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  • With out TBS, Adult Swim, and DVD'S I would be screwed.

    This is one of the greatest TV shows EVER. FOX definitely needs to bring this show back. Sometimes it even surpassed The Simpsons. The DVDs are great because I can watch Futurama anytime I want to. The time slot fox gave it really sucked because it was always getting cut short due to football games. Fox had a great hit and need to bring this one back.
  • Bring Bender Back!!!!!!!!!

    Bring Bender back Fox. You brought Family Guy back! At least give Futurama a second chance. This is one of my favorite tv shows. I enjoy watching the reruns on CN. If not a new season then make a movie. I'm sure there are fans out there that would pay to see a movie.
  • Please bring this back!!! Family guy was brought back to life!! Why not futurama??

    Well, This is my personal favorite show!! It's witty and has tons of depth for an animated series!! The characters are all lovable and somewhat a bit dimwitted. :P The worlds they visit (to drop of packages or for some other undimmed reasons) are rich and full content and fit in there weird corky universe.

    I wish i could say more, but you must watch the show to get a hang of it!!! If you love family guy, American dad and Simpson...then it's a must!!!

    Rest in peace @}~'~,~~ Futurama @}~'~,~~
  • How can Futurama get any better?

    This show, in my view, is perfect. It is my number one favorite show of all time. The humor is original, they don't just use reference jokes like Family Guy or other series (not to say Family Guy is bad). This is the one show that can actually make me laugh out loud. Plus, you can really get attached to the characters. After watching it, I feel like they're a part of me. It's indescribable, but this show just makes me feel great.

    If they won't bring this show back, we've got nothing.
  • robots, aliens, and cyclops, o my!

    my life would be empty without adult swim on cartoon network. tbs helps out too with early saturday morning runs of "the oblongs" and "blotter!". "futurama" is so entertaining, so engaging, and so endearing, that once you catch one episode (hopefully it's the one with the bouncing brains or the junior puff scooter) you'll proclaim fry your hero, and yourself, leela's love slave.
  • Bring it back

    I never understood this show getting the ax. If the the Family guy can get a 2nd life this one should for sure. This show had so much to offer and even in reruns still beats most of the junk on tv of late. Bring it back. Are you listening fox? Bring it back.
  • Futurama is good! And you should feel good!

    In my opinion, Futurama is better than The Simpsons. I'm sorry but this ultimate show is so much funnier and clever how couldn't you agree with me? Futurama is my all time favorite show and I have never hated any part of it. Many fans say that the newer episodes on Comedy Central are horrible, I must say i'm pretty dissapointed. I must admit, the newer episodes of Futurama may not be as sweet as the older episodes, and they do seem less clever, but overall they're really enjoyable and funny. Futurama finds a way to be completely hilarious yet find a way to be sweet and heartwarming at some parts, which is a rare element in cartoons. Every single character is either funny or enjoyable, two main figures being Bender and Zoidberg who you can watch on the TV forever without getting sick of them. It's a mix of "The Jetsons" and "The Simpsons" and it's grand!
  • Whoever cancelled this spectactular show should be isolated.

    This was one of my favorite prime time shows and i absolutely enjoy its stupidity and plot lines. Matt Groeing showed us through this series that he wasnt just a one show man but that he could do 2 awesome shows. they obviously need to bring it back because when the Simpsons and Family Guy get the boot, FOX will be on very very thin ice. I know Groeing is a busy man, but he balanced between two shows between 1999 and 2003, why cant he now. Fox, you have made a deadly mistake. You must bring it back. Now.
  • 'Futurama' is undoubtedly one of my favorite TV shows of all-time, and certainly one of the absolute greatest shows ever made.

    I love "Futurama". They have the best episodes, the best plot, and great characters.

    I am gonna miss those characters from the show:

    Philip J. Fry- a dim*witted, yet good*hearted delivery guy who traveled 1000 years in the future.

    Turanga Leela- a smart and fearless mutant who's Fry's on-and-off love interest.

    Bender Bending Rodriguez- a selfish, uncaring and antisocial robot who is Fry's best friend.

    Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth- a very old scientist (and owner of Planet Express) who's Fry's distant nephew.

    Hermes Conrad- a Jamaican who's managing the business value.

    Amy Wong- a bubbly co-worker who's very naive and clumsy.

    Nibbler- Leela's pet who's responsible for Fry being frozen 1000 years.

    Zapp Branigan- a womanizing space captain who has a strong interest in Leela.

    Kiff Kroker- a shy cadet who is Amy's love interest.

    Dr. Zoidberg- a hilarious, yet creepy crustacean doctor.

    Cubert Farnsworth- Hubert's smart, yet arrogant son.

    I really love the show, and sad that it got cancelled twice. FOX (1999-2003) canceled it because they were never supporters of the show and Comedy Central (2010-2013) canceled it for unknown reasons whatsoever. I don't hate 'The Simpsons' (even though I lost interest in that show), but needless to say, 'Futurama' remains my favorite Matt Groening show (same way how I view 'Angel' as my favorite Joss Whedon show). I like Katey Sagal, but Lori Loughlin should've been the voice of Leela, though I found out she had daughters at the time, so... yeah. Fry, Bender and Zoidberg are my favorite characters on the show. Like I said, I adore this show with a passion and I think it deserves better.

    I'm just gonna give this show an A+++ and a 10 out of 10.
  • From Matt Groening, the creator of "The Simpsons" comes a cartoon called "Futurama"

    What can I say?... this cartoon is awesome and absolutely hilarious at the same time. I enjoyed most of the episodes in this show and the humor is absolutely hilarious. Matt Groening (who also is the creator of "The Simpsons") not only makes awesome and great humor in the "The Simpsons" but he also does adds awesome and great humor in "Futurama" as well. I don't know which show is better? "The Simpsons" or "Futurama" because I honestly love both cartoons equally. "The Simpsons" and "Futurama" are both hilarious in different ways. "The Simpsons" is hilarious because the things they do is stupid. "Futurama" is hilarious because the thing they do are brilliant in a very funny way... sometimes it does have hilarious dumb humor but that's what makes it fun. My favorite character in this show is Bender. Bender is a robot who drinks alcohol and smokes alot which makes him hilarious and I find it brilliant. Come on, how often do you see a robot that drinks and smokes? That's why I love Bender the robot who drinks and smokes alot. Professor Farnsworth is my other favorite character as well because he says the wackiest things that somehow make me laugh so hard. Bender and Professor Farnsworth are my favorite characters in "Futurama". As for the other characters, they aren't as funny as Bender and Professor but they're good characters. The other characters in this show are Phillip J. Fry, Leela, Dr. Zoidberg, Amy Wong, and more. Overall, "Futurama" is just a hilarious and awesome cartoon to watch... it's too bad that Adult Swim doesn't air the reruns anymore but I can still watch the reruns on Comedy Central now... If you love "The Simpsons", you just might love "Futurama" as well. 10/10
  • Wow, this show had me by surprised

    So to be honest with you people, I started to watch this show recently. Not because I didn't like it, but seeing how this was made by the same guy who made The Simpsons, I didn't expect much. Yeah, I'm not a Simpsons fan. I just find it unfunny and outdated, but that's me personally. So anyway, when I saw that Comedy Central was starting from episode one again, I felt this was my chance. Then I watched the next the the next day came, I watched it some more. Just WOW! Who would of thought an adult show could be this great without relying on shock humor. Taking place place in the future is interesting, the characters are lovable, it has such memorable and funny jokes, and it's just a lot of fun to watch. I know it might be early to give this show this high of a rating, but i don't think my opinion would change at all as of now.
  • Another great show from Matt Groening

    This show is very awesome and funny as well it was a great show i liked the antics of Fry Leela and Bender,Bender was the funniest character of all Fry can be funny at times as well Man these were the days i have really good memories of this show and even better it's coming back in 2008(it's moving to Comedy Central) i just can't wait but i wonder why Fox had to cancel it oh well this was a great show the first episode was the best and this show is even better than The Simpsons.
  • The Longest Review I will ever write in my life. Enjoy!

    Futurama, the show that proved FOX wrong. The ultimate Sci-Fi show and cartoon comedy. THE show that still to this day 'Bites shiny metal ass'. When Matt Groening introduced The Simpsons to the world in 1989, it started a revolution of Cartoon Comedies that still to this day are one of the highest rated TV show genres out there. After the success of the Simpsons, Groening made enough money to make any Cartoon Comedy he wanted. Nearly 10 years later, Groening combined his ideas with David S. Cohen (Who to this day is known as David X. Cohen), to create a brand new Cartoon Comedy. They both worked together to make a new type of Cartoon Comedy by mixing the genre with Sci-Fi creating a brand new genre-hybrid. The Show was named Futurama shortly after, which aired it's first episode on FOX on the 28th of March 1999, which coincidentally was my forth Birthday. However the air date was different for us the fact being that we are in the UK. Futurama, to me was one of those shows that I was aware of, but never really thought about it because I was at such a young age. It came up until I was about 8 years old and my Dad and I watched the episode entitled 'A Flight to Remember' on Channel 4 which I enjoyed. Afterwards my Dad said 'Futurama is very funny, it's whitier than Simpsons I think' which only about 4 years ago I did understand what he meant. I guess a year or two afterwards channel 4 started showing Futurama on weekday mornings, which meant that I'd get to watch at leased an episode before I had to go to school. The fact that Groening had made the Simpsons before he did Futurama (with David X. Cohen), brought an awareness to the public that it was just another Simpsons. To me, it could not be more different. Aside from the very well established cartoon world and character animation being a bit alike the Simpson's cartoony art, the show is very different. I think that it's almost a curse that Futurama has to be compared to a show that is nothing like it, however maybe the comparison may be a bad side to it, but The Simpsons can also say 'If you like this show, try out the other'. When I was very young I loved The Simpsons, I was drawing the characters and watching the show every weeknight and to be honest I couldn't shut up about it. That made me not hesitate when Id watch the show. Before I knew it, without realizing it, I had become a fan of the show. When I was about 10 or 11, we finally got cable TV! (Which at that time was NTL which is now Virgin). So I wasn't limited to just 5 channels anymore and discovered Sky 1 and 2 was a channel that was airing both Futurama and the Simpsons. I was more thrilled about the fact that I could watch Futurama on there because it was very rarely shown on Channel's 1 to 5. At that point I couldn't take my eyes off the TV, Futurama was being shown as often as a normal TV show should. Unfortunately Sky and Virgin has a big disagreement about sharing their Channels to each other, which ended in them agreeing to disagree with each other and take Sky channels away from Virgin, and Virgin channels away from Sky.

    So I was back at square one. At this point, Futurama was hardly being shown at all on any channels other than the Sky channels on British television. About 1 year afterwards I couldn't stand not watching it for so long anymore. I realized that I could buy Futurama on DVD, which I did and I believe the first Season I purchased was Season 4 (was the cheapest). I fell in love with it all over again and was buying all the other season box sets and therefore didn't have to wait for it to air or wonder if it would air at all!

    I had always been interested in Special Features for every Movie I had, because I loved learning about how they were made and I started watching Special Features on the DVDs for Futurama. After I had bought all the Season Boxsets, I started wondering why there were no new Seasons coming out. So I started using the computer for things other than Homework and Bebo and the occasional stick pivot animation, to search for information about the things I was interested in, one of which was Futurama. Soon after I discovered that it had been cancelled by FOX in the early year of 2003. Did I stop watching the show? No. If anything I watched it more, got a bigger knowledge about what it was all about and was able to think about the impact it had made on me. Thanks to shows like Futurama, I'm on the road of Studying to find a career in Animation. And since I was 13 I found myself being interested in Science Fiction shows like Star Trek and Heroes and then Cartoon Comedies like Family Guy and American Dad. So I stopped being just indoors and took the knowledge that I had taken from the media into the outside world and I developed a much more sophisticated view of everything around me and I love it. Without realizing it, I had become a Geek, which some people have problems with, I've found it to be one of the best things that had ever happened to me. Futurama was no longer the only thing in my life, even though I still love it, I have more things going on, more to talk about and thanks to TV, weirdly enough I have developed a personality.

    Now that I've finished with my origin story, here's what I love about the show

    In my opinion, it is way better than The Simpsons! It has a better setting, plot and stories! New New York was a great idea and obviously the fact that it was set in the 31st Century! It kinda introduced the Sci-Fi element into Cartoon Comedies and it worked so well the genre-hybrid. The characters are irreplaceable. Fry is an extremely funny character and my favourite. Not like Homer because sometimes he was stupid in a way that I wanted to Strangle him, but Fry has a different humor. Bender is the best Drinking, Stealing and Smoking Robot I've ever seen on Television in my intire life! Leela is so funny and sexy, I enjoyed the episodes where we find out about her true heritage and Fry's for that matter. The animation for me is the truly spectacular part of the show. Many other cartoon comedies have CGI for various parts but Futurama takes it to a whole new level and it works in the show so well. The Spaceships look great, the planets, the city, every location in the show looks so believable and yet not believable but I think that's good because to make an imaginative show work, you need both sides of the imagination in the art. My favourite episode without a doubt is 'Roswell that Ends well' because they pulled the time-travel episode off so well even when they agreed that they wouldn't write one and did in the end. I got really pissed off that FOX Cancelled it! But the four films turned out great! 'Bender's Big Score' was undoubtedly my favourite because again it was a Time-travel episode and the humor was endless. Although I didn't enjoy 'The Beast with a Billion Backs' cause there was something un-Futurama about it and the story to me was pretty dull. But it didn't give me false hope and the next two Films turned out great and I'm so glad that thanks to the success of Into the Wild Green Yonder, it was possible to bring Futurama back. And us Futurama fans were part of that success. I love the new Futurama episodes so far. It wasn't until 'The Duh-Vinci Code' when I started loving it because it had to grow back into it's comfort zone which I think it is now in.

    And the great thing is that here, on TV.com, I get to express my views like everyone else on this site. Rather than hide away my views and ultimately get to be a Geek here.

    If you wanna hear me express my views on the show, listen to my Podcast named 'Inside Bender's Hard Drive'. It's a Futurama fan commentary. Details on how to find it are on my blog. I hope you've enjoyed this review and cheers so much for reading, please post any comments to my blog based on this review. Again cheers for reading and ultimately I should also be thanking Futurama which hopefully I have done in this review. Cheers. Samuel2484

    Comedy Central will air the final 13 episodes in June!!!!! WHY DO GOOD CARTOONS END!

    But theres [Adult Swim] (Won't be the same, but I don't want it to go).
  • About a boy named Fry who has a terrible life, and is later stuck and frozen in a time capsule going to the next millenium. This is a really great show!!!!

    When I first saw this show not too long ago, I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen! I remember those times when it used to be on Fox, and me and my dad would put it on and laugh away! But I don't think it comes on Fox anymore, but it still comes on on Adult Swim! Rite from the start, I knoew this would be a great, funny, and hilarious show, because it was created by Matt Groening himself; the famed creator of The Simpsons! I remember most of the characters on the show, including Fry, Leela, Bender, Amy, Hermes Conrad, Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, Kif Kroker, and Zapp Brannigan. I am soooooooo glad this show will get another season!! I was hoping for this moment!! This show is one of the coolest and funniest shows ever! It deserves a 10 out of 10! Thank you again, Matt Groening!
  • This is my favorite show.

    Futurama is an amazing show it tells a story of fry a pizza delivery boy who has a crappy life get frozen for a melenium and wakes up on the news year eve of 2999. He works at a delivery company called planet express. Theres lots of weird but interesting characters that work at planet express with him such as leela who is a cyclops, zoibeg is a talking crab, bender which is a robot that steals, drinks and goes to strip clubs he's my favorite charater. Those are just some of the charaters in futurama. Futurama is an hilarious show from the creator of the simpsons. I know my review sounds stupid because nearly everybody has already seen this show and knows what it is about.
  • My third favorite show, and a classic without Simpsons comparisions.

    This show is a show about a boy named Fry who is frozen for a thousand years before being unfrozen in the year 3000, where everything is advanced in an imaginative way, but also puts out that there is still crime and unhappiness despite all the advances in the world. This show is also one of the first animated shows I saw that is able to successfully combine drama and comedy,with many episodes focusing on subjects like Fry's past life, and his affections for co-worker Leela. Bender is the crinimal-type in the show, always doing stupid stuff, however he does show occasional emotion, such as doing certain things to make Fry happy (Watch Jurassic Bark for a good example of this.) Overall, this is an awesome show that I'd highly suggest to anyone, and I'm also glad to announce that Comedy Central is premiring new episodes in June of this year (This relives me, that Fox didn't pick it back up, I don't another missed opportunity like with what happened to Family Guy.) 10/10 A+
  • Better than the Simpsons....

    I love this show, it has everything you want, comedy, action, and even drama. Futurama has it's own distinct personality that puts it over the top. This show has a wide range of characters Fry, Leela, Bender, Zoidburg, Amy, Prof. Farnsworth, and many more. If you watch The Simpsons, than you will absolutly love this series, and even if you dont watch The Simpsons you should still give this a go. This series consisted of seventy-two episodes and not one of them boring, and always funny. That is why I suggest this show to anyone who loves cartoon comedies. 10/10 -MangekyouCinema
  • This is a brilliant animation from the guy who makes the simpsons and in my opinion it is better than the simpsons theres alot more room to play here so watch it and bring it back!!!!!!!!

    Futurama is about a 20th century man who was frozen and now lives in the future with some strange friends a cyclops a robot, a jamacian, a marshian, and a giant crab lobster alien thing. if you have never watched this show you are missing out greatly it is a truely great show that needs to be brought back onto normal tv the movies are quite good the first two were better than the third but it needs new tv episodes as well as feature length ones maybe fox will open its eyes one day and find out they canceled an amazing show!!
    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • From the genius behind The Simpsons, comes the beautiful Sci-Fi masterpiece known as Futurama.

    One question: Why the hell did they ever cancel Futurama?! IMO, It's just as funny and clever as The Simpsons, maybe even more. Of course the show would be nothing without Fry (voiced by the great Billy West), who is probably my favorite character in the series. In fact there is not one, repeat, NOT ONE weak character in the series. The writing is pure brilliance. Each episode, in it's own way, feels like a mini- movie. Sometimes the plots can be so bizarre that no TV show of any kind could ever get away with them, except Futurama. The show is not just flat-out funny. It has a unique mixture of screwball comedy, gut-busting action, character drama, satire, and romance that truly sets it apart from other cartoons. Personally, my all-time favorite episode has to be The Sting. The animation is simply beautiful and practically up to the quality of a feature film. The unique music by Christopher Tyng is just icing on this amazingly exquisite cake. Futurama is a brilliant, hilarious, and surreal masterpiece, and each episode just leaves you wanting more. Unfortunately the show has only had 72 episodes, but thanks to the new DVD movies, maybe we will finally get more Futurama.
  • The best!

    Possibly the greatest show ever made. The had so much possibilities with this show. They could make up any world, any gadgets and so on. Great voice actors, great stories, great animations and great fun to watch. It's so sad the FOX cancelled this show. For that I hate them..

    I've heard rumours that there might be a chance that some Futurama episodes straight to DVD will be made. People involved are for sure interested.. Hope..
  • Easily One of the Best Adult Cartoons ever made.

    In case you don't know Futurama is about Phillip J. Fry. A slacker, pizza deliver boy who's given a second chance at life when he's frozen and brought to the year 3000. He meets numerous strange people, like a cyclops humanoid Alien named Leela, a lovable drinking and smoking robot, Bender. His 'nephew' Professor Farnsworth, Dr. Zoidberg (one of the funniest characters ever put into a show), and many more.

    Now I must say being a fan of the Simpsons I decided to watch this getting a netflix. And I decided to watch this and some other shows. But by far Futurama is the best thing I've watch on netflix. The plots are story driven and always switch gears 1/3 through the episodes like the Simpsons. But they make tons of jokes, some pop-cultural, some just well-placed jokes. I guarantee most of them will make a normal person laugh. But the best part are the characters. I like every character on this show. Fry, Bender, Leela, Prof. Farnsworth, Dr. Zoidberg, Hermes, Zapp Branigan, Kif, all provide great laughs. Except Amy, I don't know what it is but her 'pretty girl meets tomgirl' stereotype rubs me the wrong way. Every episode provides jokes and intresting stories. Whether it's screwball episodes like 'War is the H-Word" or "Amazonian Women in the Mood" or more drama filled ones like "Jurassic Bark" or "The Luck of Fryish". Every time I watch this show it always keeps me occupied for 22 minutes.

    I recently heard that Futurama is getting canceled. Which kind of makes me sad, but at least it won't be run into the ground like The Simpsons, Spongebob, or SNL. Futurama's legacy will live on and it will remain a fan-favorite for years to come.
  • The End

    You know the world is lost when there are 100X more viewers of Familiy Guy than Futurama.
  • Fun on a Bun!

    Futurama is an amazing show! It's a really funny show and it even made me cry once.. Leela meeting her parents was so sweet.. and her parents giving her up was so sad.Also even though Fry and Yancy fought.. Yancy named his own kid Fry :) so sweet.. Sadly Fox Canceled the show, but luckily Comedy Central saved it! And guess what? The new episodes may not be great, but their still good. Just look at "Cold Warriors", "The Tip of The Zoidberg" , "The Late Phiillip J Fry" and more. This show is more better than The Simpsons even.
  • Futurama is different from the simposons and is not the simpsons in space but its every sci-fi geek dream and every sci-fi thing is on this show and why i love this show.

    One of the best and funniest cartoons on TV and this is a show that is must see for all the sci-fi geeks, it has all the themes from them movies and book also everything else. This show has some great characters and really funny ones from Fry who is great but so stupid but fits in this world. Bender has to be the best robot i have seen in a tv cartoon. and so many more memory characters that appear many times or only once and the future stuff is great. this is a must see for show like me.

    this has Aliens and robots and is so so awesome and has a mad and crazy scientest and a DR who knows nothing and will eath anything and leila who is just kick ass but with one eye.
  • Best show

    Cool futuristic show
  • Help Bring back Futurama!!!

    I have made a signable petition (one of many existing on the internet) stating our (Futurama fans) desire for more Futurama episodes/seasons. The show has been cancelled by Comedy Central but there is still hope. Here is the link if you want to check it out:


    Many people say that they want Futurama to step out on a high note, but I say, the series was doing wonderful with no sign of weakening jokes or plot. The developers have even stated that they have plenty of more stories to tell if season 8 WERE to happen and that they are looking for another channel to bring the show back on. I have adored Futurama since episode one, and it has been one of my favorite shows EVER since then, I can't bear to see it or any of it's extremely awesome and lovable characters go just yet.

    Help me and thousands of other fans bring Futurama back!!!
  • RIP futurama

    It's sad to see one of best shows on tv to go. Futurama has always being a great show getting better by each season, if this is the final time at least go out strong.
  • Read this if you hate comedy central for canceling a great show like this.

    really comedy central really why would you cancel a show that people love cause i started to cry when i found out it would be canceled soon yeah but just why everyone loves this show so just give us at least 1 good reason you guys would cancel a great show like this! so just give everyone 1 good reason why you would cancel this show. my email is so just email me a good reason why you would cancel this show. anyone that is with me agree with this post and we will see just how many people don't want this show canceled.
  • The best cartoon.

    Creative writing, fantastic settings and characters really set Futurama far ahead of every other animation on television.
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