Season 7 Episode 1

The Bots and the Bees

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 20, 2012 on Comedy Central

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  • Bender gets a soda machine (Wanda Sykes) knocked up and created a baby robot so Bender raises his son named Ben after the soda machine abandoned him

    Bender knocks up a soda machine. It's finally here and "Futurama" returns with brand new episodes to Comedy Central after a year hiatus. Why does Comedy Central make us wait one year for new episodes like seriously? plus what bugs me is the fact that air the first half of a season in that summer and doesn't air the other half until next summer so it slows down production. Anyways, I won't complain since it's good to see the gang with their new adventures. In my opinion, this was a superb episode of "Futurama" but it wasn't the best though. Wanda Sykes as the voice of the soda machine was so funny. The scene with the soda machine crushing Bender against the wall (which was apparently the two of them having a word we people call "sex") was funny too. I also really enjoyed seeing Bender become a father to his son named Ben. There were some more parts in this episode as well such as "That's it Fry for a guy that ain't that bright, you're too damn bright" (because Fry is glowing from drinking all that soda), the montage with Bender and Ben doing things together like stealing from the bank etc., Ben trying to bend the bars so he and Bender can escape but it was too late, the fact that the robot policeman knocked up the soda machine, and more. It was heartwarming and a little sad that Professor Farnsworth put the chip inside Ben so he can have the ability to bend but won't have any memory of him and Bender together and doesn't know that Bender is his father but Bender wanted to sacrifice it in order for his dream to bend things would come true and I just really liked that. My only complaint was the pretty brief subplot with Fry drinking all that soda and starting to glow plus the fact that the gang told Fry to leave because of him glowing like sheesh poor Fry so that lowered my score a little. Overall, a superb episode of "Futurama".... hopefully we will see Ben again in the future. 9/10
  • So great and heart warming.

    This episode had everything I love in futurama. It had the funny and the heart warming love that I love soo much.