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  • This show is an awful show, don't bother, because it's pretty unfunny! I could make a better show about the future than this lousy show! All these characters are smart and unfunny, which really sucks! The storylines suck, too!

    Matt Groening, if you are reading this (which I doubt you are or ever will) I would love to say that I am a huge fan of your work on The Simpsons, but Futurama was a flop! Sincerely, me. Back to the actual readers. I find this show horrible, though most reviewers seem to like it, are you guys into science fiction, 'cause when I get animation, I want comedy, especially when it aired on FOX!
  • It sucks like Simpsons

    This is by far not worse than the simpsons but it is no where near better. They both suck on an equal level. I am glad this got cancelled and I cant wait for the simpsons to get cancelled. It is not funy and is very unoriginal. No humor along with crappy characters equlas one lame show.
  • i have seen better concepts in pickel and peanut than this

    this show sucks it is terrible and i have no idea why comedy central will bring this show back and not a creative show like brickleberry. brickleberry is pure genius bring back brickleberry and cancel this and south park now
  • matt groening stick to the simpsons for now on

    "sigh" i can't believe this matt groening creator of the simpsons greatest show on earth creates this waste of time. if it were a food it would be expired because of it's sensneless bland comedy doesn't make a good comparison to matt's even better show the simpsons so hear my advice if you want to see another show by matt groening dont continue with the simpsons a better show a better comedy a better everything in comparison to futurama oh crud ran out of ideas what do i say simpsons> futurama simpsons> futurama simpsons rule best show on earth kiss>rush another comparison ( i don't like rush either)
  • It's good... for nothing

    It is pretty sad that this show has been on the air this long. What it passes off as comedy (which is 90% bathroom humor) lacks merit and cleverness. It certainly serves no purpose other than to waste one\'s precious minutes on this earth. Even in that capacity it is a poor show because rather than just wasting the viewers time, it degrades their character and intellect. At least this show is a good means to ferret out the reviewers who have no business watching TV much less reviewing programs. Maybe this shows writers took the time to get an diploma they could target a greater audience than just this counties emotionally immature.
  • this show is just plain stupid and the jokes arent funny.

    i just don't understand why people watch this show. the humor in this show is dumb i mean really dumb i dont know how people can think that captin is funny. if i were you i would watch somthing else like family guy or south park at least there stupid jokes are funny.
  • futurama is a waste of time and it is to much like the simpsons.

    Futurama is deffinatly the best kind of future film ever and and that is because it is the only. most parts I do think are wastes of time but well I guess some of the ideas can be good but most of them are bad though understand that. I dont like how it is so much like the simpsons that is just annoying but I geuss it is under standible. I really dont know why I am writting this review because it is one of my worst rated shows infact t is well I guess it was all a complete waste of time.
  • it was an okay show

    this show wasn\\\'t that good and the humor in it wasn\\\'t hitting on the spot. It was decent... kind of behind the simpsons. I get like one or two laughs out of the entire series but yeah... it wasn\\\'t appreciated but then again it wasn\\\'t really that funny. It\\\'ll be great to see it brought back but i\\\'ll doubt it.

    I cannot stand this show. it\\\'s unfunny and unorriginal i\\\'m so glad it\\\'s been cancelled every one i know seems to like it. when i first heard matt greoning was on the production team i thought great another simpson like show i watched it and it was awfull. i\\\'ve never watched it much but what i have seen i didn\\\'t like so this show is very unimportant to me. I like The Simpsons i would even watch south park to avoid this or maybe a kiddy cartoon like spongebob square pants or fosters home for imaginary friends. it is rubbish
  • This show is like a G-rated, inmature version of "Family Guy".

    I started watching this show when it was on ocassionaly on Adult Swim in CN. Since I have heard so highly of it, I actually started watching it. I can say I mildly wasted half an hour of my time. This show is dull, the jokes are unfunny and the characters are inmature. Really, the only time you can succesfully watch this is when other people are around because you can laugh at the show's stupidity. But I say that this show is completely overated and nothing special. Overall,the show is boring and I think it's the kiddy part of Adult Swim.
  • What the???

    Ok, so it's about this dude named Fry, who delivers pizza? What kind of name is Fry?? Pizza places don't even serve fries! And that's just ONE flaw! These alien guys (and one girl, who's REALLY ugly!) who live in the future? Please! I'd rather watch the backyardigans than this show. THE BACKYARDIGANS!! One of the WORST shows ever! I'm sorry for all of you people who watch this show, but I can't. I just can't. It's WAY too horrible! I could name a ton of other shows better than this one, like Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, Yin Yang Yo, Growing up Creepie, and SO much more! This show just belongs on the "Shows that came out a long time ago and have already failed" list.
  • I can see why it was cancelled.

    This show reminds me a lot of Seinfeld, only it is set in the future, and, of course, it is animated. But that's not all I don't like about this show. Also, I could never get into it. I don't like any of the characters' voices, and sometimes it's hard to discern who the main character is. I know this is from the makers of the Simpsons, and that is sometimes very hard to believe when watching this show. While the Simpsons sometimes makes references to current events in the world, Futurama doesn't. Maybe it's because of the futuristic setting, and that would make sense, but then maybe it's not such a good idea to have a show that takes place in the future. Long story short, I can see why they cancelled it, and Matt Groening should concentrate more on the Simpsons, which is already a world-winning show.
  • I don't like it

    Ok it had some good parts but some of the characatos i did like e.g. Mum she was just to evil but not funny at all unlike mr burns how is evil and funny at the some time it was no were neve as good as the The Simpsons family guy and south park.
  • Wake Up Everybody & Smell the coffee this show is a complete rip-off of The Simpsons almost everything about it is a brother of the simpsons.

    Why Watch It This if you want to watch this watch the Simpsons this is such a rip off of The Simpsons it is not funny. Look who Wrote it Matt Greoning & What else did Matt Groening write......The Simpsons. This is an totally Unoriginal program & im glad it got canceled
  • Not as good as it was before.

    I used to love this is garbage now so yeah this show is horrible like it's sort of weird and boring at the same time.
  • Futurama is Midly interesting becuase some of it is good and some of it is rude.

    I have seen all the episondes of Futruama and I think some of them are good and some of them they get rude in them. My favorite i'd say is there version of Titanic. I think it is clever how they have though up of a year 3000 edishion of it. It's also funny how it is a space ship and flys when the 1912 Titanic as we all know sails on proper water. The worst bits i'd say is when Fry strips off like when Lela told him to in the first episode. I think this programme is 5 out of 10 good. An inbetween one.
  • Well, It all starts when Fry get's sent to the future with this Freezer thing. Then a minute later this happens...BOOOM! then It's a new year and every thing is all diffrent. Woah it is confusing but yet still funny. A 5 is a good grade out of 10.

    One Word: Weird, but not as stupid as The Simpsons. With the Yellow People, I mean Homer "I like Donuts" Yummmy.. Mel should make a cross over between The Simpsons and Futurama. Then they could call it "FutuSimprons" it would be cool. I would watch the show then every day! Or Futurama with Family Guy, Sweetness! That is cool. I watch this show whenever, I have the chance but when it's a school day. I have no time.
  • Futurama features the same humor as The Simpsons. Unfortunately The Simpsons stopped being funny 15 years ago, which leaves no humor for Futurama.

    Futurama really, honestly, isn't funny. I fake laugh at some parts just because they are supposed to be funny. If the show didn't have Bender on it, it wouldn't have made it passed the pilot. The show is created by the same guy who makes The Simpsons. If most people would've known this before they watch the show, they probably wouldn't have watched the show. Futurama should definitely give it up really soon before they waste anymore money and time.
  • its an alright show

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    I hope Season 5 (in 2008!) lives up to this., 27 Aug 2006
    Reviewer: Tonstant Weader - See all my reviews
    They stopped at the fourth series just as it was beginning to get interesting. Like a lot of people I came to Futurama properly via DVD having only ever seen a few episodes and regarding it as the Simpsons\'lesser siblings. That\'s my loss and I deserve all the raspberries from Futurama fans I get for ever thinking that. Nothing else to say but everything about this show is great.But its not the best show but some episodes are kinda boring haha but every season there gettin better so make a couple more seasons ! ! !
  • Used to be Good...

    This show used to be smart and witty, but now it's turning to solid crap.
  • i don't find it funny anymore

    At first i liked this show but now i watch it and i just don\'t laugh as i did before. I can predict everything that\'s going to happen and the jokes are corny. Not much to say about this one except it\'s a hell of a lot better than tom goes to the mayor.
  • futurama is about a boy called fry that lands in the future. he has to live in new new york with a robot, a one eyed woman and a lobster.

    i think futurama is hilarious. it is just as good as the simpsons. this matt groening cartoon is fun for the whole family. i wish there were more seasons because there is great potential for futurama. at first it was quite hard to get into but after i watched a couple of episodes i was a huge fan. if you've not watched futurama before then you must watch an episode. i guarantee you will love it. if you love the simpsons then you will love futurama. it can sometimes be a bit unrealistic but it is always funny. futurama's main character's fry, bender and leela have great chemistry on screen. this is one cartoon that even mums and dads can enjoy.
  • And the secret word of the day for this show is: Mediocre! If you wanna know why, then by all means, check out my review for this show.

    Okay! The reasons why I have this show down as mediocre are two-fold. First of all: The show had a pretty bad start. In fact, the second episode was quite embarrassing to watch! Secondly, even though this show had a few good and funny moments (And mind you, I am saying 'moments' instead of episodes), it had a tendency to place rather bad jokes into its episodes or dumb plots. However, it didn't fail quite as badly as King of the Hill. Therefore, I will wrap up this review by saying that if this show ever made a comeback, it had better start making funnier and more wholesome episodes. And by this, I mean episodes that I actually find funny and not just stupid. Fin.
  • Futurama pft so old school they need to make some new eps....

    more more more...
    every time it is on i feel like changeing the channel.
    the last epp was so boring.
    they need to make some more.
    the story line is ok but i have seen every epp and only some of them are good. in think that fry and leela should hook up and for once leela shoud say yess to fry.
    i reckon that they should also review the past eps more mabe even go back to the first epps so we can rember wat happened. so in short new eps old eps and more reviews.
    i know that i an changeing the subject but avatar rules .....
  • The future os futurama

    Futurama is a cartoon set in the furture, although you might be suprised to know that there is noting to do with "rama" in it, probably cus rama isnt a word although i cant be bothered to check the dictionary.


    There is a robot called bender who likes to eat shoes
  • Fairly interesting.

    When I watched this show, I hardly thought it was ever really funny. I didn't like the comedy because it was just like the comedy sen on The Simpsons. I have to say I often got bored at times, but I found some of the show's aspects interesting. I liked the robot his storylines. I found him to be funny when he was with the other characters. The other characters were just okay in terms of humor and comedy. Overall, this show was just okay in terms of its comedy and its overall interest. I liked the fact that it lasted longer than other shows that were far worse. Thank you.
  • It is Futurama

    A dude name Fry gets freezed into the future.It has been a very good show on Adult Swim.This show is pretty funny,but it's not one of the shows that I love.It's a pretty good show and it's pretty funny.It's much better than that dreadful Avatar:The Last Airbeder show.I would say that it's very good now as another of those classic Adult Swim shows.This is another grade that I am going to grade this show and that grade that I grade this show as is a C because not only that I like it,it's a pretty good show on Adult Swim.
  • Not a show I would go out to watch, but I enjoy it when I do.

    Futurama is the worst of the leading four Comedy/Animation shows for me by a fair while. I find both of Matt Groening's shows to be dated and dry. When he created the show, he maybe opened the door for about 30-50 new storylines for the show, but that was all. This show was good in its time, but I do not believe it will have the same success as Family Guy on its return. Nonetheless, Futurama can sometimes be a good quality show, with its fair share of lighthearted and serious moments. Considering what I've just written, I believe my rating for the show is fair.
  • ehh...it was OK but...

    Futurama was an okay show, it could of had done a little better, There were a few episodes that made me laugh but still in a way I'm a bit scared of the year 3000 thanks to them...even though there's a small chance that would happen.

    In conclusion, the show made me laugh here and there but there were times that it was just bland.
  • Futurama is about a New Yorker Pizza Boy that gets frozen and is unfrozen in the future. It's pretty extreme with the "slu-slu" and the "Our employees are replacable. Your package isn't."

    Intresting.... I like this show. It's pretty inapropriate, though. I really liked the episode with the Amazon on another planet and "slu-slu". That was funny! I never watched Futurama on the FOX, but it's on Cartoon Network a lot! (only after 10 PM Central Time) I also thought the Professer Farnsworth's and Hermes' clones were funny and wierd. Bender is too much for me what with the drinking and being completely, litterally emotionless. Dr. Zoidberg is pretty funny. "My degree doesn't make me a doctor; my uniform does!" I think it's really strange that Zapp Branigan doesn't wear pants or underwear. 0.0
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