Season 3 Episode 9

The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • I loved this episode. It was so funny because it had so many historical references.

    This episode opens with Professor Farnsworth giving the crew an extremely controversial mission: towing a dark matter tanker through the solar system, and dangerously near the penguin preserve on Pluto in order to avoid a tollbooth. Leela refuses to take part, and the Professor makes Bender the new captain. Leela joins the protesters from Penguins Unlimited.

    After initially failing to stop the tanker, Leela and the protesters race ahead to intercept the tanker at Pluto. Meanwhile aboard the Planet Express ship, Bender lets his new power go to his head. Fry gets fed up with Bender's captaining, and rejects both his leadership, and his friendship. A distraught Bender goes on a sobriety binge, and takes the tanker on an erratic course over Pluto. The tanker collides with an iceberg, and spills dark matter across the landscape.

    For his part in the disaster, Bender is sentenced to community service, cleaning up the spill alongside the Penguins Unlimited environmentalists. However, when the police officers supervising his work are distracted by a round of platonic hugging, Bender dons a tuxedo and blends into the colony of penguins.

    Leela sets off to search Pluto for Bender, while Fry inexplicably decides to take the Planet Express ship and search for Bender in space. That night, Bender is mauled by an orca, and the damage causes him to shut down. When he reboots, his boot loader reinitializes him with penguin-like behaviors.

    Back at the Penguins Unlimited facility, it is announced that the dark matter has increased the penguins' reproductive speed by tens of thousands of times. Whereas one penguin usually lays one egg a year, the penguins (both males and females) are now laying eggs at a rate of six eggs every fifteen minutes, which go on to hatch in 12 hours. In order to save the penguins from mass starvation, penguin hunting season is declared. A reluctant Leela agrees to take part; but her first shot hits Bender in the head, causing him to reboot into his normal personality.

    When the hunters arrive, Bender leads a large force of penguins in an assault (while delivering a speech reminiscent of Winston Churchill's famous "We shall fight on the beaches..." speech). After the penguins succeed in driving off the hunters, Bender takes off his tuxedo. Unfortunately, since he had taught the penguins to hate anything that wasn't a penguin ("If it ain't black and white, peck, scratch and bite"), he and Leela come under attack. The penguins corner them on a floating slab of ice, but Fry arrives in the ship to save them. When it lands on the ice, it tips the block, sending the penguins sliding into the gaping mouth of an orca. Leela and Bender board the ship, and everyone returns to Earth. Leela states that nature will set things right and the episode ends with two penguins with very serious looks picking up leftover guns and cocking them.
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