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  • Really great show.

    It's sad that Futurama may be over forever. This show was funny and always entertaining. The movies were good too. Bender's big score had a really good plot and it showed that Futurama should not have been canceled in the first place.

    Fry and Bender were my favorite characters of the series. Fry was always so clueless about everything that was happening around him and Bender was a lovable crook, breaking the law and taking joy in the suffering of other people.

    I hope that Into The Wild Green Yonder is not the last movie of the series because Futurama is too good to end this soon.
  • One of my favorite TV shows EVER!

    Futurama has been a great show. I've been rewatching it lately on my computer, and that rekindled my love of it. It's funny, smart and hilarious. Fry's dumb but understanding attitude, Leelas blunt approach at life, and Bender. Bender is hilarious, one of the best characters ever created for a TV show in my opinion. Along with these three, theres a cast of enough characters to fill the show with episodes that keep you entertained and laughing your pants off. This truly is a great show and I wish they would have kept it running, dare I say, it could have replaced the simpsons. Bravo Futurama, Bravo!
  • A witty, satirical show with a cast of lovable characters, excellent acting, and unbelievable animation.

    You'd think a show set in the distant future would contain minimal satire, but somehow the writers pull off a creative masterpiece of extremely satirical proportions. The ideas are so clever and original, and, even if set in the future, still relatable in one way or another. I love how the writing is so old-fashioned. I applaud the writers for bringing traditional, witty humor to a new generation. The characters are absolutely hilarious, lovable, and deep. It's amazing how often I find myself relating with another character, especially Kiff. The animation mixes traditional 2-D with 3-D special effects to create a work of art that is aesthetically pleasing to amazing extents. The voice actors are incredible. We've got Tress MacNeille and Maurice LaMarche, who are veterans of the industry and have worked together on other fantastic shows such as Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain. We've got Billy West, voice of Ren and Stimpy and other great characters. Of course, we can't forget the rest of the cast, who are professional and funny in every way. I think this show is more clever than one could imagine, and it certainly makes a lasting impression.
  • Futurama is a work of comic genius producers and tv executives need to BRING IT BACK!!!

    Futurama is a work of comic genius. I have only become a fan of the show recently, since after the series officially ended. I have to say I can't believe I missed the show the first time around.
    It's possibly even better than the Simpsons. Although i'm truly happy the makers have produced some new feature-length episodes, it's still not enough, they need to bring Futurama back to television screens once more, it's just too good not to be on TV as much as the simpsons. Futurama can have a bit of everything, for everyone. It mixes great humour with sci-fi, and great storytelling (like in "The Why of Fry" episode) or it can tug on the heart strings like the best of 'em (like in "The Luck of the Fryish" and "Jurassic Bark"). Truly a remarkable TV series, with unforgettable characters.

    Save Futurama!!!!
  • jurassic bark is one of the best episodes the only thing to make sad

    jurassic bark had funny bits but the end was the sadess ending of futurama ever but seymore's end was explianed another way in benders big score so i don't know wich one is right the benders big score one says how seymor got dilemit on him this is definatly one of the best episodes of futurama ever. bring it back make more like this!!!! my favorite bit is when they all try to jump into the lava and the proffesor says "proffesor!lava!hot!" and seymor should bring out walking on sunshine on a album. matt groening if your reading this bring futurama back!!!!! (now!!!)
  • Great eposode where bender gets sent to robot hell.

    This was one of my favorite eposodes of futurama and i LOVE futurama. I also love the songs. It is very funny. The only problem was that i cant imagine bender goining a religion esspecially when the purpouse of the charater is to be evil pretty much. Althogh it was a great story line. Over a a really Awsome eposode whith great music and great scripts. Futurama is my all time favorite show. Hell is other robots is within the list of my favorite 10 eposodes. Number one is the sting. Yhat was great. That is all i can think of right now.
  • This is a brilliant animation from the guy who makes the simpsons and in my opinion it is better than the simpsons theres alot more room to play here so watch it and bring it back!!!!!!!!

    Futurama is about a 20th century man who was frozen and now lives in the future with some strange friends a cyclops a robot, a jamacian, a marshian, and a giant crab lobster alien thing. if you have never watched this show you are missing out greatly it is a truely great show that needs to be brought back onto normal tv the movies are quite good the first two were better than the third but it needs new tv episodes as well as feature length ones maybe fox will open its eyes one day and find out they canceled an amazing show!!
    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • From the genius behind The Simpsons, comes the beautiful Sci-Fi masterpiece known as Futurama.

    One question: Why the hell did they ever cancel Futurama?! IMO, It's just as funny and clever as The Simpsons, maybe even more. Of course the show would be nothing without Fry (voiced by the great Billy West), who is probably my favorite character in the series. In fact there is not one, repeat, NOT ONE weak character in the series. The writing is pure brilliance. Each episode, in it's own way, feels like a mini- movie. Sometimes the plots can be so bizarre that no TV show of any kind could ever get away with them, except Futurama. The show is not just flat-out funny. It has a unique mixture of screwball comedy, gut-busting action, character drama, satire, and romance that truly sets it apart from other cartoons. Personally, my all-time favorite episode has to be The Sting. The animation is simply beautiful and practically up to the quality of a feature film. The unique music by Christopher Tyng is just icing on this amazingly exquisite cake. Futurama is a brilliant, hilarious, and surreal masterpiece, and each episode just leaves you wanting more. Unfortunately the show has only had 72 episodes, but thanks to the new DVD movies, maybe we will finally get more Futurama.
  • Good News Everyone

    Futurama is a rare spin-off from Matt Groening, the creator of the highly successful long running tv show The Simpsons that hasn't been axed after a few episodes. Futurama is about a pizza delivery boy named (Phillip J.)Fry who on New Year's Eve 1999 at the strike of midnight lands in a machine that takes him to New Year's Eve 2999. When we wakes up from being frozen for a 1000 years he finds out he is in the future. He is as*igned pizza delivery boy by a one eyed alien or cyclops called Leela. Fry escapes and later meets alcholic robot Bender. Together the three eventually land work at Fry's nephew's place. Really,Futurama gives us a rare insight into how the future might be.
  • When Farnsworth creates another Universe, all hell breaks loose!

    A hilarious episode full of good jokes, one liners and worthwhile doubles. This episode has lots of laughs from Leela's excuse to not date Fry all the way to the Zoidburg's plan of mischief. When Bender and Bender finally find someone just like them(it's actually themselves if you get it) the don't care if a whole universe perishes and the mention of Hermie's zombie grandma saying that you have to chuck something into the sun, you gotta do it yourself. But I reckon the best part of the episode is when Fry #2 gave Leela #2 a diamond scrunchy one year after a perfect date, while Fry got beat up at a Diamond Neal concert by a guy named Scrunchy.

    Basically that is a long way of saying this is the best episode of Futurama yet(;))!
  • Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

    This is a superb show based on the future along with a new millenium! The year 3000! In the very first episode it takes place in 1999 when it is just about to hit the year 2000. Fry is the main character, but he is having a hard time living his life, but fortunately everything changes when he accidentally falls back on his chair while drinking soda, and he stumbles back into a freezing chamber, where he is not going to get out for one-thousand years. When he awakens he is greeted by two scientists, and then he soon meets all the characters throughout the episode. Like Lila and Bender! Those are my two favorite characters, I also like Dr. Zoidberg. Lila is a hot cyclops girl! Yeah, well those were the characters and my story of how this show started. Now the show has a great concept, each episode has many terrific plots. It is great seeing Fry communicate with his friends or other creatures in the future, and is fun seeing them cruise through the universe to many unknown places. This is an impressive show from the creator of The Simpsons! Both of those shows are very cool. I'm gonna miss this show seeing as its canceled, I'll have to watch this by switching to CN's Adult Swim.
  • Best one of its kind!

    Out of all these animated cartoons like this i.e. Family Guy, American Dad, etc. Futurama has to be my favorite although South Park and Family Guy are tied for a close second but that is besides the point. This show was hilarious and was funny without flashbacks like Family Guy. It is about Fry, a 21st century guy (lame reference but true), who was cryogenically frozen exactly before January 1,2000 for 1000 years and wakes up on December 31, 2999 right before new years. After waking up is at first is a little freaked about what happens but is sort of joyful that everyone he knew is dead. He meets Leela, who at first tries to install a career chip into him, so he runs and meets Bender. The three of them eventually end up working for Fry's nephew in the future as a delivery crew.
  • I have seen all the seventy two episodes. One of the best animated series. To describe it with one woed "AMAZING". Bender the robot the best character such as Eric Cartman of South Park.

    Hello from Greece.

    I have seen all the seventy two episodes. One of the best animated series. To describe it with one woed "AMAZING". Bender the robot the best character such as Eric Cartman of South Park. All episodes are fantastic, you laugh again and again, a non stop laughin' tv series. The number of the episodes is big. I would love to watch it back with new episodes but the ideas are limited after seventy two episodes. Although I would prefer it back as a movie. I need thirteen words to finish my review but only one is enough.
  • Oh My Yes!!!

    Ah, Futurama. One of, if not my all time favorite show. Matt Groening, of Simpsons fame, brings us an animated show that covers many genres. In general it is a comedy, but Futurama can be so much more. From Drama to action, and even emotional filled moments (one of my favorites being Fry staring out the window at the end of "Time Keeps on Slippin'"), Futurama is a show with many hits, and a rare few misses ("A Leela Her Own" and "The Route of All Evil" come to mind). And now with new episodes (or movies if you prefer...it's really season 5 16 episodes divided into 4 movies for sales purposes.) Fry is the true star of this show (without his character, the storyline would be moot), but with Bender, Leela, and the rest of the gang, he often takes a backseat to thier wacky adventures. In some shows, this would be annoying, but not so here. You want comedy? Watch 'Amazon Women in the Mood". You wanna emotion? Watch "Jurassic Bark". You want a crazy holiday special....well, Futurama can deliver that package more than once? Want a deep dramatic story? "The Sting". Want a multi-part epic? Watch any of the new season branded as "movies." Or maybe you just want a good old fashioned Star Trek reunion? Yup, Futurama's got that too. Futurama has something to satisfy almost any viewing mood, evil if you're "The man with no name---Zapp Branigan" I hope this series will continue after the new series of movies/episodes...whatever you may call them...
  • WOW..........

    This show is one of my favorite on tv....The first time i saw the first episode on Comedy central and i thought it was really kool.. so i decided to download all the episodes on my computer .. and till today i watched all of them , the only bad thing is that they stopped making them for a long time.. They also made a movie called "The Beast with a Billion Backs" and i though it was really good, and then they made new Futurama episodes on comedy central and the first thing on it was how FOX Network cancelled them if you like comedy i suggest you should watch this.
  • We want to be Welcomed back to the world of tomorrow!

    The movies arent exactly enough to satisfy my Futurama needs. God knows why the show was cancelled. I never watched it when it was on TV cus i was a kid back then. But know i've rented the DVD's like multiple times! This show was seriously way ahead of its time. The jokes were actually intellectually funny (I guess) compared to slapstick humour in Family Guy (No offence, i love that show, but i feel some of my brain cells are destroyed after watching an episode of FG) And the story lines in Futurama are one of a kind! I mean, there was like an infinite amount of content the writers could work on to bring up so interesting stories every week. However i must admit it got quite strange and draggy towards the last season, but it was all great nontheless. We want Futurama Back!
  • Go Bender!!!!!!!!

    Matt Groening has a very good track record with such classics as the Simpsons under his belt, but Futurama surpasses every animated show that has come before (and probably every one that will come again). It tells the story of Philip J. Fry a delivery boy from New York whose life is going nowhere. On New Years Eve 1999 he makes a delivery to "I.C Weiner" in a cryogenics lab. He falls into a cryo-tube and unfreezes in the year 3000 and gets a job in planet express.
    It features an amazing range of characters such as Dr. John Zoidberg a penniless lobster, Leela a one eyed alien of unknown origins and Bender a chain-smoking, alcoholic near homicidal robot and many more. The voice actors are also of great quality like Billy West and John DiMaggio.
    With each and every one of the four seasons, the writers kept on getting better and better plotlines. They consistently took advantage of the rich opportunity for exciting storytelling. These range from the satirical "head in the polls" emotional "Jurassic bark" pure science fiction "Roswell that ends well" and lots more. It is a rare show that one minute could make you double over laughing and another nearly bring you to tears.
    I can say little more about this show than if you haven't already, go and watch it!!!!!!
  • Fantastic!

    I can't believe this show was canceled before, it is easily the best animated prime time show out there. It even competes with The Simpsons when that show was in its prime (before it started sucking huge ones week after week). The characters are great, the animation is great, the voices are great... one of my favorite all time shows. Hilarious! Check it out while you still can, who knows when some stupid network execs might decide to axe it again for no good reason? The recent DVD movies/episodes aren't quite as classic as the show's first run but what do you expect? So no perfect rating here but almost perfect, a truly amazing show.
  • Of Futurama and The Simpsons, Matt Groening's creations, The Simpsons is infinitely more popular. Contrary to most people, I think Futurama surpasses it.

    Of Futurama and The Simpsons, Matt Groening's creations, The Simpsons is infinitely more popular. Contrary to most people, I think Futurama surpasses it. I enjoy the variety of characters in Futurama (mutants, aliens, clones, humans) whereas for the most part, The Simpsons only has yellow-faced people. I think the voice actors in Futurama are more talented than the ones in The Simpsons, as well. Billy West and Dan Castellenata both voice many characters, but Billy West voices aliens (such as Dr. Zoidberg), and Dan Castellenata only voices humans. Futurama's characters, story arcs and humor are very unique. Because of the variety of characters (i.e. Leela, with only one eye; Zoidberg from Decapod 10), there are lots and lots of plot possibilities (i.e. the episode where Leela gets two eyes). Also, the time period also provides a wide scope for setting and technology. Futurama episodes are each different in their own way. There are dream sequences ("The Sting"), out-of-this-planet experiences ("The Why of Fry"), and very plausible (apart from robot involvement) conflicts ("I, Roommate"). Beneath the pointed humor and slight inappropriateness, Futurama actually reinforces many life lessons. Such as, in the episode where Leela gets surgery to change her appearance. She later decides she does not like having two eyes, and would prefer to be unique, albeit a little strange, than "normal", but absolutely plain. In "I, Roommate", Futurama subtly explores difference racial, gender and class groups in society. Bender and Fry find it impossible to room together, which can be compared to age, race, gender or class barriers in friendship. Eventually though, they find a way to coexist.

    This show is drastically different from all other animated comedies, and includes everything I could ever hope for in one: humor, aliens, and deeply-rooted life lessons.
  • Futurama is a funny, funny show. Great animation, clever jokes, and surprisingly intricate plots.

    Futurama is a great show. Beautifully drawn in an engaging, cartoony style and consistently funny.

    The visual look of Futurama is wonderful. Befitting it's name it has a slight retro-futuristic look to it. The character designs are clean and distinct and emotionally engaging. The animation is very fluid and smooth.

    The voice cast is top notch. Billy West does a great job as Fry, our 21 century everyman (and audience stand-in) who is frozen and wakes up in the future. The other characters, like Leela, Zoidberg, and Professor Farnsworth are great too, but it's Bender that really steals the show.

    Bender is the humanity-hating, hard-drinking robot ... and best friend to Fry. Bender is just consistently enjoyable to watch as he goes about his amoral lifestyle.

    One other character really stand out -- Zapp Brannigan. Zapp Brannigan is a hyper-caricature of a Captain Kirk type. The egomaniacal and cocky, yet stupid, space pilot. Hilarious. Every episode with Zapp is gold.

    Futurama now mainly makes DVD movies, but I prefer the older half hour episodes. The focus was tight, the jokes rapid-fire, and the stories engaging. Surprisingly successful given how often they rely on obscure scifi or techie jokes. Great, great show.
  • The year 3000 is awesome!

    Futurama has the main character: Fry set in New York City in the veryfirst episode in the year 1999 when it is on the night of December 31st and it is just about to be the new millenium of 2000! But he lives a mediocre life and gets pushed around int the nectic city, fortunately he delivers a pizza to a scientist and goes to his office, whilst drinking soda, he falls back on his chair and gets planted in a freezing chamber! ANd does not get thawed out until the next millenuium. In the year 2999 when it is just about to be the next millemium: 3000 Fry comes across Leela and then Bender, and the storyline begins! This show rules and is a great hit! I enjoy watching this show and Fry and Leela and Bender take on Space in some episodes and they go on some cool adventures to different planets in the universe! The same guy who produced the Simpsons made this? Cool! If he made the Simpsons, he made another awesome show with a futuristic and space theme! Unfortunately, since this show only had 4 seasons, this show could not make it anywhere as long enough as the Simspons. This show may be canceld but at least Adult Swim still shows this on Cartoon Network.
  • Animated perfection.

    Matt Groening managed to do better than The Simpsons with Futurama, an amazing sci-fi comedy with some of the best writing I've ever seen on TV. Since it takes place in the year 3000, Fry, a defrostee from the 20th century, gets to meet all kinds of colorful aliens, robots, Horrible Gelatinous Blobs, and experience technology that we can only dream of currently. Lots of great characters, including Bender (BENDER IS GREAT!) who does lots of things that humans shouldn't do, Leela, a sexy woman with one eye, and an extensive cast of wonderful characters. Unfortunately, FOX just couldn't appreciate Futurama's genius and cancelled it, paving way for crap like Family Guy and the Simpsons (which should've ended about 10 years ago). They ARE making new DVD movies, but IMO, they're slightly lower in quality compared to the series. I just hope if the DVDs sell well, FOX will change its mind and resurrect the show.
  • Why oh why, only four seasons?

    When I first watched Futurama I though to myself "well, it's from Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, it must be good". It wasn't. It was super-duper-side-splittingly good. It was The Simpsons except for one added ingredient: a thousand years. The fact that Futurama is set in the year 3000 opens up a whole new universe of gags and jokes to brilliantly entwine with the interesting characters the show possesses. This is because the inventions and the things we don't have nowadays can be engineered to produce a funny and in some ways interesting show.
    Fry, the plot is mainly built around, is a very funny character. Wether it be his dimwitted slowness or his mastermind schemes you're guaranteed a laugh. Similarly Bender, an angry robot with nothing to live for, is an hilarious character.
    I wish they would bring it back. But, look on the bright side they have brought two Futurama movies out, "Bender's Big Score" and "The Beast with a Billion Backs". And they have two more on the way.
  • It was good while it lasted.

    Futurama is about a piza delievery boy who is frozen and wakes upin the future. In the future he becomes a delievery boy for pplanet express where he meets the cyclops leela who he falls in love with and his best friend bender a robot who likes to drink steal and be a jerk. This show is not as good as the simpsons
    But it is created by the same person matt groening.
    It has some classic epsiode and is funny but since it got cancelld after 70 some episodes it wears down beacuse their are only so many times you can watch 70 some epsiodes.
  • Futurama is a show about a 20th century pizza delivery boy, Fry, who gets frozen on the New Years Eve 2000. He awakes 1000 years in the future, where cars hover, robots drink, and commercials are telecasted into your dreams.

    Futurama is my favorite show that isn't doing so well. They should bring it back! Their movie Bender's Big Score, was absolutely awsome. I loved how they brought back the Globetrotters for this movie. They should be producing more episodes as I write this review. It is currently airing on Comedy Central and they are taking advantage by showing episodes every chance they get. I know Matt Groening has to also work on The Simpsons, but he should make Futurama a proirity too. It's another gem to his already impressive TV career. I hope this review can help change minds of Futurama haters, and possibly Matt Groening's mind.
  • Futurama is about a boy calle Fry, who isn't doing very well in the 21st Century, until that is that he gets frozen for 1000 years after having someone prank him to deliver a pizza to I.C.Weiner (fake name). If you like The Simpsons then watch this!

    Futurama is a great show for it's time, and luckily enough it's still being shown on Sky One. It has some interesting characters, like Zoidberg, Bender and the Professor. Each are very intersting to watch, especially Bender's saying, which gets a laugh almost every time.

    There is only 4 series, but there will be 4 feature length films coming out, 2 have already been released, Benders Big Score and The Beast With A Million Backs. I haven't seen these as of yet, but it should be good. The episodes are funny, but sometimes being a bit more serious at times, and even the jokes aren't even funny, like Amazonian Woman In The Mood episode, it might be a bit sexist but some of the jokes in it are just more rude than funny.

    The characters each have their own background, like Bender being a lean mean bending machine, Leela being a mutant cyclops, Amy being from the Planet Mars, despite of her appearance, and Zoidberg being a walking breathing Lobster. Quite weird but inventive. This was created by the same person who created The Simpsons, and that show like this one can either be funny or plain stupid, but Futurama is alot better, more for the fact of the 2D-3D stuff, and the stories seem alot more thought out.

    Like in The Simpsons there are some celebrity appearances, and this has a better selection then in The Simpsons, some are more well known (not spoiling it for you) then others, but you will recognise a couple from Futurama.

    This show really needs a couple more series, as this feels more like the standard WB and Cartoon Network cartoon with some attitude, which is good but there are so many stories anyone could think of that would suit the Futurama universe.

    Overall Futurama is another one of those shows that really needs to be resurrected sooner or later, as anyone can enjoy it, although some may be more offended then others.
  • 8.8
    Futurama is SOOO classic and hilarious. All the characters are good and there is not a single weak character. The first season starts out funny and the last season is the best of them all. There is no weak season throughout the show. All the songs are great and surprisingly well written. There are so many quotes you can repeat and copy that are priceless. Futurama is the best American animated show out there. It is funnier and less stupid then south park. It is just better in every way then the simpsons and family guy and American dad are just stupid now.
  • I love this show. Its so funny and original.

    This is a terrific show. Every episode is great. I never used to watch it because I never gave it a chance, but once I started to watch it I instantly fell in love with it. My favorite characters are Bender,Fry,Zoidberg,the Professor,Zapp Brannigan and the Robot Devil. My favorite episodes are Roswell that Ends Well, The Farnsworth Parabox, Time Keeps on Slipping.
    I just absolutely enjoy watching Bender,Fry,and Leela get into wacky adventures together, like that time that Fry and Bender "borrow" the professors F-Ray, and use it to look inside Slurm cans to find the special bottle cap.In the end they didnt even need the F-Ray because Fry found the bottle cap later unintentionaly when he drank a slurm.
    In conclusion this is a terrific show and I hope that it will be brought back.
  • I love this futuristic show. So many twists and turns and halarious characters. I love this show its so freaking halrious

    This show is so freaking halarious man. I mean all the funny stuff they put into this show its just so funny and good at the same time. I like Bender and Fry. THey are buddies and they are all big drunks and stuff. The future was a good place to put this show on. It wouldnt work as well any other way. I still dont understand alot of what they say but its still a freaking awsome show. But it is sorta like tripping the rift in a way but different i like it alot its funny and cool at the same time
  • this show is really good and funny.

    In my opinion futurama isn't as funny as family guy but it is funny in it's own way since family guy basically kinda has trash and continues to make fun of tv shows,famous people,and even products made by people but futurama has scientific humor and idiotic humor too.futurama is about a 25 year-old pizza delivery boy whose life in the 20th century was horrible and on his way to a pizza delivery he is pushed by nibbler [leela's pet in the future] into a freezer chaimber and is frozen for 1000 years into the future in New New York and becomes friends with a robot named bender and a alien named leela and works for his nephew Hubert Farnsworth.
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