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  • This is about a couple of Characters that live in the year 3000. Weird show, Robots, Aliens very funny show.

    I have recently started watching this show at night, and i really do enjoy. It is a good comedy show that doesn't have to o with the Fat, lazy dad, and the problems with kids (simpsons, family guy, American dad). This show has very good plots along with very funny jokes, problems that they have to deal with. The only problem about the show that anyone could ever see is that, It is a little bit too far fetched that many people may find stupid or unrealistic. I think this show is better then the Simpsons, not as good as Family Guy, but this is definetly up at the top!
  • Wow. Awesome!

    Even though you could say Futurama is more "adult" than The Simpsons, Matt Groening still throws in some of the heart-warming qualities his first cartoon has into this epic, action-comedy-awesome cartoon.
  • Futurama

    As for now, Futurama is the best adult cartoon on tv. That cancellation give a new life to this serie, and now is way better than the Simpsons.

    The Simpsons should get at least a 5 years hiatus too...
  • Futurama is still the best adult cartoon on TV

    Last season was amazing PLEASE renew this series for another 5 years. Also, the movies were great too. Can you add a few more of them. This is the most clever show I have ever watched. DO NOT LET IT DIE. keep 'em coming.
  • Futurama= best show

    Futurama is the best show that will ever be on tv. Episode i starts out by having a 25 year old pizza delivery boy who accidently fell into a cryogenic freezer like thing and wakes up in the year 3000 when he meets a cyclops named Leela, a robot named Bender his nephue named proffesor Farnsworth, Dr Zoidburg, I cant really explain him, Amy the intern and Hermes the buracrat.

    Funny 10/10

    Clever 10/10

    Graphics 10/10

    Fry 10/10

    Leela 10/10

    Bender 10/10

    Farnsworth 10/10

    Zoidburg 10/10

    Amy 7.5/10

    Hermes 7/10

    In other words this is the funniest show of all time. Gotta see it.
  • Futurama is good! And you should feel good!

    In my opinion, Futurama is better than The Simpsons. I'm sorry but this ultimate show is so much funnier and clever how couldn't you agree with me? Futurama is my all time favorite show and I have never hated any part of it. Many fans say that the newer episodes on Comedy Central are horrible, I must say i'm pretty dissapointed. I must admit, the newer episodes of Futurama may not be as sweet as the older episodes, and they do seem less clever, but overall they're really enjoyable and funny. Futurama finds a way to be completely hilarious yet find a way to be sweet and heartwarming at some parts, which is a rare element in cartoons. Every single character is either funny or enjoyable, two main figures being Bender and Zoidberg who you can watch on the TV forever without getting sick of them. It's a mix of "The Jetsons" and "The Simpsons" and it's grand!
  • Fun on a Bun!

    Futurama is an amazing show! It's a really funny show and it even made me cry once.. Leela meeting her parents was so sweet.. and her parents giving her up was so sad.Also even though Fry and Yancy fought.. Yancy named his own kid Fry :) so sweet.. Sadly Fox Canceled the show, but luckily Comedy Central saved it! And guess what? The new episodes may not be great, but their still good. Just look at "Cold Warriors", "The Tip of The Zoidberg" , "The Late Phiillip J Fry" and more. This show is more better than The Simpsons even.
  • This Is My Absolute Favorite Show!

    I'm definitely an adult cartoon watcher, like family guy and south park and stuff, but i really love that this show has the capability to be super funny and appropriately serious. Like i love the episode where Lela finds out who her parents are, isn't the end of that episode where they show how her mutant parents have always been there looking out for her sweet? Things like that is what really makes me love this show. And i like how the relationships in this show are just real, like Lela and Fry, he just loves her so much, sure he thinks she is hot but i love how his love is just so unconditional and that she is finally giving him a chance in these newer episodes. Also i like how Amy loves Kif so much even though she is rich and could be considered hot she still loves him anyway because of his personality. This show is just a great mix of funny and heartwarming moments and i just love it!
  • A great show.

    One of the smart classics.

    Plot: Philip J Fry, a pizza boy with a terrible life. Was frozen accidentally by December 31, 1999, and he was unfrozen in the 3rd millennium. There he sees the futuristic life and beings. He met a cyclops woman named Leela, an aggressive robot named Bender. He also met his future nephew, Prof. Farnsworth. His life was more lighter from there. But still, he encounters a lot of strange and bizarre events in that timeline!

    Characters: They are unique when it comes to their personalities. They also have their own small back stories. Voice acting and dialogue is perfect. And each characters has their own hilarity.

    Humor: Well planned and executed. Each jokes gets unique and different from episodes.

    Art: Matt Groening did it good again. They're all fine.

    Overall: 10. One of the most perfect cartoon sitcoms.
  • Not as good as it was before.

    I used to love this is garbage now so yeah this show is horrible like it's sort of weird and boring at the same time.
  • Used to be Good...

    This show used to be smart and witty, but now it's turning to solid crap.
  • Better then Simpsons... Kinda

    I love this show as do many others. 3 specials and a return to television speaks for itself really. The characters and stories are a good break from the usual prime time adult cartoons that play for now.

    I really enjoy this as an alternative to the Simpsons and in many cases I will choose this over the Simpsons. Well worth watching and enjoying.
  • Great show!

    I love this show but season 7 and 8 havent arrived in the uk yet :(
  • Whoever cancelled this spectactular show should be isolated.

    This was one of my favorite prime time shows and i absolutely enjoy its stupidity and plot lines. Matt Groeing showed us through this series that he wasnt just a one show man but that he could do 2 awesome shows. they obviously need to bring it back because when the Simpsons and Family Guy get the boot, FOX will be on very very thin ice. I know Groeing is a busy man, but he balanced between two shows between 1999 and 2003, why cant he now. Fox, you have made a deadly mistake. You must bring it back. Now.
  • About a boy named Fry who has a terrible life, and is later stuck and frozen in a time capsule going to the next millenium. This is a really great show!!!!

    When I first saw this show not too long ago, I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen! I remember those times when it used to be on Fox, and me and my dad would put it on and laugh away! But I don't think it comes on Fox anymore, but it still comes on on Adult Swim! Rite from the start, I knoew this would be a great, funny, and hilarious show, because it was created by Matt Groening himself; the famed creator of The Simpsons! I remember most of the characters on the show, including Fry, Leela, Bender, Amy, Hermes Conrad, Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, Kif Kroker, and Zapp Brannigan. I am soooooooo glad this show will get another season!! I was hoping for this moment!! This show is one of the coolest and funniest shows ever! It deserves a 10 out of 10! Thank you again, Matt Groening!
  • Great escape into a tacky future

    This show has a lot of the same humour of The Simpsons without the preachy undertones.

    As cartoons have become more a fixture of modern TV, most shows have opted to try and be outlandish and offensive (South Park, Family Guy, American Dad, etc.) or else they try to be moralistic (Simpsons, King of the Hill). Futurama is just a series of fantastical events involving pitiful characters and scenarios so absurd they really utilize the cartoon format.

    Kudos to Groening for creating such a fun universe and characters and I pray it never devolves into making current events episodes. They never age well.
  • So glad they brought it back!

    Futurama is by faar one of the best shows comedy central by far.......it did get canceled and i do think the old ones(season1-4) were better but iam real in joying the newer episodes and i think that FOX should have never canceleded cause it was a hit and i was so glad that it got picked up by Comedy Central and since it is on comedy central now they can say and do more stuff then on FOX so they are trying to make it edgey which i don't really like but it is still old futurama humor.So it's good
  • continuous

    this is problably the only cartoon show that has been funny throughout the decade. other cartoon shows like Spongebob and Family Guy have nowadays lost their charm and arent as funy as they use to be. But futurama has the wittennes and srill more than enough character dynamic. Honestly, y not zoidberg
  • One of the best shows still on tv that is still original.

    The way I see it is Family Guy has turned itself into an unwatchable show that is more recycled than computer paper. This is Family Guy (aids joke, gay joke,cut-away,aids joke,cutaway,and meaningless situations). Although the plot on Futurama may not always make sense at least it stuck to it's roots and doesn't throw out jokes that make you uncomfortable to watch. Bender is an awesome character and one I highly doubt I'll forget well into my years of alzheimers, Fry is dimwittedly funny like the way Homer Simpson would make you laugh (without the spousal-kid abuse). Futurama is just one of those shows that grows on you and I think comedy central did a good thing for themselves and the viewers picking it up and putting it in a decent time slot. Ive watched Futurama since it came out and I'd have to say this is by far my favorite rainy day tv show. Im happy to hear that there picked up for another 23 or 26 episodes because if I have to literally judge the animated tv shows that have been on since my adolescence with another family guy episode i'm going to get surgery to be blind and deaf. I love cartoons and honestly the only good ones left are Futurama, American Dad, South Park, Ugly Americans and the way I see it the more the merrier as long as it's not complete crap. So Futurama definitely deserves 10 for making me laugh and not making me feel compelled to turn the channel when it's on.
  • And the secret word of the day for this show is: Mediocre! If you wanna know why, then by all means, check out my review for this show.

    Okay! The reasons why I have this show down as mediocre are two-fold. First of all: The show had a pretty bad start. In fact, the second episode was quite embarrassing to watch! Secondly, even though this show had a few good and funny moments (And mind you, I am saying 'moments' instead of episodes), it had a tendency to place rather bad jokes into its episodes or dumb plots. However, it didn't fail quite as badly as King of the Hill. Therefore, I will wrap up this review by saying that if this show ever made a comeback, it had better start making funnier and more wholesome episodes. And by this, I mean episodes that I actually find funny and not just stupid. Fin.
  • Another great show from Matt Groening

    This show is very awesome and funny as well it was a great show i liked the antics of Fry Leela and Bender,Bender was the funniest character of all Fry can be funny at times as well Man these were the days i have really good memories of this show and even better it's coming back in 2008(it's moving to Comedy Central) i just can't wait but i wonder why Fox had to cancel it oh well this was a great show the first episode was the best and this show is even better than The Simpsons.
  • From Matt Groening, the creator of "The Simpsons" comes a cartoon called "Futurama"

    What can I say?... this cartoon is awesome and absolutely hilarious at the same time. I enjoyed most of the episodes in this show and the humor is absolutely hilarious. Matt Groening (who also is the creator of "The Simpsons") not only makes awesome and great humor in the "The Simpsons" but he also does adds awesome and great humor in "Futurama" as well. I don't know which show is better? "The Simpsons" or "Futurama" because I honestly love both cartoons equally. "The Simpsons" and "Futurama" are both hilarious in different ways. "The Simpsons" is hilarious because the things they do is stupid. "Futurama" is hilarious because the thing they do are brilliant in a very funny way... sometimes it does have hilarious dumb humor but that's what makes it fun. My favorite character in this show is Bender. Bender is a robot who drinks alcohol and smokes alot which makes him hilarious and I find it brilliant. Come on, how often do you see a robot that drinks and smokes? That's why I love Bender the robot who drinks and smokes alot. Professor Farnsworth is my other favorite character as well because he says the wackiest things that somehow make me laugh so hard. Bender and Professor Farnsworth are my favorite characters in "Futurama". As for the other characters, they aren't as funny as Bender and Professor but they're good characters. The other characters in this show are Phillip J. Fry, Leela, Dr. Zoidberg, Amy Wong, and more. Overall, "Futurama" is just a hilarious and awesome cartoon to watch... it's too bad that Adult Swim doesn't air the reruns anymore but I can still watch the reruns on Comedy Central now... If you love "The Simpsons", you just might love "Futurama" as well. 10/10
  • Amazing hilarious show!!!


    i've always watched this show on and off. but i've really starting getting into it and i'm glad i am. bcuz truthfully every episode no matter how bad i can say i laughed or giggled. cuz this show knows how to make anyone laugh or giggle to laugh out loud. this show has made me to all of that. and i haven't watched all of the epiosdes sadly. cuz like i said i'm kind of a new fan. but glad to be one. hope the show will continue to go strong. sometimes it even better the simpsons. and i've watched a lot of the simpsons episodes new and old. go futurama take south park and family guy down!!!!!

  • 10

    i love this show it is like the best show ever made in thewhole universe and thehistory of human kind!!!!!!on a scale of1-10 this show is a 100000000000000000!!!!!!!!!! it totally deserves an Oscar or something i mean this show is like the best!!!!!!! hands down the best amazing there is no other word to describe this show but amazing i love this show so much

  • Love this show!

    I havent seen any of the new episodes so im just reviewing the old episodes. I love futurama cuz its just so witty and funny and i like how they show the future being like where like every christmas people have to hide becuz of an evil santa its just classic. Also there being suicide booths and its just a funny show
  • 4 words. This. Show. Is. Awesome.!!!!

    This show is very great. its funny and fun to watch. it is practically a person's veiw of the year 3000. the set up is great. Bender, fry and Leela are the main characters. they make it funny. and sometimes this show can be touching. but rarely. Mostly its FUNNY and is AWESOME! Here Is my review Animation: 9.5 animtion is terrific. who could animate th year 3000 that well? plus its not slow robtic movements. if you know what i mean. (even robots move like humans) Laugh-o-meter-: 8 this show is halarious!the jokes are funny. Characters: 8.9 a cyclops, robots and an unknown alien? (dr. zoidburg) soo future like
  • This is my favorite show.

    Futurama is an amazing show it tells a story of fry a pizza delivery boy who has a crappy life get frozen for a melenium and wakes up on the news year eve of 2999. He works at a delivery company called planet express. Theres lots of weird but interesting characters that work at planet express with him such as leela who is a cyclops, zoibeg is a talking crab, bender which is a robot that steals, drinks and goes to strip clubs he's my favorite charater. Those are just some of the charaters in futurama. Futurama is an hilarious show from the creator of the simpsons. I know my review sounds stupid because nearly everybody has already seen this show and knows what it is about.
  • The Best Show On T.V!!!

    It Is About A Boring 20th century loser named Fry,and he is a delivery boy and hates his life so he goes into a time machine and ends up in the 30th century so he has to start a new life,and adapt to the 30th century world,This Is My Most Favorite Show Off All Time and Noting Is Gonna Replace That!Here is My Review!

    Plot/Storyline-10 Good Plots,and an awesome storyline!


    romance-9.5- Romantic

    adventure/Action-10 TON of ACTION

    total-10 I Recommend This show if you like South Park,American Dad,And The Old Simpsons!

    About The Futurama Movies....My Most Favorite Ones Were A Tie Between Bender's Big Score,Into The Wild Green Yonder,and Beast Of A Billion Backs....My Least Favorite Was Bender's Game...

    Benders Big Score- 10/10

    Into The Wild Green Yonder- 10/10

    Beast Of A Billion Back's- 10/10

    Bender's Game- 1/10
  • This show is good now and will be in the future!

    This show is awesome! I love the characters, the plots, and that's it's set in the 30th century. I like at thge end of each show it says '3oth Century Fox', instead of 20th century. My fav character of the show is Bender, I think he acts like Roger in American Dad sometimes! They're both mean, use a lot in the shows, both drink alcohol (Roger- wine, Bender- Beer), both use strong langage, need something to live (Roger- be mean, Bender- beer), both not humans (Roger- alien, Bender- robot), and both are extrumely funny! I also like Nibbler, he's so cute! Guess what? A teacher in my high school's last name is Fransworth! I first saw this show when I was in her math class (oh, and she likes the show too).
  • A boy named Fry gets frozen, and ends up in the future. We follow Fry as he adjusts to this very different world, and makes some very unique friends.

    This show is truly an original. It follows the adventures of a boy named Fry as he wonders around a very different world. The future is also a unique enviroment because you can make anything you want to be in that future. This show creates fictional companies,products,gadgets,and services. Who would actually think up all this? This show is just amazing with its amount of original content. Besides being original, this is also a very funny show. The characters Fry meets are all unique and funny. Not only that, but they all have actual attitudes as well. They are not just there for support. Ranging from the crazy robot Bender, to the weird doctor Zoidberg. They all serve a purpose. Now the things that happen to these chracters will have you laughing until you hurt. All of Fry's adventures are hilarious. His adventures take place all across the universe! You will always want to see what happens to them next. That's all there is to it. This was truly a funny, original, and outstanding show. You should definately check it out.
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