses. In summary, Futurama is a hilarious show that deserves everyone to watch it!
  • Please read the above summary...

    I really wish that this show would have aired as long as the Simpsons, cuz frankly put, I like this show much better. I don't mean that the simpson's sucks, because that show is still an american classic, and Futurama and The Simpsons are even made by like...the same people I believe. I recently heard of a new Futurama thing coming out, I believe it was a animated movie of some sort, so that may be of some interest to Futurama fans! In the end this is a very funny show, and I would recommend watching it on adultswim(cartoon network)
  • Brilliant

    When i got the dvd of futurama i thaught wow i should watch this more often!!!

    Futurama has got that humor that u want really bad and keeps u laughing in the afternoon!!!

    The best character in futurama has got 2 be bender cause he's just bloody funny when hes with fry!!!
  • Phillip J. Fry, a nobody from the 90's generation, finds himself frozen and awoken in the year 3000 with new friends and adventures.

    I tried to watch this show as much as I could when it originally aired but FOX really screwed it over schedule-wise. It was a great show and deserved a primetime spot. Like many others, I came to love this show during it's first run on Adult Swim. I'm still collecting the DVDs and can't wait to get em all. I'm thrilled that the show is being brought back on Comedy Central next year. I hope the quality of shows Comedy Central is used to producing doesn't affect Futurama. I'm counting on this show to come back with full force and stick around for many years to come. Oh and...Bender rules.
  • It needs to come back.

    It is really funny. I have all the seasons on DVD and have yet to get bored of watching them. Every time I watch it I notice something new or get a new joke. Bender is obviously the funniest but all the other characters have their moments too. Fry is lazy but he is really sweet to Leela in the later seasons which makes up for it. Anyway, watch Futurama or do not watch any programs at all. It is one of the funniest animations ever so I just feel like re stating what I have been saying all along: Watch the repeats!
  • The show is fine but the only funny one is bender.

    Futurama is a good show that i think is past it's prime. The only good character on the show is Bender if they decided to kill him off of the show they would lose tons of viewers. (including me) But for now Bender is still on the show and it is going very strong. Unfortunately the show is currently on TBD. Once the show continues the number of viewers. Without this show a few percent of the population would feel horrible. as for me and more of the population we would most likely just change it to Family Guy and laugh our head off. -NarutoShippuden
  • futurama is one of the greatest programmes evr made, when people say that it is better than Simpsons well they are right

    I used to love the simpsons, but it got really really old. Futurama has so much room for so much more episodes, Fox needs to bring it back like family guy. I Watch Family guy and Futurama every single night on adult swim and they never get old, unlike the simpsons.
  • Futurama is a funny, inventive, zealous, creative, and engaging series that is way ahead of its time. I still hate Fox for canceling this.

    When was eleven years old I would laugh at every little joke that this show will reveal, every second of it. I was shocked at how Fox was so ignorant to cancel this masterpiece.

    One of the best shows in history (next to Golden girls), his engages in topics that could actually be "okay" for a eight year old. I thank C.C and Adult Swim for still believing in what this show really is.

    here is where I stand:

    Animation: Awesome

    Cast: Perfect

    Humor: Television history I pray for you to watch this show: It made a giant impact on my life and I want to pass it on.
  • The Best Funniest Cartoon cut short!

    Fox continues to make the same mistake over and over again. Futurama was one of the best Animated Comedies ever. Cutting it short was a big mistake. Not sure why they did, but regardless, this show is one that should have gotten more season in. The Simpsons should have been the one to get terminated long ago. They made the same mistake canceling Family Guy, and corrected their mistake only because of DVD Sales. Everyone Should show Fox how good this show was by buying the Futurama DVD's. It will probably not make a different after this much time has past now, but either way it was one of the best shows. I still constantly watch the episodes and they continue to be funny.
  • its about ppl in the future

    this show is so funny its like Family Guy abd American Dad but in the future. i aslo think that they should have had fry and lela have a child together because everyone knows the both like each other or they should have did like a sad ending were fry goes back to his time just to see wat would happen to everyone ese when he left. Or maybe they sheould have Bender get an up grade like where he has cup holders to put his beer and have a ash try for his ciggars. For get these last words
  • One of the best shows, and its coming back after being cancelled!

    My personal second favorite( the Simpsons #1 ) is finally coming back, and it was about time. the show was really good, funny and original. it shouldn't have been cancelled in the first place. The show had many funny characters and great episodes and hopefully the new ones will be as good or even better. but it's still a long time before they are on tv.
    and hopefully the 4 movies there making will be good enough too.

    the show gets a big ten from me.
  • Simply Awesome

    From the guy that brought u Simpsons. Comes a show that blows u away and the simpsons itself. I love Futurama. Its simply funny. Its one of the shows u just cant help to laugh. I mean u got a idiot,alien,robot,old guy and more crazy ass characters. The show usualy has intresting plots. Its like a sci-fi show but comedy sci-fi. Fry & Bender are a great duo and hysterical. A robot who drinks and cusses its brilliant. Ever since it came on i loved the show. Its a must watch. I wish it come back for more. A classic show even if they never bring it back but hoping they do it. Love it.
  • Well, It all starts when Fry get's sent to the future with this Freezer thing. Then a minute later this happens...BOOOM! then It's a new year and every thing is all diffrent. Woah it is confusing but yet still funny. A 5 is a good grade out of 10.

    One Word: Weird, but not as stupid as The Simpsons. With the Yellow People, I mean Homer "I like Donuts" Yummmy.. Mel should make a cross over between The Simpsons and Futurama. Then they could call it "FutuSimprons" it would be cool. I would watch the show then every day! Or Futurama with Family Guy, Sweetness! That is cool. I watch this show whenever, I have the chance but when it's a school day. I have no time.
  • Best Show ever

    Man this is so cool Futurama is coming back. I loved this show. The thing was I started watching it when it was in it's last season. The first episode of futurama I ever watched was Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles. My favorite lines in a episode was in the episode were Fry and Leela get super powers and they try the powers. One of the powers was that they could talk to animals and fry yells to Zoidberg to come to him then Zoidberg says "Screw you!". I personally have seen every episode of Futurama. But then again who hasn't. Hopefully the new season will be as good as the show used to be.
    Overall good show
  • This show is my favorite show ever, I have probably seen all the episodes 5 times each.

    Futurama... There are no other words. It is simply wonderful. And it's coming back! In a movie, which should be interesting since it will have a whole plot and story to it and later on us die-hard fans will have the dvds to collect as well. I truly love this show and can never get enough of it, Bender is great but Fry and doctor Zoidberg are my favorites. I just hope this comes back soon so I can watch more, it has always been mythical for me. Who can forget Futurama, and not understand why it was taken of?
  • I eagerly await the shows return.

    Futurama is simply the best animated show of all time. The characters are fantastic, they are funny and the humourous, intellectually sweet, with the show not needing to sink to all out toilet humour like a lot of other shows. The amount of parodies this show explores is mind boggling.

    With most animated shows you watch the episode once, and you can't sit through it a second time. This is definately not the case with Futurama, I still watch Futurama and enjoy it even more each time I see an episode.

    There are also a great many details to watch out for in the background.

    I am eagerly awaiting for the shows return.
  • its hilarious

    Like the summary says the show is freaking hilarious.Its funny in a different way then like family which is like poop jokes.futurama has like a paeody funny like the makers make fun of every thing.Likke they make fun of star trek which is funny.I like Bender cause i like his personality.His i dont give a rats behind about anybody else.Thats what i think i ma like sometimes.I first watched it when my sister told me it was hilarious.So then i went to my room flicked the tv to futurama then bam i found myself on the floor laughing.So watch futurama its freakin hilarious.
  • One of the best shows and with the funniest Characters....

    Futurama is about a guy named Fry living in the 20th century as a pizza delievery boy. When one day he has to take a pizza delievery to a unone place on New Years. Well anyway he gets to the place were the order came from but no one is there only a bunch of pod like things so he pays no attention to that but he notices that it was a prank delievery so he starts to eat the pizza and fall in one of the pods that are actual time pods and it gets set for 1000 yrs. Finally 1000 yrs pass and he starts living in the futur were everything is differenet.
  • This is a really great show.

    This is a really great show. I "myself" would recommend this show to people who like to laugh at the stupidity that some characters show, but there is some content that younger viewers such as the age of 13 and under shouldnt see like drug content and refference to sexual themes.
  • a very good show with some very funny characters.

    i would definitly reccomend this show to any one who is into sc-fi cartoons.i would also like to say that this show should be ranked right up there with family guy and southpark.futurama also has sad and emotional parts as well such as the episode called jurrassic bark where frys dog seymour waits for him until he dies and that is a very sad moment.there are also sad parts when fry remembers that everyone he new in the 20th century died years ago.even though it has sad parts it also has many funny parts like when frys living in his companies office.
  • Futurama follows the adventures of Philip J. Fry, a pizza delivery boy who was cryogenically frozen and thawed at the dawn of the 3rd millenium.

    Futurama follows the adventures of 25-year-old Panucci's Pizza delivery boy Philip Fry, who is cryogenically frozen and thawed at the dawn of the third millenium. He meets 'horrifying yet sexy' cyclopean alien Turanga Leela, who is working as a police officer (note: she was officer 1BDI).
    Other characters are:

    A man-bot from Tijuana, Mexico. He is a Bending Unit (22 series). His hobbies include drinking Olde Fortran Malt Liquor, and smoking cigars.

    A 160-year-old man who is famous for (some of) his inventions and the astounding non-ingenuity with which he runs his company, Planet Express (a takeoff of Federal Express).
  • A Pizza delivery boy gets sent to the year 3,000. and soon learned that the Future is a great place t be in and tries to fit in.

    My favorite episodes are Crimes of the Hot, Anthology of Interest 2, Bender should not be allowed on TV, Fry and the Slurm Factory, a Taste of Freedom, Obsoletely Fabulous, Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles, Insane in the Mainframe, The Day the Earth Stood Stupid, and the Route of All Evil. if there is any one who likes the episodes, raise up! up, I say! but what about one when Fry misses an Old cartoon and wants it back on TV but, when TV stations refused He went to desperate ways to get to see it again, even if it means attempting theft.