Season 5 Episode 7

Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 30, 2003 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • How would the Fountain of Aging take the Kronatons of their DNA? Shouldn't it just age them, then when they got out they would continue growing younger?

    • The planet with "its asteroid belt pulled so high up", actually has rings, like Saturn and Uranus in our solar system (along with a few others with very small rings...) so this is incorrect.

    • There is no proportion whatsoever among the character's getting younger, especially with Bender. Bender's head starts out oldest, at over 1050 years old, and yet it simply appears as young as the rest of his body, which should have gotten younger much faster than any of the other characters. Next was Farnsworth, and though his losing many more years at first makes sense, due to being covered in the oil for longer, it doesn't make sense that he should end up about 8 years old when the others are in the "womb" when after the first age loss they appear to have about 40 years between them.

    • Zoidberg was shown as a child in A Taste Of Freedom, and he was the same as he is now. Even if this was supposed to be after all these "larval stages", how could the slug-like form of Zoidberg have been "a teenage heartthrob"?

      Furthermore, in Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love? Zoidberg states that he "hung out as a larva" in a puddle, and implied that he was bullied by a tiny hermit crab, which he then ate. None of the Zoidberg's forms shown were that small, and it seems highly unlikely that he had many before being coral.

    • In the scene where Farnsworth is drowning in the Fountain of Aging, why doesn't Bender just elongate his arms and pull him out?

    • In part of the episode Farnsworth reverts to his youngerself in which his apperance matches a man from the 70s. Also he is reverted to look like a hippie, both which is odd considering the year is 3000 and unless history repeated fashion styles that wouldn't make sense. However hippies prove to still exist as seen in previous episodes, but the 70s disco clothing is strange.

    • If the "street race" in the sewers was spontaneous, how could there be a finish line and a crowd of cheering people at the end?

    • Bender's role in this story is a HUGE goof. even if robots aged like human beings (which they don't), Bender, being a robot, has no skin, so the mud shouldn't have affected him.

      RESPONSE: This wasn't a goof at all, Bender growing younger was just for the comedy, although partly just to help the plot, since all the characters needed to become younger. It is explained that it affected Bender's Robo or RNA (another joke), and on the DVD commentary Matt Groening says that whilst Bender has looked the same since he was born, we didn't see all of what he looked like on the construction line, even if this would have been a waste of time just to build Bender small and then build up from there.


    • Amy was a bit on the heavy side and needed glasses at age 8 but was fine shortly before that?

    • Zoidberg is a slug, then a trilobyte, then an oyster, then a lamprey, a fish, then an urchin, then a sea anemone, then finally a coral.

    • Bender has braces on his teeth when he grows younger. Why exactly does a robot need braces?

    • Bender wasn't born. He was put together by a machine.

    • Farnsworth's clothes age and de-age with him, but the others' outfits only change to loincloths in the Fountain of Aging.

    • Leela shows no effect from being in the Fountain of Aging until after she comes out; she is still a teenager the whole time she is in the pool but isn't an adult again until she emerges.

    • How could Farnworth fool everybody about his age (as mentioned in A Clone Of My Own) if a simple reading with the age-gizmo could tell his precise age, within one decimal?

      RESPONSE: It could have been something unavailable to the general public at that time, or more than likely it was his own invention so he could have easily kept his age secret.

    • Inez complains she'll never have a grandchild. What about Kif's tadpoles? Maybe the Wongs don't accept them because it was Leela's DNA that impregnated Kif, but not Amy's.

    • In the "Mothers Day" episode, Bender gives a picture of himself when he was 2 months old. He was full grown then regardless of his robot DNA.

    • The rejuvenation seemed to have affected each by subtracting not a fixed age but a percentage age, therefore all would have been about 40% of their previous age.

  • Quotes

    • Amy: You look old enough to be my dad.
      Farnsworth: Oh Florgshbird.

    • Farnsworth: Dude, this solar system is like way old man.

    • Farnsworth: We'll all suffer the agony of unbirth.

    • Leela: My life isn't as glamorous as my web page made it seem.

    • Fry: You can stop winning now. We've won.

    • Leela: Let's act like adults...wanna race?

    • Fry: It's a lovely evening you're having here.

    • Zoidberg: Yay, I'm a teenage hearthrob again.

    • Person: Since this is such a serious case of old, we will have to use our biggest treatment.

    • Leela: Professor, we've talked it over and everybody thinks you're too old.

    • Leela: Well, I guess every adult wants to be a kid sometimes. But I worked hard to be the person I am!
      Fry: The fabulous person!
      Leela: With friends like you guys -
      Fry: Fabulous friends!

    • Hermes: Are you back to your original age Professor?
      Farnsworth: Even older! Huzzah!

    • Leela: According to this, the fountain is located within the darkest, most ancient region of space, just past teddybear junction.
      Farnsworth: Teddybear junction, the worst scum hole in the galaxy.

    • Bender: When I grow up I wanna be a steam shovel!

    • Leela: I wish I could come with you to say goodbye, before you all turn back in to grown ups but I'm grounded for knocking the school over.
      Munda: Who cares Leela? It was just a public school.

    • Farnsworth: Get off me you parasitic lamprey!
      Zoidberg: Oh sure, like you need all your blood.

    • Farnsworth: Word! We'll all keep getting younger and younger until we suffer a fate worse than death - pre-life! Then death.

    • Farnsworth: Don't you understand you little nitwit? Unless you're treated soon, the only way to restore your true age would be to grow into it! Just as God intended.

    • Bender: Question.
      Farnsworth: Yes?
      Bender: You stink!

    • Farnsworth: It seems the Youthasizer tar was saturated with time-altering chronitons. A thin layer is still stuck to our DNA as well as Bender's Robot DNA or "RNA."

    • Mandy: Oh so this is the famous Fry! What is he like the biggest loser on the surface so he has to hang out in the sewer?
      Fry: They're onto me.

    • Fry: I'd like a sewer burger but without the rat feces.
      Leela: What, are you on a diet?

    • Morris: Well whatever you're really doing, don't wake us if you get in after 12.
      Leela: Dad, you're being too lenient again! I have to be back by 11.
      Munda: OK OK you're the boss!
      Leela: No I'm not!

    • Leela: No! I want the real teen experience! Chores, curfew, the works!
      Morris: Fine Leela we'll be the strictest parents ever. Now, lets all have some tequila to celebrate!
      Leela: Dad I'm underage!
      Morris: Oh right. Here's a silly straw.

    • Leela: It's gonna be totally awesome mom! You and me can bake and argue about my hairstyle hiding my pretty face. And if some kid picks on me, my dad can beat up his dad.
      Morris: Can't I just beat up the kid?

    • Leela: When I was an orphan I always wished I could grow up with my mom and dad. And now, thanks to being hurled backwards through time -
      Farnsworth: That's not what happened! Shut up and go live with your parents.

    • Farnsworth: 53 years old? Now I'll need a fake ID to rent ultra-porn.

    • Farnsworth: Oh I don't have time for this. I have to go and buy a single piece of fruit with a coupon and then return it, making people wait behind me while I complain.
      Fry: He still sounds sorta old. Sorta real old.

    • Heather: The tar blisters the age right out of the body in what top scientists suspect is a miracle.

    • Heather: Sir, its not neccesary or wise to be naked.
      Farnsworth: You sound just like my tennis instructor.

    • Heather: Hi, I'm Heather your personal Youthasizer! Lets get started with a nice botulism treatment shall we?
      Farnsworth: Go to hell Heather!

    • Leela: OK OK, we're not gonna force you until I've finished this sentence. Get him!

    • Leela: Oh Lord! Teeth do not belong in your pants Professor.
      Farnsworth: Well I can't keep them in my mouth. They're nuclear powered!

    • Farnsworth: Hello Mavis! Surprised to see me back again so soon?
      Wanda: Mavis is dead.
      Farnsworth: I expect you'll want to see my angry crotchety grandpa discount card!
      Wanda: Sir this card is expired.
      Farnsworth: But it's good for a lifetime.
      Wanda: Well yours expired.

    • Bender: Yo, Captain Cateracts, what are we doing here?
      Farnsworth: Oh it's 2:30, we can still catch the early bird dinner special.
      Fry: Uh, aren't we looking for your gargoyle?
      Farnsworth: My wha?

    • Farnsworth: Pazuzu you ungrateful gargoyle! I put you through college and this is how you repay me?

    • Labarbara:We're here to take my little stub of a husband home. Hermes, say good-bye to Mr Farnsworth.
      Hermes: Good-bye, Mr. Dumbsworth.

    • Farnsworth: With my last breath, I curse Zoidberg!

    • Farnsworth: But I like being old! No one asks me to move stuff, I don't have to talk to my parents, and I don't need to understand today's hip, edgy sitcoms.

    • Farnsworth: Driving gloves, driving goggles, driving thong. There!
      Leela: Uh, maybe I should drive.
      Farnsworth: Hehe, you? A woman? I'm trying to catch a monster, not find the quickest route to the mall!

    • Fry: I'll miss you, Leela. I'll come back and visit when I'm all grown up.
      Leela: (whispers) Bring beer.
      Morris: No beer till you finish your tequila!

    • Leela: Uh, Professor, this ship does 99% the speed of light. Why are we doing 35 miles per hour?
      Farnsworth: Because we're in a hurry, that's why!

    • Bender: Like everything else in life, pumping is just a primative, degenerate form of bending.

    • Farnsworth: The Fountain Of Aging? Hmm, it is just a legend. Still, they called the Tooth Fairy a legend and now it's head of the FBI.

    • Amy's Mother: Ah, my Amy is sweet little girl again. This is like a mother's dream...bad dream that is! At this rate, I'm never going to have a grandchild!
      Amy's father: She may not be grown up, but she sure grown out. She fat!
      Amy: Dad, if you're going to make fat jokes, then I'm just going to stay in my room.
      Amy's father: Stay in room? You so fat, you stay all around room!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The Dr. Farnsworth is portrayed as a Jesus-figure, who kept his faith, and is rescued at the last minute from death by God. The Pazuzu gargoyle is also portrayed as God.

    • Children's Story: Bunny

      Bender's line, "When I grow up, I wanna be a steam shovel!" is the last line in the childrens' story Bunny. In it, a girl says to her brother that when she grows up she wants to be a bunny before becoming a lady; at the end of the story the boy says, "When I grow up, I wanna be a steam shovel."

    • Star Trek: The Next Generation

      The plot has some similarities to a "Star Trek: TNG" episode entitled "Rascals." In that episode, four characters (Keiko, Guinan, Ensign Ro and Captain Picard) are involved in a transporter malfunction that turns them into pre-adolescents.

    • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

      When Prof. Farnsworth is flying the Planet Express ship with the ship's high beams on, he destroys a street sign, and then a space station that looks exactly like Deep Space Nine.

    • Children's Book: Monster
      In only a reference true geeks would notice, the monster on the cover of the children's book is a Gorn from the original Star Trek.

    • Professor: Pazuzu!
      The gargoyle's name, Pazuzu, is from a demon in Assyrian and Babylonian mythology. The name was also used for the demon that possesses the girl in the film The Exorcist.

    • Title: Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles
      This title is a play on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    • Professor: Fountain of Aging
      There was a reference to Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth in the Fountain of Aging obviously, but it was also reminiscent of the rejuvenating problem in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode, Rascals.