Season 10 Episode 6

Saturday Morning Fun Pit

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 17, 2013 on Comedy Central
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An anthology of cartoon parodies sending up Scooby-Doo, Strawberry Shortcake, and G.I. Joe.

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  • Worst episode of anything in the History of TV

    There is a scale for rating things.

    At the top is "Bart of Darkness:

    At the bottom is "Lisa Goes Gaga"

    This is a mile below the bottom. The worst episode of any show ever made, by far. I laughed at the stupidity of Nixon in the last one, but this was a disgrace to TV. The worst episode I've seen ever. None of the plots made any sense. This was the mellinium fail, and after 6 very good episodes to start the 7B, this was horrendus. This was Simspons quality. That is impossible for Futurama to get. If they run out of ideas they can come up with some random idea and fly off to some random world. The Simpsons can't do anything as bad as this. F-moreless
  • BORT!

    Zoidberg's flying assistant to the evil professor in the Purpleberry Puffs commercial was enough to make me laugh. So was the Scooby Doo parody in the first segment. BORT!
  • Decent

    I thought it was okay. Not phenomenal, but not the worst episode...
  • About as creative as my cat's litter box

    I'm sorry, I thought Futurama was supposed to be a comedy. These past few seasons just s-u-c-k. I keep watching in hopes that someday it will be funny again, sadly, it just keeps digging deeper. I'll supply the headstone and stop watching now. Goodbye Futurama, the first 3 seasons were great, thanks for wasting my time on the other seasons and the so called movies.
  • Ow guys, sheesh.

    A Lot of harsh reviews on here, not to say I agree with the 2 10's either but damn... So I'll be generous.

    Here's a 4.

    Here's how it broke down;

    The scooby doo episode 8 mins 44 seconds

    Purpleberyy Pond 4 minutes 55 seconds Zap 4 minutes and 40 seconds

    The Scooby Doo episode was very boring, the worst of the 3. Usually that's sandwiched in the middle, and they made it TWICE AS LONG as the other episodes... wtf.

    The Smurfs take-off was humorous, but could have been much stronger. It was mostly repetitive. We got the point after the first 2 minutes, move on to the next joke please.

    The ending was good, the best of the 3... and the shortest. Not to mention mixed with all the Nixon crap. Again, could have been stronger.

    Why do we need Nixon to frame the episode at all? The "Happy Friends Show" intro would have been enough. Instead we have an extra 2 minutes and 41 seconds of Nixon. That could have been allocated to that last episode.

    I LOVED Futurama, but it doesn't seem like they have much new to say. Given the other garbage that's available, it's still sad to see them canceled. (again) but it is what it is.moreless

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    • Chorus: (Signing the opening theme to the first Saturday Morning cartoon)
      Bendee, Bendee Boo, what's wrong with you?
      You're such a lousy mascot.
      Noone understands a single word you say,
      Not even the jerk in the ascot.
      Bendee Boo: (After a bottle breaks and he slurps spilled beer off his face)
      Rite ry rhiny retal rass! (Bite my shiny metal ass!)

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