Season 4 Episode 1

Roswell That Ends Well

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 09, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • Best Episode Ever!

    Futurama always wins the audience with a pure Sci-Fi, constant comedic and exciting episode and without a doubt, Roswell That Ends Well wins best episode for me! Originally, the Futurama writers had decided not to write any Time-travel episodes, but after a while they thought 'oh what the hell' and wrote the episode named Time Keeps Slipping, which was a great episode too. After the success of that episode, the writers decided to write an episode where the plot tangles with the causality ratio, being travel back in time and causing Paradoxes. I love a Time-Travel episode in Futurama and they always pull it off, the Sci-Fi element is constant in this, the comedy is off the scale, the story, and animation in particular. All these elements make this episode my favourite. There's not one part of 'How it happened' that seemed like they might as well have said 'it's magic' to me, like I said, the Sci-Fi part kept true to the episode. The whole idea of clashing the time-travel part with the 'Alien crash on Roswell' was genius, I also loved seeing Zoidburg being featured in this episode, he was one of the funniest part of this. The joke about Fry being his own Grandfather was and still is so funny that it's the funniest joke in Futurama ever. This episode mixes with Parodies from movies such as 'Back to the Future' (clashing with the idea of having a relative attracted to you) and mixed with lots of other time travel classic plots. The animation is something to be made golden in this ep, the final chase scene as they leave the 1940's is the best CGI in a Cartoon Comedy I've ever seen. The effects and music in the final scene mix with each other very well. This episode I'm so glad was made because not only the fact that it's a treat to watch, but it also started the foundation of fantastic time travel ideas fro Futurama, anyone remember Bender's Big Score? Was that not a golden Time Travel film? I think it was and the whole idea of Fry being his own grandfather also leads further episodes into lots of call backs. So there you go, Roswell That Ends Well, I love you!
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