Season 1 Episode 1

Space Pilot 3000

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • Great first episode.

    This was a great episode that started it all it's about a 25 year old delivery boy called Phillip J.Fry(many people call him Fry for short) who is sick of his job and when he does a pizza delivery in a room he accidentally falls over the chair he sits on and gets frozen 1,0000 years from now when he wakes up he finds that's he's in the future and likes it he then meets a cyclops named Turanga Leela(many people call her leela for short) who tells him his career job is a delivery boy again and Fry is not very pleasedso he pushes Leela into the time machine and it is set to 1,0000 years but Fry finds that too harsh and freezes her to 5 seconds he then takes a little stroll into the street and finds a suicide booth(which of course he thinks is a phone booth) there he meets a robot named Bender who gets into the booth to him once Fry finds out it is a suicide booth and Fry screams of terror they then duck and Bender kicks the suicide booth because he thinks it is a rip off they then go to a bar to get some beer and Leela arrives and they head to the musuem to get away from Leela they then go into the grid to hide from Leela and Fry sees his old neighbourhood there and he starts being sad and Leela arrives and Leela says she knows exactly what it feels like to be alone and that she wants to quit her job and she never realised it until she met Fry the three then hold hands then they apply for Planet Express which is an company owned by Fry's nephew Professor Farnsworth Farnsworth then gives them jobs and Fry becomes a Delivery Boy and is happy about it This was really a good episode.