Season 5 Episode 12

Spanish Fry

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 13, 2003 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Alien code: The opening title has Alien Code #1 on it. This was the last attempt by the staff to put it in fans faces that there were secrets put into the show. And now that they were going off the air, there was a reason to go back and watch other episodes. When translated it reads: "Thanks For Watching, Futurama Slave Army!"

    • This is the second appearance of Joe Camel, the first being in Where the Buggalo Roam.

    • In the scene where everyone is going to sleep, the camera starts at the Professor's tent, then pans across the three other tents. The middle two tents appear to have naked occupants.

    • Opening Voice-over: "Prepare for the stereophonic experience."

    • The Bigfoot film is copyrighted MMCMLXII (2962) - Most Rights Reserved.

    • The end credits sequence, cut out of the Fox airing, was a segment of "The Scary Door."

    • One of the RV's in the parking lot looks like the one from Spaceballs

    • The satelite with the ranger's ad looks just like Sputnik I.

    • Bender's Pez dispenser is Calculon shaped.

    • When Fry realizes his "lower horn" is in danger, he pulls off his reattached nose and offers it to Lrrr, and the show cuts to commercial. When they return from commercial, Fry's nose is back on his face.

    • In "Xmas Story" the professor says that pine trees are extinct, yet the Duraflame National Forest seems to be filled with them in this episode. Unless they are actually made out of duraflame.

    • The professor's hat disappears when he jumps up to question the ranger. That or he is really polite and took it of before speaking up.

    • Bigfoot is "a myth" in this episode, yet 2 episodes earlier in 4ACV15 The Farnsworth Parabox Leela reads a paper which has the headline "Bigfoot Turns 80" (Also, if this is true, Bigfoot doesn't look 80!).

      That could have been one of making fun of those stupid magazines like the national enquirer or something like that. We have magazines about big foot too that doesn't really prove anything.

    • Why would Fry run out of his tent with a toothbrush in his mouth? Wasn't he sleeping when he heard Bender?

      RESPONSE: Fry probably wanted to make a good impression, not that Bigfoot would care.

    • Leela reattaches Fry's nose with a laser, and then Fry rips it off just like that?

  • Quotes

    • Bender: Who knew that a cooler can make such a handy wang coffin?

    • (as Leela sings "I Will Always Love You")
      Ndnd: The humans are attacking!
      Lrrr: Chop the lower horn and let's get out of here!

    • Bender: Fry! Fry wake up, it's me Bigface. Come out and groom my mangy fur.
      Fry: Bigfoot? You taught yourself English?

    • Narrator: "Bigfoot populations require vast amounts of land to remain elusive in. They typically dwell just behind rocks but are also sometimes playful bounding into thick fogs and out of focus areas

    • Narrator:"In the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest dwells the strange and beautiful creature known as Bigfoot perhaps"
      Fry:"That proves it!"

    • Lrrr: Now leave this gentle sasquatch - or wood ape - in peace so I can finally and at long last harvest this pathetic human's lower horn.
      Fry: Yeah! Aaagh!
      Lrrr: Wait. What am I saying? If I poach this beast's lower horn, am I any better than that ranger with his demented foot lust? Yes. But not by enough.

    • Lrrr: You're going to kill this innocent giganto?
      Park: Of course not. I'm just gonna tranquilise him so I can chop off his feet as proof he exists. Then dump him back in the wild. He'll do fine.

    • Fry: Bigfoot! He's real! I knew it. The Loch Ness Monster's book was right!

    • Lrrr: Mmm, this jerked chicken is good! I think I'll have Fry's lower horn jerked.
      Bender: It's used to it! Wooo!

    • Lrrr: One of these days Nd-Nd, bang, zoom, straight to the third moon of Omicron Persei 8!

    • Fry: I'll just start you off with some bread. Some sexy, arousing bread!
      Lrrr: Fine but none of that whole-grain goat food! And bring plenty of melted butter.
      Nd-Nd: Why don't you just inject some fat straight into your ass and cut out the middle man!

    • Bender: Bonjour. May I offer you a box of wine for the edge of the table?
      Lrrr: No thanks. Just water please. Tap water!
      Nd-Nd: Oh big spender!
      Lrrr: That's it, this date is over! Waiter!
      Fry: So, what can I get you this evening?
      Lrrr: Your lower horn!

    • Leela: Well, why don't you think back to what brought you together in the first place?
      Nd-nd: Ohh I don't know. Lrrr used to be so tender.
      Lrrr: I only wrote that poem to test my printer.
      Nd-Nd: We'd go walking in the woods and Lrrr would find injured little tinkle-bunnies and nurse them back to health.
      Lrrr: Yes but I'm the one who injured them!
      Nd-Nd: Oh shush. You stepped on them by accident and then you cried all night. That's the kind of sensitive man you used to be.
      Lrrr: And you used to wear a size 3 cape. But not anymore! Now bring me that lower horn while I'm still in the mood.

    • Fry: Wait! I'm usually the first guy to toot my own lower horn -
      Bender: I'll say! Wooo!
      Fry: But in this case I just don't think it'll do any good.
      Bender: That's what she said! Wooo!

    • Leela: Let's face it. You two have deep relationship problems that can't be solved by an aphrodisiac.
      Fry: However huge it might be.

    • Lrrr: Remove the human's lower horn and prepare it to be eaten by me.
      Nd-Nd: In other words slop a lot of ketchup and salt on it!

    • Bender: Yo, highness! Uh, just out of robo-curiosity, why would you use a guy's nose for an aphrodisiac instead of his...you know...wing dang doodle?
      Lrrr: But I thought the horn was the human wing dang doodle?
      Bender: No sir-chee! The main event, so to speak, is downstairs near the wallet. Ever seen soccer players line up to block a free kick? They ain't covering their noses I'll say that much! Well, seeya!

    • Fry: Hey! You burned my cheek!
      Leela: Yeah sorry I wasn't really concentrating.
      Fry: No I mean the singed flesh, I can smell it! Those lilacs on the table.
      Lrrr: At least someone noticed.
      Nd-Nd: For the last time I don't like lilacs! Your first wife was the one who liked lilacs.
      Lrrr: She also liked to shut up!

    • Fry: Alright. I give up. I guess I'll just go home and marry a skunk.

    • Lrrr: Uh, human horn? How ridiculous! Why would virile male like Lrrr need human horn? I don't even know what it's for. What is it, something you-you put in salad dressing?
      Nd-Nd: Like you've ever seen a salad.
      Lrrr: My weight is appropriate and attractive!
      Leela: Whoa, you guys have issues!
      Lrrr: She has issues! I'm fine!

    • Lrrr: So let me get this straight: If I buy eight caramello bars, you all get to go to some camp.
      Bender: Yep. That's exactly the lie we used to get past your guards.

    • Salesman: I video tape everyone who comes in here so I can blackmail them later.
      Fry, Leela, Bender: (disgusted) Eugh!
      Salesman Hey, I'm a porno dealing monster. What do I care what you think?

    • Salesman: Human horn. So fresh you can still see the eyeglass marks.

    • Salesman: Welcome friends. How may I pervert you?
      Fry: Uh, I'm looking for human horn.
      Salesman: Shh! You're not cops right?
      Leela: Of course not. In fact he's a crook.
      Bender: Yep. Stolen Pez anyone?

    • Alien: Lets see, I'll have a pancreas, two sphincters and a large colon.

    • Fry: It's no use. We've been to ever scuzzy bazaar in the galaxy, including Pottery Barn.

    • Fry: Blech! We have to track down my nose before some alien snarfs it and does the worm. Who's in?
      Leela: Me and Bender and maybe Zoidberg if he feels like it.
      Zoidberg: No I'm good.

    • Neptunian Woman: Human horn? But, it is forbidden!
      Neptunian Man: So is our love.

    • Linda: The valuable nose or "human horn" fetches a high price on alien worlds as an aphrodisiac.
      Fry: My nose is an aphrodisiac? I'm gonna drop a barf!
      Morbo: Demand for human horn is great. Due in part to titilating scenes from depraved alien TV programmes too filthy for Earth broadcast. Let's watch.

    • Linda: Alien abductions: Until now, a harmless nuisance. But recently they've taken on a sinister dimension as unsuspecting victims are returned... without noses!
      Fry: Like me!
      Morbo: The culprits: Shameless poachers, hunting humans without a permit.

    • Leela: I know you're trying to mask your pain with humour but don't worry. I'm sure the Professor can clone you a new nose.
      Fry: Eh, it wouldn't be the same. I want my nose. I don't want to have to teach a new one how to shoot milk when I laugh.

    • Fry: My God, they must have taken it last night.
      Farnsworth: Which last night?
      Fry: In the woods, I was walking. For Bigfoot, looking and then aliens beamed me up.
      Amy: Were they little grey dudes with big oval heads? [Fry taps where his nose would be.] I don't get that gesture. Am I wrong?

    • Bender: Aww, I think it's sweet! You chopped off your nose so you could look more like your hero. Me, Bender!

    • Amy: Bender, wasn't that Fry's tent?
      Leela: Bender raises a good point, where is Fry?

    • Fry: Bigfoot? Is that you? I'm not like the others Bigfoot. I see through your monster coatings to the gentle loner inside. I bet you have a wounded racoon friend that you tenderly nurse back to health and go "coo coo" and in the end they shoot you.

    • Bender: Hey look! Bigfoot! He's back!
      Park: Where?
      Bender: Up your face!

    • Fry: Sir, if I may, why don't you set up like a billion video cameras in the woods and see if he walks by one.
      Park: Ah, that would be very expensive. And most people who believe in Bigfoot are broke.

    • Petunia: Oh! I saw Bigfoot crushing cars at the county fair!
      Park: What you saw was Bigfoot the monster truck. But thanks for a great question.

    • Bender: Oh my God, it's Bigfoot!
      Park: Where?
      Bender: Eh he's gone. He says you should keep wasting your life though.

    • Farnsworth: Bunk! Bunk I say! Bring me a bag full of Bigfoot's droppings or shut up!
      Park: I have the droppings of someone who saw Bigfoot.
      Farnsworth: Shut up!

    • Sal: Have yous ever seens Bigfeet?
      Park: Technically no. But I do see him each night in my dreams and each day in the silent faces of hairy children.

    • Narrator: Remember, it's up to us. Bigfoot is a crucial part of the ecosystem if he exists. So lets all help keep Bigfoot possibly alive for future generations to enjoy unless he doesn't exist.

    • Park: Hey I'm Ranger Park the park ranger.
      Fry: I get it!

    • Leela: Ugh, enough emotions! This isn't a fat camp for God sake. Though you wouldn't know it from looking.

    • Fry: I meant the sound Bigfoot just made. He's been sighted a lot in this area recently. Just last week a blind hiker felt him!
      Farnsworth: Don't tell me you actually believe in Bigfoot you blathering ninny-hammer!
      Fry: Of course I do! Bigfoot's my hero. Growing up, he was the celebrity I most identified with.
      Zoidberg: Why?
      Fry: 'Cause he was a loner who hated the popular monsters yet longed to be one.
      Zoidberg: I can so relate to that.

    • Zoidberg: Bender! If you want to sleep in a tent tonight, you're welcome to join me and Hermes for a little "just friends" spooning.

    • Fry: (After escaping from Lrrr) Yes! I never thought I'd escape with my doodle, but I pulled it out!
      Bender: Just like at the movie theater! Wooooo!

    • Lrrr: This human's lower horn is one of God's creatures. A living thing. And all living things, large and small...
      Bender: In this case, small! Woooo!
      Lrrr: ...have dignity and a spark of the divine.

    • Leela: Well, Fry, it looks like you get to hold on to your lower horn.
      Bender: As usual! Woooo!

    • Leela: Someone should tell him.
      Fry: Tell me what?
      Leela: Nothing!
      Zoidberg: Well, I have a lot of experience telling patients bad news. So let me break it to him gently. Fry! You have no nose! Your nose is gone! You have no nose on your face! Where it is, I can't say, but on your face it's not!

  • Notes

    • Although it is the second to last episode, the audio commentary was recorded last.

    • On the Season 4 DVD at the menu screen for this episode, there is an easter egg. Highlight the 'Scene Selection' button and press left. A picture will appear of Fry, Bender and Leela. Press enter to see almost 100 unused captions for the opening credits.

    • After his nose is stolen, Fry says "My life is over. I'll never know happiness again." Bender said the same thing after being mangled in "Bendin' In The Wind".

    • A number of scenes were deleted for time. Some of them can be found on the Season 4 DVD.

    • The original idea for this episode was about Fry's "lower horn" until the staff quickly knew that FOX would turn it down. So they made half the episode about his nose.

    • The end sequence where a professor creates a monster, which turns out to be man, was meant to be in season three, according to the deleted scenes on the season three DVD.

    • The audio for the intro in this episode is different, it is rather John DiMaggio beatboxing and Billy West scatting the music, and random Bender quotes in the background.

  • Allusions

    • "Horn" as Aphrodisiac: In this episode, Human horn being an aphrodisiac for aliens mirrors humans using rhino horns as aphrodisiacs. Interestingly enough, human horn is outlawed, just like rhino horn.

    • Smoking Camel: The smoking camel in the bazaar is most likely Joe Camel, former mascot of Camel cigarettes.

    • The bandana that Fry wears in the beginning of the episode has the self destruct sequence from the Predator movies printed on it.

    • The sex shop at the Galactic Bazaar is named "The Beast With Two Bucks", a reference to Shakespeare's Othello. Iago tells Brabantio that his daughter, Desdemona, is making "the beast with two backs" with Othello.

    • Nose as an aphrodisiac

      The idea of aliens using human noses as aphrodisiacs might be inspired by one of Berke Breathed's "Bloom County" comics, where an alien from the planet Zork sought to use Barry Manilow's nose for a similar purpose.

    • Bigfoot video

      Footage of Bigfoot, and its final "walk-away" pose, is a reference to the famous Patterson-Gimlin film.

    • Window's screensaver
      The tube that comes out of the U.F.O. that abducts Fry goes around in several directions before finally stopping above him. The way tube moves around is a reference to a popular computer screensaver, the one that looks like an endless pipe going in several directions on the computer screen.

    • Farnsworth: What in Sega Genesis happened to you?
      The Sega Genesis was a video game system in the early-1990's.

    • Leela: And I-e-I-e-I... Will always love you...
      Leela starts to sing the Whitney Houston song (originally by Dolly Parton) from The Bodyguard. Whitney's version of this song became a number one hit in the Billboards.

    • Lrrr: One of these days Ndnd. Bang! Zoom!...
      This famous quote was taken from The Honeymooners. When Ralph got upset with his wife Alice, he would swear, "One of these days Alice. Bang! Zoom! Straight to the moon!"

    • Fry: Why does your vanity plate say "Probe 1?" Arrgh! When Fry is abducted, two pop culture references are made: When the light beams off the starship, it looks like when that guy was abducted in the first season of The X-Files, and the tube that sucks Fry into the ship looks like a Windows screen saver.

    • Title: Spanish Fry
      The name of this episode refers to the 1967 novelty hit "Spanish Fly."

      It is a beetle that was crushed and dried to create a powder said to arouse women. In fact, it creates an itching urinary irritation.

    • Camel Guy
      The Camel Guy shown in the Bazaar is the same one from Michael Jackson's Moonwalker movie.

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