Season 3 Episode 8

That's Lobstertainment!

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • fair


    Zoidberg gets together with his elderly uncle Harold Zoid to make a movie, The Magnificent Three. Bender gets Calculon to be in the movie, promising he will win an Oscar award. But when the movie gets bad reception, Calculon promises to kill Bender, Zoidberg and Harold if he does not get the award.

    Meh. It was alright. There were very few funny parts (a lot of them were in the scene with Fry and Leela stuck in tar), but the plot was decent enough for me to give it at least a C- or so as my final grade, i think is fair

  • funny

    This is a great example of why we watch this show, or at least of why thinkers watch this show. It has illusions to Moby Dick and Tom Sawyer, explains the creation of the universe and meaning of life (if you understand Nibbler's language, as Lila apparently does) and once everyone recovers from the brain scrambler (which made Earth's inhabitants even dumber than they already are) it was a great time! Great for anyone who ever didn't want to be called cute, knew they couldn't think in the ways that others do, or just wanted to save the world from big floating brains!
  • D'oh!

    This is probably the worst episode of Futurama, though I am not sure. This episode was pretty bad. It was kind of... well... it was kind of terrible. It was pretty much just a bad episode. It sucked. It was a dud. It just was not a good idea for an episode, and they could have at least done better with the storyline, though it is not a very good storyline to begin with anyways. When I saw the summary of this episode on the Volume Three DVD, I thought about not watching it, because I do not really like episodes about Zoidberg. I would only recommend this episode to die hard fans of the show.
  • I'm not sure why everyone hates this episode; I liked this episode very much.

    After a disastrous attempt at stand-up comedy, Dr. Zoidberg informs the crew that his uncle Harold Zoid was a star in the silent hologram era. Zoidberg writes to his uncle, asking for help with his comedy act. The washed-up Harold Zoid sees this as an opportunity to restart his career. The crew sets off for Hollywood.

    While taking a bus tour of movie stars' homes, Bender leaves the tour, and scams his way into employment as Calculon's water heater. Shortly afterward, Zoidberg meets his uncle in a fancy restaurant. Harold Zoid tells him to give up comedy, and that he needs Zoidberg to finance a drama to the tune of a million dollars. Always a source of bright ideas, Bender tells Calculon that he can star in the movie if he provides the production money. Calculon initially refuses; but after learning Harold Zoid wrote the script, and getting a guarantee from Bender that he will win an Oscar, he accepts.

    The film, The Magnificent Three, is a story about a son (the Vice-President of Earth) not wanting to follow in his father's (the President of Earth) footsteps. Unfortunately, the movie is terrible; and at the premiere, the entire audience walks out. A furious Calculon threatens to kill Bender, Zoidberg, and Harold Zoid if they can't find some way to get him an Oscar.

    Zoidberg and Bender set off to rig the awards; meanwhile, Leela and Fry are busy attempting to free their ship from the La Brea Tar Pits. When the awards reach the Best Actor award, Dr. Zoidberg tosses presenter Billy Crystal off the stage, and takes his place. In place of the fifth nominee, he substitutes Calculon. But when he sees his uncle's depression at being a has-been, Zoidberg announces him as the winner. Calculon, somewhat chastened by Harold Zoid's acceptance speech, decides not to kill him or the others. Fry and Leela eventually escape from the tar pits and are allowed to enter the awards ceremony when the skeleton they are dragging is that of Sylvester Stallone.
  • This is, in my opinion, the show's first real dud.

    Zoidberg is a hilarious character, but they did with him here just what I feared they would do in the excellent 'Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love', giving him a stupid plot and instead of funny lines. The standup section at the beginning was vaguely amusing, nice to see the water guy again, but the overall standard of writing was pretty poor. Harold Zoid was an extremely uninterestling character with terrible dialogue, which was just a criminal waste of Hank Azaria, a brilliant and funny voice actor. The plot plodded along pointlessly with very little interesting happening, only a few good jokes here and there. I hate Calculon. 'All My Circuits' is funny, but his other appearances are always terrible. I just couldn't care about or find funny any of the stuff in this episode, with the exception of the screaming extras. That got a laugh. Oh, and the 30th century Fox logo causing planes to crash, FOX-bashing is always good. Fry and Leela in the tar pit was OK, but could have been funnier. All in all very disappointing.
  • Not the best

    This was not my favortite episode i would say it is the worst episode in the whole futurama colection and is the only episode i can not watch again. In saying that the episode does have one of my favorite bits in it and it is when zoidberg is at the nursing home with his uncle and yells "Zoidberg Away" and just walks off normally. This is the only thing that could possibley make me watch it again. I just think that this episode is boring and it does not have a very good plot.
    "Worst Episode Ever"-Comic Book Guy
  • Zoidberg attempts to enter the movie business.

    This is one of the few episodes where Zoidberg takes a major role in the storyline. Doctor Zoidberg is a tremendously funny character but it often seems that the character cannot drive the storyline as the lead role and I think he really is best suited as a side character.

    Bender was funny as usual, inserting himself into Calculons life to deliver the Harold Zoid script and promising him to win the major acting award if he takes the lead role. Leela and Fry took a minor role in this episode stuck in the Planet Express ship and sinking in the tar pit.
  • Introduction of Harold Zoid

    This episode was very funny, both the main story odf Bender pretending to be a rich doctor to impress his uncle enough to teach him comedy and the B story of Fry and Leela stuck in the tar. The movie was very entertaining, because of it's stupidity and Zoidberg's nomination speech was very funny, changing the other guy to calculon before declaring "And now, instead of any of the nominees, Harold Zoid". Calculon was a great character in this episode, especially in the movie "Noooooo" (which according to Harold Zoid didn't have enough emotion. This is a very entertaining Zoidberg episode but it is not my favourite.
  • Not as exciting or funny as previous episodes

    Not my favourite episode. I didn’t find it to be as exciting and funny as previous episodes. I do think Dr. Zoidberg is funny, and has some funny lines but in this episode, it went down hill. Calculon was OK. I found it funny when Calculon was acting and was crying and it was raining on the balcony and everything and Uncle Zoid said he didn’t have enough emotion. The extras that were dancing in the back round were pretty funny as well. The “gang” being in Hollywood did make it different to watch.
    I thought Leela, Fry and the professor could have appeared more.
  • How can you not like this episode.

    Although, many people don't like this episode I believe it is one of the better episodes. This episode might be an episode of a lot of one-liners but all of jokes are hilarious. This episode is great because it develops Dr.Zoidberg into a main character. It also gives some new information on how
    Dr.Zoidberg's uncle was once a big star in Hollywood.
    The best part of this episode is when Dr.Zoidberg and Uncle Zoid make a film starrin Calculon. Calculon is upset because he is not nominated for best a but Zoidberg promises him he will get the oscar. When Zoidberg reveals who wins best actor he decides to give it to his uncle. Now you have to agree with me that this a classic episode. Why is it only at a 4.9 rating. Please rate this episode higher.
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