Season 4 Episode 1

Roswell That Ends Well

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 09, 2001 on Comedy Central



  • Quotes

    • Leela: Fry's from around this time. I'll talk like him. Yo, homes! We're looking for a microwave oven.
      Salesman: Microwave? Never heard of that brand, sweetheart. What you want is the "Deluxe Gas Princess". This beauty has four broilers, a casserole indicator, a fold-out ironing board and, down here, a foot-soaking tub. Since, as a woman, you'll be standing in front of it all day.
      Leela opens the oven door on his knee
      Leela: Oh, I'm sorry. Now I'll aks you again: Where can we find a mi-cro-wave?
      Salesman: Sir, your wife's hysterical, so I'll address this to you. This oven is lightning fast. It takes only five hours to cook a roast.
      Farnsworth: Ooh, that's good news! You know, you really don't cook enough roasts, Leela.