Season 1 Episode 1

Space Pilot 3000

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • How do i watch the show

    If I can watch it can someone tell me where I can
  • I love it!!!

    I love ths show!!!! :D
  • Philip J. Fry

    A dim-witted, immature, naive yet good-hearted pizza guy who found himself in the future. He is best friends with a mutant (who he truly loves) and a robot. He has a nephew who is a scientist. Fry is a really cool character. In my thinking, the only voice actors who SHOULD'VE been the voice of Fry, is: Martin Mull, Keith Ferguson, Steve Blum, Charlie Adler and Richard Horvitz. I love Billy West, I really do, but those are just my thoughts. But Fry is still awesome.
  • a perfect way to start a series


    This episode was at first taking place in the date January 1st,2000,and Fry (the protagonist) hated his life as a loser pizza deliverer but when someone prank called him and said for a pizza delivery at a Cryonics Place (if you dont know what cryonics means than look at this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryonics)and said his name was "I.C Wiener" so he sits in a chair waiting for it to be new years but he accidentally tips the chair in the Cryonics Place and got in one of those freezing chambers and gets frozen for 1000 years and when he gets unfrozen he finds himself on the date December 31,2999 and I dont want to spoil the rest

    Overall Grade: 10/10 Perfect

  • Great first episode.

    This was a great episode that started it all it's about a 25 year old delivery boy called Phillip J.Fry(many people call him Fry for short) who is sick of his job and when he does a pizza delivery in a room he accidentally falls over the chair he sits on and gets frozen 1,0000 years from now when he wakes up he finds that's he's in the future and likes it he then meets a cyclops named Turanga Leela(many people call her leela for short) who tells him his career job is a delivery boy again and Fry is not very pleasedso he pushes Leela into the time machine and it is set to 1,0000 years but Fry finds that too harsh and freezes her to 5 seconds he then takes a little stroll into the street and finds a suicide booth(which of course he thinks is a phone booth) there he meets a robot named Bender who gets into the booth to him once Fry finds out it is a suicide booth and Fry screams of terror they then duck and Bender kicks the suicide booth because he thinks it is a rip off they then go to a bar to get some beer and Leela arrives and they head to the musuem to get away from Leela they then go into the grid to hide from Leela and Fry sees his old neighbourhood there and he starts being sad and Leela arrives and Leela says she knows exactly what it feels like to be alone and that she wants to quit her job and she never realised it until she met Fry the three then hold hands then they apply for Planet Express which is an company owned by Fry's nephew Professor Farnsworth Farnsworth then gives them jobs and Fry becomes a Delivery Boy and is happy about it This was really a good episode.
  • An excellent start to an excellent show called "Futurama"


    I thought that this was an excellent pilot episode of "Futurama". The whole entire episode was funny and had a very well written plot. This is story of Phillip J. Fry who happens to be a pizza delivery guy and gets dumped by his girlfriend. Phillip J. Fry hates his life and he brings the pizza to some guy named "I.C. Wiener". It's December 31, 1999 and everyone counts down and when it reaches to 2000, Fry falls in the frozen time machine where he was frozen for a thousand years. Fry is unfrozen after 1000 years and he experiences the future which is now December 31, 2999. I loved the premiere of this pilot episode... the writers did an excellent job with the story and the introduction of the characters. I loved the introduction to my favorite character named Bender who was very funny all the way. Leela's introduction was also very good. Fry asking Leela about her eye was very funny. Fry and Bender being held in prison and then Bender using his bending skills to break out was very good. Fry and Bender are through Fry's old town which is now a complete dump. Fry is sad because he would never see his parents, his friends, or anyone ever again since he was frozen for a thousand years. In the last 3 minutes of the episode, we see the introduction of Professor Farnsworth who happened to be Fry's great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great etc. nephew and Farnsworth's part was very funny. It was also good that Farnsworth offered the job to Fry, Leela, and Bender to be his new Space crew. By the end of the episode, everyone was counting down and it is officially now the year 3000. Overall, an excellent pilot episode of "Futurama". 10/10

  • Great to start!

    Awesome Pilot episode! I love it lot! Fry is my favorite Cartoon character in Futurama! Fry left his family and friends ahead, It was great start for Fry get second chance, new life for him! Fry already starting to get used in the future and want friend with Bender the robot. In the ending, Fry, Leela and Bender became best friends and coworker. I am so surprised that Fry dont miss his old life and family too! This pilot episode was so awesome and perfect and great start for this show. Fry loves the future and awesome friends to make.
  • A really good episode.

    This is not the best episode but it had it's moments like when Fry fell in the cryogenic tube and was frozen.

    This episode may have been one of the best pilot episodes ever in my opinion but it is definitly not the best episode in my opinion,but then again it was better than some too.

    If I were a critic I would probably give this episode one thumb up but I can think of others that I would give two thumbs up.

    So overall I would give this episode one thumb up and an 8.1 because this episode wasn't as funny as some others,but it was still a pretty good pilot episode.
  • This is when I first saw that show and I thought that this is the first episode I saw.

    I started watching it on Australia Foxtel Fox8. I started watching and it was the first episode, after the first episode I watched it so on and I decided myself that I would watch it til the end. I missed a few episodes due to plans I made during the night time.
  • "Space-it seems to go on forever. Then you get to the end and a gorilla starts throwing barrels at you."

    Grade: A-

    This is probably my favorite pilot for an animated show. Unlike a lot of cartoons that start off kinda weak and gain steam with time, Futurama comes out of the gate if not full throttle, then certainly fast enough to leave most other shows in the dust.

    They do a great job of setting up the premise, tone and characterization in this episode. It introduces Fry as a loser delivery boy with little intelligence, no money, and nothing to live for in the twentieth century. So unlike most people who would freak when frozen for a thousand years, he celebrates. Admittedly the idea of time travel is well played in books and tv, but Futurama does it so brilliantly that it's hard to care. The characterization in this episode is great, and sets the mold for the three biggest characters for the rest of the series.

    The aformentioned Fry.
    Leela-Misplaced, lonely, tempermental one-eyed alien(?) with depth perception issues
    Bender-Alcoholic, kleptomaniac, semi-maniacal robot half bent on killing all humans, to become Fry's best friend.
    Bender: Bite my shiny metal ass.
    Fry: It doesn't look so shiny.
    Bender: Shinier than yours, meatbag.

    Sadly we got to see little on the part of the Professor, but to be fair to the writers, he was only there for the last three minutes.

    Loved the attitude they set towards Fry's time-"He's just a poor dumb kid from the stupid ages"-and some of the one liners had me cracking up. "Well at least here you'll be treated with dignity. Now strip naked and get on the probulator."

    Also, love the thought they put into these. Having Nibbler's shadow in the Cryogenic's lab was brilliant, especially considering it doesn't come into play until season five, and you don't even meet Nibbler for three more episodes. No real complaints. Just a great start to a great series.

    I'm a bit of a harsh grader, but even at hat this ep get's an A- at least. Hats off to you Matt.
  • OMG this is great for a pilot!

    This first episode follows in New York City when a dude named Phillip J. Fry was delivering Pizza somewhere on New Years eve and when it turned 2000, Fry fell into a freezing time machine and traveled into the year 3000. When he unfreezes, he meets an alien named Lila (one of his friends now) who is gonna stab him with a hole puncher to turn him back into a delivery boy, but fry runs away and bumps into a line outside where he meets Bender. The scene was so funny, Fry: "Hey! I was here first!" Bender: "Bite my shiny metal ass!!!" lol omg! Then they become friends somehow after that rude (but funny) scene. Fry continues to avoid Lila and meets his great great great great great (so many greats later) great great grandson (Fry's the grandpa because he's from the 1990s and this is the 30th century) named Professor H. Farnsworth. Fry continues to explore new New York City with Lila. At the end, Lila doesn't give Fry the delivery boy shot and the series has officially begun.

    Grade: A+

    This pilot kicks shiny metal ass.
  • Great start to a great series.

    Phillip J fry, a pizza delivery boy, is sent 1000 years to the future on New Years Eve in 2999. Fry realizes he's been frozen in a time machine for 1000 years, and the world has changed drastically. People get from place to place through a teleporting tube, there are robots, suicide booths, and chips that represent your job. When Fry meets Leela, she must brand him as a delivery boy. He does everything he can to run away from Leela, but she corners him. She soon quit her job, that she's always hated, but she realizes it as soon as she meets Fry. Fry, Leela, and a robot named Bender, find Fry's only living relative, Professor Farnsworth. Professor soon hires them to work as delivery people on his ship.

    This was a great start to a great series. I loved the begginning with the video game, Leela's line: "Strip naked and get on the propulator", the suicide booth, and much more.

    Overall Grade: 95%/A+
  • Great serie, excellent first episode

    Futurama is a great show, this first episode starts a bit slow but only gets better and better.

    In the beginning I was afraid I wouldn't like this serie, with the pizza guy inthe beginning saying: c'monnnnnnnnn, I was thinking uhmmm, okay is that suppose to be funny? but the moment Fry ends up into the future and we meet Leela and Bender(!!) I was getting really excited.

    Bender alone is worth watching this whole show tbh the moment fry and bender first meet is just epic.

    You should really watch this episode if you havent done so already if you want to watch futurama online you can do so at www.futurama-movies.com
    have fun
  • The first episode of this brilliant series is a success!

    "Space Pilot 3000"

    Grade: A*

    Futurama began back in September 1999 for the UK, and although I missed it, there's no denying that the first episode of Futurama is very important in setting up the whole concept of a 20th Century guy attempting to cope with the future, and nevertheless Futurama begins with a bang!

    It's December 31st 1999, and Phillip J Fry, a pizza delivery boy gets an order from "I.C Weiner" to a cryogenics lab, and realising its a prank call, he waits for the millenium to hit, and shortly afterwards falls down from the seat and into one of the tubes, where he is frozen for 1000 years.
    Fry wakes up in the year 2999, with one day before the year 3000, and first encounters Leela, a one eyed cyclops who works at the cryogenics lab. She tells him he must be signed to a career chip, and after he gets "delivery boy", he attempts to escape and finds information about one of his relatives Professor Farnsworth.
    After wandering around the city New New York, Fry finds a phone box, which is actually a suicide booth and bumps into a robot named Bender. They both enter the booth and survive the "Slow and Horrible" treatment of suicide, and decide to try and find Farnsworth afterwards.
    Nevertheless, Leela is attempting to capture them, but Fry and Bender head underground to find the ruins of New York. Fry, realising he's lost everything now being in the future, decides to give himself up to Leela, but Leela changes her mind because she feels the same about Fry as herself. They both escape and head to Professor Farnsworth.
    They are greeted by Farnsworth and he's surprised to find a relative alive. He offers the crew a chance to be part of the Planet Express team, and the group agree to join, but the police are waiting for them outside. They escape in the ship and the year 3000 is hit. Professor Farnsworth then tells Fry that he is going to be a delivery boy and jumps up in excitement.

    Overall, the first episode of Futurama is one of the best. It delivers a solid story and good sense of humour, and nevertheless it couldn't have started any better in my opinion. A flawless start to one of the greatest animated shows ever!
  • Great first episode.

    This episode was a great start to one of my favorite shows. It was interesting, funny, and to put it simply, it was one of the best pilots I've ever seen. I loved the plot because it was very interesting, and the storyline was highly original. All of the jokes were classic. I don't remember one joke in the entire episode that I didn't find funny. My favorite part in the episode was when Fry was looking to call his nephew, and he was in the suicide booth that he mistook for a phone booth. I was laughing so hard I couldn't stop laughing. Overall, this is a great episode, and it's one of my favorites from season one. This episode is a must see for any fan.
  • Perfect

    This has gotta be the best pilot I've ever seen. The jokes were great, very, very interesting for a premise of a show, and it does a great job at introducing the main characters. At times it felt kind of slow, but it picks up, and by the end I knew, or at least had a strong feeling, that this could gradually become a new favorite show of mine.

    The humor is great and the plot for this is fantastic. Absolutely perfect, a GREAT series premiere. Why can't they all start this strong?!

    5/5, A+, no doubt. Bravissimo Futurama writing staff
  • Welcome to the future!

    Superb start to the show! Fry,a pizza delivery boy,gets a prank call to a cryogenics lab. He falls into a tube,and is frozen for 1000 years. He awakes in the year 3000,were robots and aliens walk around like humans,and you can travel from galaxy to galaxy. Greeted my a lame ''Welcome to the world of tomorrow'',he is examimed and tested by Leela,a cyclops,but when it is time to place his job chip in,as jobs are no longer quittable,he runs away,meeting a robot called Bender in a sucide booth (he doesn't kill himself when Fry says that Bender' his only freind in the future),being chased by the police force and Leela. Leela dislikes the way the police are treating Fry,and helps him,as well as quitting her job. They find Fry's only living realitive,his >insert greats here> nephew. They all get jobs from him,and as he saved the job chips from his previous crew,they can all work there.
  • Space Pilot 3000: A GREAT FIRST EPISODE!

    Futurama began with this Utterly outstanding Episode and I couldn't be happier. This was deffinatly THE Episode for me. As it being the first ever episode, this deffinatly meets my standerds for Pilot episodes. Fry, a Pizza Delivery Boy Frozen from the 21st Century is one of the funniest characters I have ever seen on Television! Bender (Bending Unit 22) is a Harsh Drinking Robot who lives by no one elses rules exept his own is another Great (Sort of Bart Simpsons but funnier)Character. Leela, a Cyclops from outter Space (Or so we know so far) is a very funny sexy character and all of these are great Characters to fill in the episode and Fantastic Characters to add to the TV Universe!
  • Irresistible jokes, numerous cultural references, awesome 2.5D visuals, great dialogs, inspiring characters and zillions of refreshing ideas

    10 years. It's what separates us from the date the pilot was first aired. It really feels like yesterday as I can't help myself thinking from time to time to Fry and his friends, Leela and Bender. The amazing thing is that it hasn't aged a frame. The jokes are irresistible and you really feel sorry for Fry at the beginning. All the cultural references also helped Futurama to become a cult phenomena as it managed to both innovate, by mixing 2D and 3D visuals for example, and reuse elements fans could relate to, like The Simpsons's design. Moreover it's not just entertainment because like in South Park there're some interesting dialogs and deep space reflexions about life and no life. Most viewers should also be able to relate to at least one character. Their personalities are both really different and quite similar making them complementary characters. For example even if Fry and Leela don't have the same story they understand each other. And when nobody would like Bender as a friend in real life, we all love "him" because he's just a robot after all. I also found the delivery boy recurring joke quite inspiring because in the end Fry understood that it's not necessarily what you do that matters but how you do it. Their attitude towards the chips was also really wise and I even think it's actually a reference to George Orwell's work. Never let anyone decides who you are. Be who you are. Last but not least one thing I enjoyed the most is the overwhelming creativity. There're so many original and twisted ideas that it's impossible to enumerate them all without forgetting many : Tube to slide around, city architecture, museum heads, opening title…

    All these great elements contributed to make Space Pilot 3000 one of the best cartoon pilot ever directed. You also couldn't dream of a better episode to introduce viewers to Futurama. As many other episodes are also fantastic it would be really a shame not to watch it. If you have never seen Futurama then I strongly recommend you to start with its pilot. If you're already a fan and just reading this review to sharpen your wisdom then you know what to do.
  • At this point in my life I thought that I'd be the one making the crank calls...

    This episode is excellent. One of the greats, it shows you how Futurama came to be - Fry gets accidentally frozen by a cryogenics unit and resumes his life in the future. He gets his job, or 'fate' from an alien cyclops, Leela, and he has to resume his job as Delivery Boy, or he'd be fired (out of a cannon, into the sun. He later finds Bender in line to a suicide booth, which he thinks is a phone booth... they get out OK (obviously. Look how many episodes there are.) and finally they find a job at Planet Express... Fry becomes (you guessed it) a delivery boy.
  • Hilarious start to the show!

    This episode really left people wanting more episodes of Futurama after it was over. Fans were hanging on to see more of it. Though it is topped by later episodes, this episode is a very memorable episode in the series, and one to watch over and over and over again.

    Fry is cryogenically frozen on December 31st 1999, and wakes up in 2999. A career counselor, Leela, is about to assign him the job of delivery boy, then he goes on the run and meets an alcoholic robot names Bender. He and Bender run from Leela, until she reveals that she knows what it feels like to be alone. Then, the threesome meet Fry's great-great-great-great-great-(etc.)-nephew, Professor Farnsworth. Fry becomes a... delivery boy! He works alongside Leela and Bender for Professor Farnsworth and his company, Planet Express.
  • In the beginning.. there was a funny, interesting pilot episode that left you craving for more!

    Space Pilot 3000 begins with Fry, a dim-witted delivery boy with an uninteresting life, delivering a pizza to a cryogenics lab. Through a rather interesting turn of events, he is frozen for a 1000 years. He wakes up to a world that has changed quite a bit. Robots and aliens stroll calmly across the streets, accepted by everyone as average, everyday things. Jobs are no longer quitable, you now have to stick with whatever job you are assigned for the rest of your days. And perhaps the biggest and most strange change: his life is actually interesting. It really is a hilarious and grand introduction into Matt Groening's great sci-fi/comedy series. While I do not find Futurama as good as The Simpsons, it is right up there in my list of favorite tv shows.

    This is where it all began, one of the best animated series of all time and from the creator of the best animated series ever Futurama started well with a unique storyline and chaaracters this show is really fun and I have had some great viewings of the series since it first aired and everytime this episode made me laugh out load several times. I miss this show looking back at this and I also miss the 90's haha. Love Bender here when he was going into the suicide booth great introduction to the character. I give this 9.5 out of 10.
  • In my humble opinion, the best pilot episode ever.

    I didn't see any episodes until after the show was taken off the air, but when I saw this one, I was hooked. It's one of my favourite episodes of my favourite show. It was full of all these little details, which I learned is characteristic of both FUTURAMA and THE SIMPSONS, and you wouldn't spot them all the first time you saw an episode. I love that. I like how the writers try to stick to the agenda from the pilot, and even elaborate on it in future episodes. I think the show is better for the way the characters are already developed, when we are introduced to them we get to see the essence of who they are. If you fell in love with Bender, for example, in the first episode, chances are you're still gonna love him in Benders big score!
  • Excellent work.

    This pilot episode of 'Futurama' is a wonderful one. The way that the writers chose to start everything out in this episode worked out great. The whole story, the whole cast of actors who did voice-over work, everything was great. It isn't the funniest episode available, but it sure is good for a pilot. It seems as if nothing has changed since this episode. No one is out of character and all of the characters look exactly like they do in any other episode of the series. All of the characters have their part in an episode and all are also very funny.
  • A brilliant start to a brilliant show, but this episode is definitely surpassed by later episodes.


    The episode is brilliant, it's nice to see a little mention of the Simpsons, for instance the three-eyed fish and the head of Matt Groening, but its also nice to see the President Nixon head and that of Spock. You realise later on as the series progresses just how much was shown in the pilot which was later used. They seem to have actually put a lot of thought into the events in this episode so that they could be used later on.


    This commentary is a lot slower than the later ones, and a lot less funny, mainly because of the absence of Billy West and the dynamic between him and John DiMaggio. That said, the commentary for this episode is still very informative about the origins of the characters and how John DiMaggio got the part of Bender and did not get the part of the Professor. They also try to point out 'Secret' moments which are very entertaining from the point of view of someone who has already watched the whole show.


    The episode and the commentary are very good and very entertaining, but they just don't really compare with the later episodes, and definitely not with the movies. A solid start to a brilliant show, but as you'd hope with any good TV, the show gets better as time goes on.
  • The grand start of the great show

    well written, thought through, and creative pilot to this superb series. However, it does fall a bit short were animation quality and voice acting are concerned. Luckily, the interesting and clever plot makes up for these small deficiencies. Additionally, this episode launches the serie's complex relationship between Fry & Leela. Matt Groening's cameo, while easy to miss, added an extra bit of fun to the episode. Moreover, if you look closely enough, this episode started a running gag that only lasted two episodes. Professor Farnsworth will see that his crew is in peril, and then he would comment that he could not save them as he was already in his pajamas (his lab coat). In conclusion, while not the best of the series, this episode delivered good quality entertainment.
  • The beginning of a cult classic.

    Phillip J. Fry is a inept pizza delivery boy who delivers a pizza to a lab on New Years Eve 1999. Someone has played a prank on him and he decides to eat the pizza and drink the beer. He accidentally falls into one of the freezing chambers and is frozen for one thousand years. He wakes up to find that everything has changed. He runs into Leela, a one eyed alien (proven later to be incorrect) and then into a booze drinking, swearing, lying, etc. robot named Bender. This episode introduces us to most of the main characters in this hilarious cult classic.
  • The best mistake in Fry's life.

    Futurma's pilot espisode sets the bar so high, it is hard to believe they actually make much better and funnier episodes than this one. An episode filled with jokes that will make you pee your pants if you don't pay attention. The joke about the previous spaceship crew being eaten alive by a wasp is the best. One little fact I dont understand is how the building in which the cryogenics laboratory is located never got destroyed by the aliens invaders. A great start for the series. All the main charcters are presented to us and we never have a dull moment.
  • Space piolot 3000.

    A pretty good pilot for the show. There's a lot of stuff that doesn't really fit in with the style of the show (the career chips in particular), and the future is a lot more nightmarish than it is in future episodes. However, the jokes are great and the show already has it's characterisic witty one-liners and throwaway gags that really make it great. I love Leela's boss and the suicide booth. No Zoidberg though! So in the end another classic genious episode that i really really really really really really really really like. i give it a B- for a grade.
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