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  • 10

    i love this show it is like the best show ever made in thewhole universe and thehistory of human kind!!!!!!on a scale of1-10 this show is a 100000000000000000!!!!!!!!!! it totally deserves an Oscar or something i mean this show is like the best!!!!!!! hands down the best amazing there is no other word to describe this show but amazing i love this show so much

  • Love this show!

    I havent seen any of the new episodes so im just reviewing the old episodes. I love futurama cuz its just so witty and funny and i like how they show the future being like where like every christmas people have to hide becuz of an evil santa its just classic. Also there being suicide booths and its just a funny show
  • 4 words. This. Show. Is. Awesome.!!!!

    This show is very great. its funny and fun to watch. it is practically a person's veiw of the year 3000. the set up is great. Bender, fry and Leela are the main characters. they make it funny. and sometimes this show can be touching. but rarely. Mostly its FUNNY and is AWESOME! Here Is my review Animation: 9.5 animtion is terrific. who could animate th year 3000 that well? plus its not slow robtic movements. if you know what i mean. (even robots move like humans) Laugh-o-meter-: 8 this show is halarious!the jokes are funny. Characters: 8.9 a cyclops, robots and an unknown alien? (dr. zoidburg) soo future like
  • This is my favorite show.

    Futurama is an amazing show it tells a story of fry a pizza delivery boy who has a crappy life get frozen for a melenium and wakes up on the news year eve of 2999. He works at a delivery company called planet express. Theres lots of weird but interesting characters that work at planet express with him such as leela who is a cyclops, zoibeg is a talking crab, bender which is a robot that steals, drinks and goes to strip clubs he's my favorite charater. Those are just some of the charaters in futurama. Futurama is an hilarious show from the creator of the simpsons. I know my review sounds stupid because nearly everybody has already seen this show and knows what it is about.
  • The Best Show On T.V!!!

    It Is About A Boring 20th century loser named Fry,and he is a delivery boy and hates his life so he goes into a time machine and ends up in the 30th century so he has to start a new life,and adapt to the 30th century world,This Is My Most Favorite Show Off All Time and Noting Is Gonna Replace That!Here is My Review!

    Plot/Storyline-10 Good Plots,and an awesome storyline!


    romance-9.5- Romantic

    adventure/Action-10 TON of ACTION

    total-10 I Recommend This show if you like South Park,American Dad,And The Old Simpsons!

    About The Futurama Movies....My Most Favorite Ones Were A Tie Between Bender's Big Score,Into The Wild Green Yonder,and Beast Of A Billion Backs....My Least Favorite Was Bender's Game...

    Benders Big Score- 10/10

    Into The Wild Green Yonder- 10/10

    Beast Of A Billion Back's- 10/10

    Bender's Game- 1/10
  • This show is good now and will be in the future!

    This show is awesome! I love the characters, the plots, and that's it's set in the 30th century. I like at thge end of each show it says '3oth Century Fox', instead of 20th century. My fav character of the show is Bender, I think he acts like Roger in American Dad sometimes! They're both mean, use a lot in the shows, both drink alcohol (Roger- wine, Bender- Beer), both use strong langage, need something to live (Roger- be mean, Bender- beer), both not humans (Roger- alien, Bender- robot), and both are extrumely funny! I also like Nibbler, he's so cute! Guess what? A teacher in my high school's last name is Fransworth! I first saw this show when I was in her math class (oh, and she likes the show too).
  • A boy named Fry gets frozen, and ends up in the future. We follow Fry as he adjusts to this very different world, and makes some very unique friends.

    This show is truly an original. It follows the adventures of a boy named Fry as he wonders around a very different world. The future is also a unique enviroment because you can make anything you want to be in that future. This show creates fictional companies,products,gadgets,and services. Who would actually think up all this? This show is just amazing with its amount of original content. Besides being original, this is also a very funny show. The characters Fry meets are all unique and funny. Not only that, but they all have actual attitudes as well. They are not just there for support. Ranging from the crazy robot Bender, to the weird doctor Zoidberg. They all serve a purpose. Now the things that happen to these chracters will have you laughing until you hurt. All of Fry's adventures are hilarious. His adventures take place all across the universe! You will always want to see what happens to them next. That's all there is to it. This was truly a funny, original, and outstanding show. You should definately check it out.
  • Greatest.Show.Ever

    Move over Simpsons, Futurama is BACK!
    We dont have it in the UK yet so im dead upset, but being trying to catch the episodes online.

    Don't know how anyone could hate this show, the simple genius plot in which Fry, a guy from 1999 fulls in a freezer which freezes him until 2999 AKA 1 second before the year 3000 :)

    He goes through many adventures with the 1 eyed mutant leela, and the robot bender. His great great nephew Dr farnsworth, Amy, and Zoidberg, and some cool guy who talks like "heeey man" But i forget his name ;)
    AMAZING show, should never be forgotten, and i mean it when i say move over simpsons, the new futurama era has begun ;)
  • It's year 3000!

    So Phillip J. Fry a pizza delivery guy has to go o the cryogenic lab to deliver a pizza to I.C.Wiener. Suddenly his chair falls and is stuck on a cryogenic chamber and sent to the year 3000. There he meets Bender Bending Roderiguez, a bending robot who loves stealing, drinking, snmoking and such. He also meets Turanga Leela, a mutant (believed to be an alien for the first seasons), Professor Fansworth, very old guy, but Fry's great-great-great nephew, Amy Wong, who is living their until she gets her schoolarship, wealthy girl fron the Wong clan, Hermes Conrad, jamaincan guy, Dr. Zoidberg some lobster guy from Decapod 10, Nibbler, Leela's pet, and Scruffy the janitor. It was also canceld twice, but revived twice, which makes it better!!!
  • This is how good The Simpsons would have been if they'd have never declined. Futurama is a brilliant series!

    Hello, people!

    I'm back yet again with another new, improved and more effortful review..

    Today's review will be on Matt Groening and David X Cohen's, sci fi cult series, Futurama.

    Matt Groening, the creator of the award winning, world famous, hilarious show, about an American yellow family who live in a fictional town called Springfield, The Simpsons, was not the only series that Groening ever made. In the mid 1990's he wanted to created a series that was like The Simpsons but was instead going to be set in 30th century New York. Matt teamed up with David X Cohen and started developing a show that had the sci fi aspects of The Simpsons such as, Kang and Kodos type aliens, mutants like the three eyed fish that inhabit Springfield due to the pollution created by Mr. Burns nuclear power plant and technological things such as time machines which are seen in the Treehouse of Horror episodes, or the episodes relating to Professor Frink. The show that was created eventually became what we know as, Futurama. A story about a guy who has no life, named Fry who's a pizza delivery guy. He lives in New York, and during one of his deliveries he accidentally gets frozen in time when he falls in a cryogenic pod on New Years Eve 1999. He eventually wakes up on New Years Eve again, but in the year 2099. In this new era he can start his life again, and he does when he begins working for an intergalactic cargo company called Galactic Express, which is owned by his only living relative, Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth. During his time working for the company, he meets a wide array of people including, Leela who's a cyclops women who believes she's an alien but eventually finds out she is a sewer mutant, a bending robot called Bender who is loud-mouthed, selfish and somewhat arrogant, Zoidberg who is a lobster like alien who has little knowledge on human anatomy, Amy Wong who's a rich, spoiled and somewhat dizzy girl who is very down to the point and isn't afraid to be blunt and honest and Hermes who is a former olympic limbo champion. During Galactic Express's voyages across the galaxy they encounter numerous other organisations such as the Democratic Order of Planets (DOOP) which consist of Captain Zapp Brannigan who is an imcompetent and vain ladies man who looks as though he wears a skirt and high heels and his long-suffering assistant, Kif Kroker who's somewhat timid yet is often seen sighing at the nonsensical rantings of his fellow captiain. There is also the Mom Corp which is seen throughout and the series which is lead by Mom who somewhat reminds me of the crazy cat women from The Simpsons. Futurama also has it's fair show of celebrity guests which are usually seen as a head in a jar such as Leonard Nimoy in the Star Trek episode.

    Surely, with a great plot, great characters and an ever-growing fanbase, this series wouldn't ever end right?


    In 2003, FOX cancelled the series after 72 episodes!

    Fans were in dismay that they may never see new episodes of Futurama ever again, and at this time The Simpsons were beginning to get crappy, so there wasn't any good alternatives.

    Millions of fans were in dismay due to FOX's decision to cancel Futurama. They thought that they'd never witness new episodes ever again and at this time The Simpsons were beginning to decline so there was no good alternative for Futurama.

    However, the show was revived in 2007 when 4 new movies of Futurama were made. They were, Bender's Big Score, Bender's Game, The Beast with a Billion Backs, and Into the Wild Green Yonder. They were just the beginning of Comedy Central's take-over of Futurama, and in 2009 it was announced that Comedy Central had picked Futurama up for the final 26 episodes!

    They were just the beginning of Futurama's comeback and in 2009 it was announced that Comedy Central had picked up the series for the new final 26 episodes!

    Hopefully Episode 114 which Cohen claims will be the final episode, will hopefully be unforgetable. This is air in 2011 along with the rest of Season 6. Season 6 seems to unfortunately be getting a lot of complaints from fans who're claiming that it sucks compared to the rest of the series. However, that's not true. Futurama has never been this great, and sure some episodes are going to suck but Futurama has proved in the past that if they have a bad episode, a good one will always follow and make up for the bad one.

    So please, give this series a chance because Season 6 is the end, people.

    Episode 114 is the FINAL FINAL episode ever.

    Remember that!

    I'm sad to see this show go, it's one of my all time favourite shows and it'll be remembered by all it's fans...
    The show that didn't sink as low as The Simpsons.

    R.I.P Futurama FOX 1999-2003 DVD 2007-2008 and Comedy Central 2010-2011

    Although...it might actually be 115 because Cohen said that it's either gonna be the last or the second to last, but either way, Futurama is coming to a well deserved end, and not just cut off like FOX did. Which they also did with Family guy, but they eventually brought it back.

    Although, Cohen also said that 114 may in fact not be the final episode. However he said if not it;ll be the "second last" episode. Season 6 nonetheless is the final season though.

    So, here's my ratings, concluding this review.

    Series 1-4 (10/10 = A+/A+)
    Series 5 movies (10/10 = A+/A+)
    Series 6 onwards (9.5/10 = A/A+)

    Final Rating (9.5/10 = A/A+)

    This show hasn't even begun to die. It may have slipped a little but it's still alive and kicking. It's ending soon but it's not dieing. It'll never die as long as the fans keep the spirit alive!

    See you soon for my next review.

    Shorter less overly done version coming soon...
  • Futurama is different from the simposons and is not the simpsons in space but its every sci-fi geek dream and every sci-fi thing is on this show and why i love this show.

    One of the best and funniest cartoons on TV and this is a show that is must see for all the sci-fi geeks, it has all the themes from them movies and book also everything else. This show has some great characters and really funny ones from Fry who is great but so stupid but fits in this world. Bender has to be the best robot i have seen in a tv cartoon. and so many more memory characters that appear many times or only once and the future stuff is great. this is a must see for show like me.

    this has Aliens and robots and is so so awesome and has a mad and crazy scientest and a DR who knows nothing and will eath anything and leila who is just kick ass but with one eye.
  • Hilarious spoof/satire of sci-fi and modern times. Find that weird? Then just listen.

    i guess i don't need to explain the plot to most people, but just for starters, this is a comedy from the creative mind of the one and only Matt Groening, creator of the Simpsons. The simple premise is this: a guy named Fry is frozen for one thousand years, wakes up in the year 3000, and gets a job as a delivery boy for a company run by his descendant, a senile 160-year-old mad scientist. Along the way, he meets a robot who he becomes roommates with, and a cyclops named leela. That was the premise, now for the review. this show is hilarious, just laugh-out-loud, sometimes not laughing but thinking humor, like beer in Klein's bottles, or a crew traveling back in time and becoming the spacecraft from Area 51. It is just funny. Period.
  • amazing

    this is a great show this is how i would put these animated adult sitcoms
    1) futurama
    2) the simpsons
    3) south park
    4) american dad
    5) family guy
    so as you can see this is my favorite. the first 4 seasons were amazing 10 out of 10. season 5 was the dvd movies i would give benders big score and beast with a billion backs a 10 ill give benders game and into the wild green yonder an 8. season 6 i didnt see every episode but here is what i think on the ones i saw
    rebirth 8
    In-a-Gadda-Da-Leela 4.5
    Attack of the Killer App! 6
    Proposition Infinity 6
    Lethal Inspection 10
    The Late Philip J. Fry 10
    The Prisoner of Benda 8.5
    Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences 7
    so i saw most of the season my score is a 9
    my overall score is a 10
  • y not give this a 10?

    its always so funny plus im glad cmdy centrl didnt jus cancle it cuse they got some rael good new epis on it! the whole space n future thing is all facinating to mee! bso combined wit humor it really deserves as a cartoon a 10!
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  • To be put simply this show is a smarter version of the Simpsons set in the future to avoid using over the same material but it still occurs.The show follows the exploits Phillip j fry and his 80year distant relative and the strange friends he has made.

    Behind the many silly joke this show has at its heart and core an age old love story albeit with so strange twists.Boy meets cyclops girl and falls in love and then in the following years uses varing method to show such.On some level i can identify
    with fry who among us hasnt gone after a seemingly unattainable girl but very few of us keep at it like he did so i guess it can serve as a lesson to many of us .
  • Futurama set to a comedy central tone.

    Now I'll have to admit that this past season has not had the greatest of episodes and I feared that Comedy Central would turn it into an even more farcical show. and soon we'd see futurama turn into south park 2.0 and see the comedy take a nose dive into thick warm slurm.

    Now some may think south park is funny. and I am sorry but seeing a naked construction paper demon kill Kenny for the 400th time is just not comedy.

    Anyway, Futurama IS and will always be the cartoon that helps me get to sleep at night. No matter how sad that sounds. The characters are crazy dim witted and heartwarming. the comedy is at times smart insane and down right stupid, but it all levels out with characters that actually show feelings toward one another. Even if Zoidberg needs to stay in the dumpster and eat scraps like the animal he is.
    I leave you with this.
    You should all obey the hypno toad.
    oh and beware of brain slugs.
  • The Longest Review I will ever write in my life. Enjoy!

    Futurama, the show that proved FOX wrong. The ultimate Sci-Fi show and cartoon comedy. THE show that still to this day 'Bites shiny metal ass'. When Matt Groening introduced The Simpsons to the world in 1989, it started a revolution of Cartoon Comedies that still to this day are one of the highest rated TV show genres out there. After the success of the Simpsons, Groening made enough money to make any Cartoon Comedy he wanted. Nearly 10 years later, Groening combined his ideas with David S. Cohen (Who to this day is known as David X. Cohen), to create a brand new Cartoon Comedy. They both worked together to make a new type of Cartoon Comedy by mixing the genre with Sci-Fi creating a brand new genre-hybrid. The Show was named Futurama shortly after, which aired it's first episode on FOX on the 28th of March 1999, which coincidentally was my forth Birthday. However the air date was different for us the fact being that we are in the UK. Futurama, to me was one of those shows that I was aware of, but never really thought about it because I was at such a young age. It came up until I was about 8 years old and my Dad and I watched the episode entitled 'A Flight to Remember' on Channel 4 which I enjoyed. Afterwards my Dad said 'Futurama is very funny, it's whitier than Simpsons I think' which only about 4 years ago I did understand what he meant. I guess a year or two afterwards channel 4 started showing Futurama on weekday mornings, which meant that I'd get to watch at leased an episode before I had to go to school. The fact that Groening had made the Simpsons before he did Futurama (with David X. Cohen), brought an awareness to the public that it was just another Simpsons. To me, it could not be more different. Aside from the very well established cartoon world and character animation being a bit alike the Simpson's cartoony art, the show is very different. I think that it's almost a curse that Futurama has to be compared to a show that is nothing like it, however maybe the comparison may be a bad side to it, but The Simpsons can also say 'If you like this show, try out the other'. When I was very young I loved The Simpsons, I was drawing the characters and watching the show every weeknight and to be honest I couldn't shut up about it. That made me not hesitate when Id watch the show. Before I knew it, without realizing it, I had become a fan of the show. When I was about 10 or 11, we finally got cable TV! (Which at that time was NTL which is now Virgin). So I wasn't limited to just 5 channels anymore and discovered Sky 1 and 2 was a channel that was airing both Futurama and the Simpsons. I was more thrilled about the fact that I could watch Futurama on there because it was very rarely shown on Channel's 1 to 5. At that point I couldn't take my eyes off the TV, Futurama was being shown as often as a normal TV show should. Unfortunately Sky and Virgin has a big disagreement about sharing their Channels to each other, which ended in them agreeing to disagree with each other and take Sky channels away from Virgin, and Virgin channels away from Sky.

    So I was back at square one. At this point, Futurama was hardly being shown at all on any channels other than the Sky channels on British television. About 1 year afterwards I couldn't stand not watching it for so long anymore. I realized that I could buy Futurama on DVD, which I did and I believe the first Season I purchased was Season 4 (was the cheapest). I fell in love with it all over again and was buying all the other season box sets and therefore didn't have to wait for it to air or wonder if it would air at all!

    I had always been interested in Special Features for every Movie I had, because I loved learning about how they were made and I started watching Special Features on the DVDs for Futurama. After I had bought all the Season Boxsets, I started wondering why there were no new Seasons coming out. So I started using the computer for things other than Homework and Bebo and the occasional stick pivot animation, to search for information about the things I was interested in, one of which was Futurama. Soon after I discovered that it had been cancelled by FOX in the early year of 2003. Did I stop watching the show? No. If anything I watched it more, got a bigger knowledge about what it was all about and was able to think about the impact it had made on me. Thanks to shows like Futurama, I'm on the road of Studying to find a career in Animation. And since I was 13 I found myself being interested in Science Fiction shows like Star Trek and Heroes and then Cartoon Comedies like Family Guy and American Dad. So I stopped being just indoors and took the knowledge that I had taken from the media into the outside world and I developed a much more sophisticated view of everything around me and I love it. Without realizing it, I had become a Geek, which some people have problems with, I've found it to be one of the best things that had ever happened to me. Futurama was no longer the only thing in my life, even though I still love it, I have more things going on, more to talk about and thanks to TV, weirdly enough I have developed a personality.

    Now that I've finished with my origin story, here's what I love about the show

    In my opinion, it is way better than The Simpsons! It has a better setting, plot and stories! New New York was a great idea and obviously the fact that it was set in the 31st Century! It kinda introduced the Sci-Fi element into Cartoon Comedies and it worked so well the genre-hybrid. The characters are irreplaceable. Fry is an extremely funny character and my favourite. Not like Homer because sometimes he was stupid in a way that I wanted to Strangle him, but Fry has a different humor. Bender is the best Drinking, Stealing and Smoking Robot I've ever seen on Television in my intire life! Leela is so funny and sexy, I enjoyed the episodes where we find out about her true heritage and Fry's for that matter. The animation for me is the truly spectacular part of the show. Many other cartoon comedies have CGI for various parts but Futurama takes it to a whole new level and it works in the show so well. The Spaceships look great, the planets, the city, every location in the show looks so believable and yet not believable but I think that's good because to make an imaginative show work, you need both sides of the imagination in the art. My favourite episode without a doubt is 'Roswell that Ends well' because they pulled the time-travel episode off so well even when they agreed that they wouldn't write one and did in the end. I got really pissed off that FOX Cancelled it! But the four films turned out great! 'Bender's Big Score' was undoubtedly my favourite because again it was a Time-travel episode and the humor was endless. Although I didn't enjoy 'The Beast with a Billion Backs' cause there was something un-Futurama about it and the story to me was pretty dull. But it didn't give me false hope and the next two Films turned out great and I'm so glad that thanks to the success of Into the Wild Green Yonder, it was possible to bring Futurama back. And us Futurama fans were part of that success. I love the new Futurama episodes so far. It wasn't until 'The Duh-Vinci Code' when I started loving it because it had to grow back into it's comfort zone which I think it is now in.

    And the great thing is that here, on TV.com, I get to express my views like everyone else on this site. Rather than hide away my views and ultimately get to be a Geek here.

    If you wanna hear me express my views on the show, listen to my Podcast named 'Inside Bender's Hard Drive'. It's a Futurama fan commentary. Details on how to find it are on my blog. I hope you've enjoyed this review and cheers so much for reading, please post any comments to my blog based on this review. Again cheers for reading and ultimately I should also be thanking Futurama which hopefully I have done in this review. Cheers. Samuel2484
  • My third favorite show, and a classic without Simpsons comparisions.

    This show is a show about a boy named Fry who is frozen for a thousand years before being unfrozen in the year 3000, where everything is advanced in an imaginative way, but also puts out that there is still crime and unhappiness despite all the advances in the world. This show is also one of the first animated shows I saw that is able to successfully combine drama and comedy,with many episodes focusing on subjects like Fry's past life, and his affections for co-worker Leela. Bender is the crinimal-type in the show, always doing stupid stuff, however he does show occasional emotion, such as doing certain things to make Fry happy (Watch Jurassic Bark for a good example of this.) Overall, this is an awesome show that I'd highly suggest to anyone, and I'm also glad to announce that Comedy Central is premiring new episodes in June of this year (This relives me, that Fox didn't pick it back up, I don't another missed opportunity like with what happened to Family Guy.) 10/10 A+
  • Truly, they were as Gods who built this [show].

    This is truly the greatest show ever in my opinion. I love every episode, except for "The Cryonic Woman" and "In-a-Gadda-Da-Leela". I love every movie except for "Bender's Game". I can not see any reason at all to not love this show entirely. I don't understand all of the hate for the new episodes. Well, I do for the second new episode, but I thought "Rebirth" was great. Honestly, it's not only hilarious (genuinely funny, not like Family Guy), but also has a great story. No, the new episodes aren't as good as the original, but give it time. It's been almost 7 years.
  • The future is back, and the continuing misadventures of Planet Express have never been better.

    I got into this series by watching the entire Fox run and the movies in order over the month of June until the Comedy Central premiere, and I've never seen any animated show that can stack up to this fare that Matt Groening and the folks at The Curiosity Co. have cooked up. Fry, Leela and Bender are all incredibly likeable because they're imperfect (in fact, had Bender been replaced with, say, Flexo as the Planet Express cook/beer drinker/whatever Bender is, then the series would be a dead husk), and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Zoidberg is a fan favorite for a reason (no, not the WOOB WOOB WOOB, although that might've helped) and that reason is the way he's so innocent as a stark contrast to the rest of the crew, a bunch of dirty, hate-to-love-to-hate-to-love individuals who somehow are able to successfully make us love them despite being quite cold sometimes (and, in the case of Bender, even then). I give it a 9.5 for the characters alone, although the animation and writing definitely don't disappoint, either. Oh, and I think that instead of Futurama always having the tag "From the makers of The Simpsons" on its DVD releases, promo material, etc, The Simpsons should have "From the makers of Futurama" on theirs, because it's just that good.
  • Perfection! I recommend this to your favorite show collection.

    From the creator of The Simpsons (Matt Greoning), Futurama is about a man named Fry from who gets trapped in a frozen time machine in January 1st 2000 after trying to deliver Pizza someplace which turns out to be a prank, and thaws and awakens in the year 3000. This show is masterpieceful like The Simpsons, and people say Futurama is waaaaay better than The Simpsons or The Simpsons is waaaaay better than Futurama. They are so wrong! The Simpsons and Futurama will be in a tie in ratings any day. My favorite character of this show is Bender, he reminds me of a robotic Homer combined with Darth Vader. My all time favorite episodes of this show are The Sting, Space Pilot 3000 and Luck of the Fry Fish. There are things on this show I have never seen on any other show in my life such as hidden jokes you can't identify until your like 21 and other. A theatrical film will be just a perfect addition to this show. This is one of my favorite shows of all time, both funny and dramatic at the same time.

    Grade: 100%

    I highly recommend you add this to your favorite show collection.
  • Futurama features the same humor as The Simpsons. Unfortunately The Simpsons stopped being funny 15 years ago, which leaves no humor for Futurama.

    Futurama really, honestly, isn't funny. I fake laugh at some parts just because they are supposed to be funny. If the show didn't have Bender on it, it wouldn't have made it passed the pilot. The show is created by the same guy who makes The Simpsons. If most people would've known this before they watch the show, they probably wouldn't have watched the show. Futurama should definitely give it up really soon before they waste anymore money and time.
  • It sucks like Simpsons

    This is by far not worse than the simpsons but it is no where near better. They both suck on an equal level. I am glad this got cancelled and I cant wait for the simpsons to get cancelled. It is not funy and is very unoriginal. No humor along with crappy characters equlas one lame show.
  • i don't find it funny anymore

    At first i liked this show but now i watch it and i just don\'t laugh as i did before. I can predict everything that\'s going to happen and the jokes are corny. Not much to say about this one except it\'s a hell of a lot better than tom goes to the mayor.
  • Not as good as The Simpsons, but still funny lolz!

    So here it is, a show from the creators of The Simpsons that came out 9 and 1/2 years after The Simpsons is about a average man who resembles George Jetson named Phillip J. Fry that accidentally traveled into the future one New Years eve after trying to deliver pizza somewhere. The "next day", he thawed into the year 30000 where he met Lila, and on a line, he met my FAVE character of the show, "BENDER!" He is a alchoholic robot who commonly says, "Bite My Shiny Metal Ass!" I'm happy they included a stupid character, just like Homer in The Simpsons, Patrick in SpongeBob, Peter Griffin in Family Guy, and Ed on Ed Edd N'Eddy. First it was on FOX, then after a 5 year "hiatus", they put it on Comedey central (which makes me sort of mad...Grr!). This is a strongly lovable show and I recomend this show to people who like science fiction, but not younger audiences.
  • It's coming back baby!

    Futurama is a show that is by the same man who made The Simpsons, Matt Groening. Futurama is a very entertaining show full of jokes, interesting for the most part plots, and good characters. Futurama is a nice show to watch, and Bender is just the best character in the show. Period. My only real complants are the 4 DVD movies made from this series are very wierd [okay fair enough, I've only seen two but still...] and sometimes it just seems so random, Family Guy is jealous. Now like I said, I still think it's a god show and all, buit the wierdness factor is kinda bad.
  • Surpasses even the Simpsons in my books.

    I personally consider Futurama one of the most underrated shows of recent years. Many considered it some sort of Simpsons clone but it was really the spiritual succesor of that shows best years. The Simpsons past 5 or so seasons have been mediocre at best but every single season of Futurama was pure comic gold. This show is any sci-fi fans dream and it features some hilarious parodies and incredible animation to boot. Definitely one of my favorite shows of all time. I also highly reccomend the DVD sets of Futurama as the commentary is always interesting and very funny thanks to guest commentators from the cast such as Billy West and John Dimaggio.
  • Please bring this back!!! Family guy was brought back to life!! Why not futurama??

    Well, This is my personal favorite show!! It's witty and has tons of depth for an animated series!! The characters are all lovable and somewhat a bit dimwitted. :P The worlds they visit (to drop of packages or for some other undimmed reasons) are rich and full content and fit in there weird corky universe.

    I wish i could say more, but you must watch the show to get a hang of it!!! If you love family guy, American dad and Simpson...then it's a must!!!

    Rest in peace @}~'~,~~ Futurama @}~'~,~~
  • This is...

    Quite possibly the best show EVER MADE!!! :D

    I always try to catch it every night it's on TV, I love it so much.

    I love it because it's so funny and well-done. :)
    And I really don't have much else to say about this show, other than that I love it and wish it could be back on Adult Swim again.

    Artwork: 10/10
    Very well done.

    Animation: 10/10
    Shows that they must have put a lot of time and effort into it.

    Humor: 9/10
    Pretty funny.

    Characters: 10/10
    I like all of the characters. Especially Bender, lol.

    Overall, I would give this show a 10/10. Too bad they don't make anymore new episodes.
  • I luvs it!

    Futurama returns! I love it! Lorna, kiss it goodbye :D You are not worthy for this epic return to the somewhat downbeat (and cheaper looking) but still superb series. I think I doesn't! Glad that Futurama does :D The series start was superb. Classic Futurama, and later episodes have expanded in the ace-ness that are the regular crew, and of course the irrepressible Zack Branigan. My work colleges know nothing of his *chubby* exploits. None the less, they entertain all the bits that reality cant. Can't wait for more - go Comedy Central! Bite my banger Fox - you should have stuck with it :D
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