Season 5 Episode 12

Spanish Fry

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 13, 2003 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The crew goes camping in the woods. The camping site owner is obsessed with Bigfoot. So is Fry. Bender sleeps outside and he's cold so he pretends to be Bigfoot and calls to Fry. Fry runs out of his tent and looks for Bigfoot. Bender goes inside Fry's tent. Fry gets abducted by aliens and they take his nose. He's sad, but then he sees a news report that human's noses are an aphrodisiac for aliens. It's called human horn. Fry, Leela and Bender go to every bazaar and they finally find a shop that sold his nose. He sold it to Lrrr. They go to Omicron Persei 8 to ask him to get it back. Lrrr and his wife fight a lot. They convince him to give it back to Fry. Then Bender asks why they don't use the lower horn, under the pants. Lrrr didn't know about the lower horn and he gets his guards to chop it off. Fry asks if they could just make a romantic dinner for them, instead of chopping of the lower horn. Lrrr and his wife agree to, but if they don't end up having sex, then they get Fry's lower horn. They make dinner for them, but they're not turned on. Fry starts to run and Lrrr starts chasing him. Once Lrrr finally catches Fry, Bigfoot comes out of the woods. The crazy guy that owns the camping site that's obsessed with Bigfoot is there too. He is going to shoot Bigfoot and cut off his feet to prove he exists. Lrrr stops him because he feels bad for Bigfoot. Then he realizes that he's no better then the crazy camp site owner. He decides to let Fry go. Lrrr's wife thinks Lrrr is sweet and they start making out. Fry, Leela and Bender run away.

The End