Season 6 Episode 8

That Darn Katz!

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • Need cash?? Have bones?? CASH FOR BONES!! CASH BONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, the episde starts with Nibbler asking for more respect from Leela, now that she knows he isn't just a pet. In the besement, amy is working on her tesis, but the Professor tells her that she should go out and have fun as she is ready. There Kif and Amy get drunk and have sex there, at Kif's and at Amy's. The next morning, amy goes to Mars University, a little late, and is in her underwear, so Farnsworth gives her his robe. She attempts to expain a device that uses the elctric raditation of the Earth as an energy resource, using the perpetual movement of the Earth to their advantage, but as she is allergic to cats, and Prof. Katz isn't willing to take his cat away, and she can't finish, so her docotorate is denied.

    Back at home, the cat of Prfessor Katz comes too, and Hermes befriends it, and welcomes it to the company. So amy and Nibbler start to become suspicious of the cat, as something so cute HAS to be evil. But after spying that give up, until they here Leela saying that they need to eliminate Amy and Nibbler. So the 2 try to warn the crew, but they all have another cat adn are hypnotized too. They attmept to go to the basement to find out what are they doing, and this line appears, from Bender:

    we are not building something siniester if that's what you are thinking, now, let's move, something siniester won't build alone

    Amy and Nibbler find out that Prof. Katz is just a puppet and the mind it the cat. So in the basement, Katz explains Amy and Nibbler about how his planet stopped rotating, and they came to BluBlueBall to extrat its rotating energy, and the Egyptinas adored them, and the Pyramids were to take the rotation energy, but they grew fat and lazy, and know, with Amy's experiment, they were gonna make it. so Nibbler tried to distract the crew by actign cute, but the cats outsmarted them by dancing together. The planet stopped rotating and the cats left. So the Earth got hot in one side, and freezing on another.

    So Amy thinks of a solution: continue using the device, and the Earth will rotate again. Wenstrom complaints htat I'll will rotate to the oppostie side, but noone cares. Thanks to Nibbler they managed to make the Earth rotate without getting tired, as they were distracted by his cuteness. Later Nibbler asks KLeela if he can act like a pet again.

    It was good, and as I had a cat years ago, a lot of the cat jokes were more funny to me. Overall, great installement. 9/10