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  • This show was made by Matt Groening. 'Nuff said.

    As far as I'm concerned, this is one of the best shows to date. The cast it easy to love, the episodes are intriguing, and there's just enough humor to make you laugh out loud.

    It all starts when Fry, a young man approximately in his twenty's, accidentally freezes himself and is catapulted one throusand years into the future. When he is unfrozen, he is confronted by a strange cast of characters: The Professor, a mad scientist; Leela, a very physically fit (albeit sexy) cyclops; Bender, a robot who's addicted to alcohol; and Dr. Zoidberg, some kind of wierd mix between a lobster and a man.

    Bender's antics are hilarious, and most of the episodes aren't just mindlessly funny with no discernable plot. Yay for Matt Groening! This show is a sure winner.
  • A good relief from all of the serious-ness of the world.

    I love to watch this show when life is just getting to me (I know it's mushy, but you're just going to have to deal with it) or when I've had a long day, becuase the funniness of this show relaxes me. I'm not sure why, but it does. Hearing Bender curse the world or seeing Fry and Leela making out just gives me the feeling that everythig is going to be alright. I realized though, that I do not have as much tolerence for this show after I've had a good day. I don't know why, that's just life for you I guess. I guess I must have had a stressful day today because I am watching the Futurama marathon right now. So, if I had to classify this show on a scale from one to ten, I would say it is somewhere between a 6 and a 7. Maybe a 6.773.
  • I can't wait till its back!

    this show kicks butt.I have seen every episode,and they never get old.fox made a bad decision canncling it!lucklly adult swim saved it.the funniest episode is when bender goes too hell.it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the simpsons.i hope comedy central dosen't canclle it.If you like jetsons youl love futurama.futurama is 'definitiy,simply,absolutely the best show ever.bite my shiny metal ass!good news every one! whoop whoop whoop!I build my own house with blackjacks and hookers,in fact forget the park,awww... scew the whole thing.you will be hooked on as soon as you wath it.I am currently wathing a marothon of every episode.peace out yall!oh yeah!
  • Matt Groening's better project.

    It's about a man named Philip J Fry who falls into a ice preserver and is in the future and meet's Leela a cyclopes and Bender a robot.Unlike The Simpsons this is funnier. It was too bad it didn't last long but then it returns to Comedy Central next year but recently it got a movie on dvd release called bender's big score I haven't seen it but I heard it is good. I rate this a 9 out of 10 can't wait till next year it will be awesome after this long pointless marathon on Adult Swim can't wait till then.
  • The greatest show on earth. I am so happy they brought it back as straight to DVD movies.

    Almost every episode of the show makes me laugh so hard that I fall on the ground. Although the new movie Bender's Big score wasn't as quite as good as the show, it was also hilarious. I own every season on DVD, and even though I've watched them all plenty of times, they are still funny. I highly recommend this amazing show. The plot, characters, scenes and jokes are extremely great. If you have never seen this show, you must, because it is the best show and always will be. I used to like the simpsons almost as much as this, but the latest simpsons episodes have been decreasing in funniness. You must watch this show. The Hypnotoad commands you to.
  • A True Classic

    When you see this show a question comes to mind. Why did they stop making this fantastic programme? The only possible answer could be that because it could be like the simpsons, where the newer episodes aren't half as good as the old episodes. But Futurama will always remain one of my favourite shows ever. A poll of the top ten best robots voted Benderin third place, which is agreeable since he is one of the best characters in the series. With great plots and brilliant lines, this is truly a hillarious show that in my opinion, is truly a classic.
  • Futurama is about a lot of things. On the surface, it appears to be a science fiction version of the Simpsons, but where the Simpsons has grown lackluster in the recent years, Futurama shines. Futurama is more than just a sci fi cartoon.

    Futurama started out unappreciated. Fox, for one thing, never quite grasped the gift that they had been given. They had been generous with Matt Groening over the Simpsons, but not for Futurama. For years, Fox buried Futurama in its listings, moving its time slot and frequently pre-emptying it for football games and the like. There are many aspects of Futurama that are unnoticed or only caught for a second. Like a professor who is a fan of Futurama has said, there are gags that you must be very quick with the DVD remote to catch. The writers of Futurama pride themselves on making the fans part of their world. They have constructed three different alien languages in the hopes that the fans would interpret them and then the secret messages embedded, well, everywhere.

    The writers incorporate scientific and mathematic principles into the episodes all the time- David X. Cohen, one of the executive producers of the show, has a degree in Computer Science. It shows, but to a casual observer not interested in math, the segment on Bender's Big Score shows how deeply and seriously the writers take this show.

    Unlike other shows, Futurama also engages in much plot and character development. The characters have a certain amount of depth and continuity. Although Fry is an idiot, he is not without his quirks and charms. His affections for Leela are featured in many episodes, but they are not the primary focal point of the show. Matt Groening has always been about satire and that does not suffer in this show.

    Even barring Bender's Big Score, there is satire involved in poking fun at excessive fans (the Star Trek episode comes to mind). Global warming is mentioned (the segment with the 'instructional film strip' is used in An Inconvenient Truth and Al Gore himself starred in Bender's Big Score). The show takes jabs at conventional science fiction practice of "pushing buttons and yanking levers" to start a space ship. It does not show robots in the typical, cliched matters- either the robots have gone insane or they're perfect servants. Robots in the Futurama-verse are self serving, yes, but not actively gunning down people in the streets. Well, there is a matter of Santa Claus's robot (best Christmas episode of anything *EVER*), but he's the exception. I could go wax verbose about Futurama's strengths, but I think I've said enough. Futurama is one of my favorite shows and it holds its own, even after being canned for two years. Fox didn't appreciate what it had and then it lost it. For shame.
  • WHY DID THEY CANCEL FUTURAMA? Bring it back lads!

    I'm still puzzled why a show as great as this was ever cancelled if any Groening cartoon should be cancelled Simpsons is the obvious choice. Futurama was actually funny and had no stupid filler episodes! The characters are superb and it deserves the fame it has now achieved, Zoidberg is a legend and only a genius could have come up with the idea of him. Zapp Brannigan always cracks me up and he's even funnier when combined with Kiff. Without this show i wouldn't be a fan of Groening at all. The Simpsons is sometimes hilarious but theres too much episodes with meanings and boring filler. Recently the standard of writing has also gone down but this is no Simpsons review so back to Futurama. When I saw on the old tinternet the other day a new Futurama dvd i was quite excited this could be a return of one of the best cartoons not for kids! It's just hilarious, I have watched every episode about five times and still love them all so again I am forced to ask why? Why cancel a show as good as this?
  • A glimpse into our future...are we in trouble or what.

    Phillip Fry, mild mannered, under-appreciated delivery by, finds himself 1000 years into the future, where New York city is now New New York City, robots walk, talk, and drink beer, space travel is common, and mutants and aliens roam Earth freely. From Matt Groening, creator of the Simpsons, comes this delightful romp of a show we call Futurama. These episodes are very much like the Simpsons in that they offer us humouress, satirical view points on today's life, while balancing it out with outright silliness. The gags come at you in hyper-warp-light speed, and the delightful cast of zanny characters makes the show ever so funny. In addition to Fry, there are his friends and colleagues, which include the pathetic and incompitent Dr. Zoiberg, Fry's ancient befuddled mad-scientist descendant, Prof. Farnsworth, the abrassive, alcoholic, and cleptomaniac robot Bender, and the lovely and independent Leela, who would be taken more seriously if she had more than one eye. And don't worry about not having a plethora a famous guest stars, because thanks to technology, their heads live on in nice, comfy jars.

    So sit back, open up a can of Slurm cola (and don't think about where it comes from), turn on "All My Circuits", or go out to Madison Cube Garden to catch the Blernsball game with special national anthem singer Brittney Spears' head, and enjoy the 31st Century.
  • Great Show

    Futurama, a cartoon brought to us by The Simpsons creator Matt Groening, follows the life of a pizza delivery boy named Phillip J. Fry. Fry, as he is referred to on the show, accidentally freezes himself in the year 1999 only to be thawed out one thousand years later. Upon emerging from his cryogenic state, Fry finds himself in a time made up of flying cars, intergalactic travel, and a melting pot society that has grown to include interplanetary species. Left to fend for himself in a strange new setting, Fry renews his status as a delivery boy by joining the staff of Planet Express, Corp., a parcel delivery company that coincidentally is owned by his Great, Great, etc... Nephew Hubert J. Farnsworth. It is at Planet Express, Corp. that Fry meets and befriends the other major players of the show including Leela, the ship's cycloptic captain, Bender, a robot with an affliction for alcohol, Dr. Zoidberg, a lobster-clawed crustacean doctor with a gigantic appetite, Hermes, the seemingly Rastafarian business manager, and Amy the intern who is the daughter of wealthy Martian ranchers. Hilarity ensues as Fry, with the help of his new co-workers/friends, tries to navigate a strange new time that is void of past family, friends, and strangely enough, anchovies. They need to make new episodes!!!!
  • A great show

    Futurama is an overall good show its also very funny and entertaining. Its about Fry who lived in 1999 and he fell into a freeze machine set for 1000 years next thing he knoes hes in the year 3000. I think Futurama has a good plot and I havent seen an episode that ever disapointed me.
    In the show theres all sorts of alien species and they have to deliver stuff to all their planets. I think one of the funniest things on the show is the proffesor because his personality is just funny since he atleast 160 years old which i guess is young there.
  • wicked awesome.

    This is a great show. This show is about a guy named Phillip J. Fry who accidentally fell into a cryogenic tube and got sent to the future. Fry wakes up on the day of December 31 2999, one day before the year 3000. He meets a one eyed girl named Lela, a robot named Bender, his great, great, great, ect. nephew called Hubert Farnsworth, a bureaucrat called Hermies, a girl from mars named Amy Wong, and a lobster docter called doctor Zoidberg. Fry got a job at his nephew's package delivery company called Planet express. Find out the other adventures of Fry, Lela, and Bender when you watch futurama.
  • better than the simpsons and family guy combined.

    surethe simpsons are great, but it cannot compare to futurama. futurama is much more creative an is more interesting. the characters are more developed. interm you can tell why i feel futurama is better. well futurama is a great show. it has hilarious characters like fry and bender. all of them who which live in the year 3000. it is so interesting watching the episoides. i just love to see the creativity. on how they do things. like how they made fun of the show the twilight zone. they creative showed how the twilight zone would be in the 22nd century. all in all this show is classic. it is a shame that they canceled it. they should bring it back to where they are making new episoids.
  • A very solid and funny show. I can't wait for its return on Comedy Central!

    Matt Groening's second animated series, Futurama is an underappreciated cartoon. It was most likely overlooked by its sci-fi feel and the fact that it was eclipsed by the mega-popular Simpsons. You don't need to be a sci-fi fan to like this show. There's also a lot of tearjerker moments between Fry and Leela. Being set in the year 3000, anything can happen, which makes it so interesting to watch. The show first aired in 1999, about the time The Simpsons was declining in quality. But The Simpsons continued airing and Futurama eventually went off air in 2003. Luckily, due to high ratings on Adult Swim and high DVD sales, Futurama is back in 2008 on Comedy Central! Long live Futurama!
  • Great show and I miss it. If you have not seen it, give it a try.

    I admit that I did not watch the show initially, mostly because FOX advertised it poorly. The advertisements for the show made it seem too silly and a low grade animated show reaching for laughs. The show turned out to be much better than the Simpsons. It had more adult humor and less whinny characters the Simpsons has that dulled it down too much to teach us all a lesson. Futurama is a great show that rarely has an episode that is dull. Bender is good but to me the professor is the best character in this show. May not be for everyone but of the many shows to give a chance this one deserves a look.
  • I personally like it better than "The Simpsons"

    Don't get me wrong, I like the Simpsons, but there is just something about Futurama that I like more. While the later episodes of The Simpson's have suffered, Futurama has matured, far more quickly than the Simpson's did, into a fantastic work of animation. The similarities between the Simpson's are obvious and not to be ignored. Bender is the Homer Simpson, devoid of responsibility, yet, as this lack of responsibility is placed in a robot, we do not have to feel anger at his wayward ways. As with The Simpson's, Groening has given us a host of superb background characters. Zoidberg the lobster Doctor, Amy daughter of money, Hermes the Jamaican limbo champion who keeps the business together and of course Zap Brannigan, the genius of lacklustre. All of these characters are easily the match of Chief Wiggum, Smithers, Krusty, Frink, etc. Groening, clearly by taking the best writers from the Simpson's with him when he jumped ship, has done the impossible and found an animated series that is superior to the unsurpassable Simpson's. Groening's world is a good one. And so is his show.
  • A great show!

    I love Futurama! I can't wait until it comes back in February 2008 in the form of 16 episodes made out of the DVDs. Futurama is a great show, my third or fourth favorite to be exact. ATHF is my #1 favorite. Yeah, it's my fourth because 12 oz. Mouse is my third, Squidbillies second. Futurama is a classic. The only episode I haven't seen is Birdbot of Ice-Catraz. I'm pretty sure it's good, though. My favorite character of the show you ask? Bender. My favorite episode of the show you ask? I Dated a Robot. I love parts of that episode. I like the Futurama openings.
  • greoning youve done it again

    the show that set in the year 3000 its about a 20 somthing pizza delivery guy named fry who was sent to deliver a pizza in a gryogenics lab and is accidently frozen for 1000 years and is now in the year 3000 he works in a delivery company with a sarcastic chain smoking boozing robot , a sensible cyclops , a anal jamacaican bureacrat. and a incomptent crusctacean. where they are sent on countless missons to dangerous planets where they have no chance of surviving the show has it all its a show thats littaraly ahead of its time and i say what I said before greoning you have done it again
  • Futurama, set in the next millennium

    Futurama, set in the next millennium, follows the exploits of Fry, a pizza delivery boy who was cryogenically frozen by accident for 1,000 years; Leela, a female cyclops; Bender, an immoral robot, and others as they work for an intergalactic delivery service owned by Fry's great, great, great... nephew, Professor Hubert Farnsworth. Other crew members include a Jamaican beaurecrat Hermes Conrad, an incompetent crustacean-like doctor, John Zoidberg, a normal looking Martian intern, Amy Wong and Scruffy, the Janitor.

    Futurama is Matt Groening's second foray into prime time with an animated series, the first one being The Simpsons.

    Futurama has also spawned a highly successful comic series, Futurama Comics which will be going into its fourth year this January. Futurama is a hilarious cartoon which shows what a grim future the year 3000 will bring with malfunctioning technology, alien invasions and suicide booths on every block.

    Emmy Awards

    2000 - Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation for episode "A Bi-Clops Built for Two"

    2001 - Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation Rodney for episode "Parasites Lost"

    2002 - Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour) for episode "Roswell That Ends Well"

    Emmy Nominations

    1999 - Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour or Less) for episode "A Big Piece of Garbage"

    2001 - Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour) for episode "Amazon Women in the Mood"

    2003 - Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour) for episode "Jurassic Bark"

    2004 - Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less than One Hour) for episode "The Sting"

    2004 - Outstanding Music & Lyrics for episode " The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings"

    Although the show is no longer in production, it can still be seen on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block, where it has enjoyed great ratings.

    Due to these high ratings, four direct to dvd movies will be made, the first to come out Xmas 2007 and they will air in 2008 on Comedy Central as 16 separate episodes.

    If the ratings/dvd sales are high enough, there will be hope to bring Futurama back for a fifth production season.
  • Philip j fry gets frozen for a thousand years and wakes up in year 3000 and gets a job at planet express his workmates bender, leela, zoidberg, and farnsworth all contribute to caotic comedy.

    it is a very good show in my opinion.. it has great characters and some of the best laugh out loud lines in any show!!!. It has a story and reasons for why things happen its not just some pointless cartoon that only lives for the fact that its funny. Im not saying its not super funny but its more than that. All the characters have interesting backgrounds which is what makes you attached to them. i think its a good show worth watching and you should try watching it, its really funny and has romantic tension and even some cool action.
  • A show with potential

    This show had the potential to surpass "The Simpsons" but sadly for things of money it was canceled. Hopefully the rumors are true, and we might be able to see some new episodes of futurama next year. Its difficult to wait, but it'll be worth it.
    Original show different from "The Simpsons" humor. unlike family guy that has copied most of their jokes from the Simpsons, Futurama has their own original storylines, and is intended for a more mature kind of audience. Futurama, didn't need the necessity of racial jokes like many other shows. their jokes were from someone's everyday life. One could see themselves in some of that characters. Futurama lets you know how fun every day life is, and also the problems that it puts in our roads everyday. I'll give this show a 10/10 and even say that if we would have seen more episodes, it would have surpass the Simpsons success on TV.
  • Well,most of us love Futurama right?Crazy bender,From the past fry,and one eyed lye.Each episode is Unique in a way.This sort of reminds me of another show called SeinFeild.Anyway,I Think you Should Watch Futurama...

    Well,most of us love Futurama right?Crazy bender,From the past fry,and one eyed lye.Each episode is Unique in a way.This sort of reminds me of another show called SeinFeild.Anyway,I Think you Should Watch Futurama.Anyway Futaram first started off when fry got frozen in a wierd time space place.He got a prank call telling him to deliver a pizza there.He got frozen for 1000 years and when he was unfrozen it was the year 2999.He lost a lot of things during that time.His dog,friends,family,and a whole lot of other stuff.Anyway the pilot Episode started it off but what really got me addicted to keep watching the show was the second and third episode.I really think you should watch this show.
  • "Futurama" is a great show. I am appalled that Rupert Murdoch let the show go off the air. It's about high time that the series be resurrected.

    I am glad to hear that Comedy Central is planning to revive "Futurama". It is a decent program as compared to "Family Guy". Rupert Murdoch and the executives at Fox only care about their own interests, not the interests of television viewers. "Futurama" is clean television, as opposed to "Family Guy". I think "Family Guy" should be either cleaned up or cancelled, preferably the latter. Comedy Central needs to be commended for taking the initiative and attempting to reach a new audience. By placing the show on Comedy Central, the problem of preemption may be avoided. On Fox, the time slot for "Futurama" led to conflicts with sportscasters. Rupert Murdoch is evil!!!
  • Matt Groening's best work

    When someone hears they name Matt Groening they usually think of his immensely popular, and long time airing show, The Simpsons. While The Simpsons is a a great show, Futurama is a great deal better. The premise of the show is original, and is makes for amazing plots and sub-plots. The humor used is amazing not only because it uses the straight up belly-rolling humor, but also alludes to real world things. It is a very intelligent show, and can be appreciated by even the most up tight person. Futrama is an amzing show, and if you haven't already seen it you should try and watch it some time. If you don't like it, but have only seen it once or twice, you should try watching it some more. It seems the more you watch it the better it gets. It is really a great show, maybe one of the best animated TV shows ever created.
  • literally,,

    This show is one of my absolute favorites. The idea of someone slipping into the year 3000, and as funny as he did it, that is genious. I love the hilarious cast of characters such as Bender, Leela, Fry, Amy, and all the rest. I like watching it on adult swim every night it comes on, and strangely, like it was a soap opera or something, i liked to watch the relationship between Leela and Fry grow stronger and stronger. I think they should bring this show back, and continue the episodes. It is a true Classic and literally ahead of its time.
  • An funny TV comedy from The Simpsons' own Matt Groening

    It is a very,VERY funny show; I love better than the Simpsons (I am sorry to all Simpson fans). My favorite character (and only favorite character from the WHOLE show) is the lovable Martian cutie Amy Wong (she is Asian; but her family lives on Mars). The funny sayings that I like from the show are Hermes' "Sweet Something of Something!" (from many episodes of course) and also Bender the robot's "Bite My Shiny Metal Ass!" I also would like to say, that the ALL robots in this show are very funny, are were the reason I love the 20th Century Fox CGI film "Robots." So all-in-all,I give this show gets a BIG thumbs up from me.
  • Futurama is fantastic,funky,funny and of course futuristic,everything you need in a top class series.

    I am a massive futurama fan,and in my eyes i think it's way better than it's partner the simpsons.The simpsons has so many characters the annoy the hell out of me,but futurama characters are all top class and all great.If you have never seen futurama before,it's basically all about a man called fry who accidently gets sent 1000 years into the future while making a pizza delivery.Now that's he's in the future he get's into some crazy situations with his new found friends bender the bending robot,who loves to drink,smoke and do everything that's bad or immoral.And leela the female cyclops who is not to be messed with,as she's a master at kicking ass.....heeeyaaa.After a short while living in the future he get's a job as a courier on a spaceship along with new friends bender & leela.This is where new characters like Professor Farnsworth,Dr Zoidberg,Amy wong and many others come into the story.If you have never seen futurama before i suggest you do.As you'll love it,it's sore stomach laughing funny.With great characters and stupidly funny episodes,it's everything you need.
  • Great Show

    this is a really good show that is ahead of us! it shows wat it might be like in the future! its like wow!! really like wow!! yeah wow!! Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow!! haha!! its totalyy crazy like and awesome!! yeah soo awesome!! it awesome... but not as awesome as sum other shows!! but still awesome!!! awesome and wow!! awesome and wow!! awesome and wow!! awesome and wow!! awesome and wow!! yeah so awesomely wow!! awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!awesome and wow!!
  • The future is exactly how I imagined it

    Futurama starts with Fry a VERY stupid pizza boy being frozen by 'accident'. 1000 years later he wakes up and sees the world has changed tremendously. In a totally new world like anyone ells he needs money and so he becomes friends with Leela the one eyed girl, Bender the immoral robot and his new boss Professor Hubert Farnsworth. Fry now works as an intergalactic delivery service boy and as he and his new friends go by their daily lives they come up against weirdest things like talking heads or weird new creatures. Now that Fry finally has found a place that he belongs he is happy and he maybe has a crush on Leela the one eyed girl. After the show being cancelled I was very disappointed but now that it's coming back I really recommend you to watch the previous episodes before the new ones start.
  • Bring it back!

    I don't have much to say, but Futurama was as good as it gets. Incredibly smart and fun. Fox made a very poor decision in canceling the show. I hope to see more episodes get made soon. I have a prized Bender wind-up robot on my window sill to remind me of how much I miss this show! I admit when I first checked the show out.... I dismissed it for being too earnest in it's cleverness, but on my second glance I realized that I had not given it enough attention. If you are a fan of Douglas Adams you may find the spirit of his work here.
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