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  • One Of The Funniest Animated Shows Out There & Has An Emotional Side To It Too

    Futurama should be more of a highlight for adults that are looking for a good, funny, & complex show to watch after a stressful day at work, and that means a lot. Futurama is about a young man named Fry who Time Travels 1000 years in the future by accident and meets a Professor he is related to named Farnsworth. Along with Farnsworth includes funny creations include: A cocky but hilarious robot named Bender, a woman with one eye named Leela, a sort of a lobster alien named Zoidberg, and an intern worker named Amy. The show has a good flow to it for every episode, the stories they tell move in a very well organized way, along with writing in some of the most clever jokes in any animated show. Practically all of the characters are wonderful and hilarious, even with the main character. At first, I thought Fry was just going to be like Alice from "Alice in Wonderland" in that the main character isn't supposed to be that interesting or funny compared to the other characters in a setting, but surprisingly Fry was very amusing to me. Bender is a jerky character done right, as he's not only hilarious with the characters he is associated with, but he gets cocky only when he has to be either for himself or for his best friends. The animation I honestly think is done better than in "The Simpsons" as all the characters look peculiar, but in a good way, and they are all not the same color or species they are all for the most part their own kind of things. Overall: Futurama is a terrific achievement in animation, as it has a strong sense of humor, great main characters, great side characters, and a very interesting premise. If you are I suppose over 13(or something), check out the show it really is wonderful.

    4/4 Stars