Season 5 Episode 12

Spanish Fry

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 13, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • Very funny and quite crude (for Futurama anyways)

    "Spanish Fry"

    Grade: A-

    This episode was a bit more cruder than other Futurama episodes, and in my opinion it wasn't too over the top, but worked and was still very funny.

    The story begins with the Planet Express crew taking a camping trip, and Fry by himself looks for Bigfoot at night after being tricked by Bender in thinking he was Bigfoot. Fry comes back the next morning with no nose after being abducted by aliens.
    The crew find out that people have been abducted by aliens and taking their "human horns" (their noses) and they attempt to get it back by looking at certain shops and markets. They find out that Lrrr is the one that took Fry's nose and they then go to Omicron Persri 8 to get it back.
    Lrrr gives back Fry's nose, but it goes wrong when Bender tells him that the "human horn" he is looking for is actually Fry's *wing dang doodle*, they recapture him and attempt to take the "lower horn" as Lrrr calls it. Leela buys him some time by inviting them to dinner in the woods to settle his relationship with his wife, and if successful Fry gets to keep his "lower human horn".
    The dinner goes disastrously wrong, and just as Lrrr is about to take Fry's lower horn, Bender pushes the cage he is in and escapes. However, he is caught again, and with seemingly no way out this time, Bigfoot shows up.
    Lrrr and his wife respect how he is cute and adorable, but the park ranger comes back and attempts to shoot him with a tranquilizer dart. Lrrr prevents this and realises that if he takes Fry's lower horn, he's not much better than the park ranger, and therefore lets him go in the end.

    So this was a pretty funny episode which pushed the limits of how explicit Futurama can get without becoming an adult show. Bender constantly saying "Woo!" to any sexual references was very funny. Nevertheless, it had some funny quotes and therefore was very good and enjoyable to watch.