Season 3 Episode 3

The Cryonic Woman

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 03, 2000 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Fry and Bender are playing around on board the Planet Express ship, using a model of the very same ship. When Bender gets a hold of the model he smashes it to bits, laughing as he destroys the effigy of their own craft. Bored at having nothing to do, they realize that Leela has left the keys in the ignition and decide it would be fun to take the ship out for a spin, believing that nobody will ever find out. Unfortunately Leela anchored the ship using the unbreakable diamond tether. Without realizing the ship was anchored, Fry and Bender take off dragging the building across the planet.

The Professor has Hermes fire Fry and Bender, along with Leela for her stupidity of leaving the keys in the ignition. Unemployed the trio decide on their next move, luckily Leela has kept their old career chips and returns to the cryogenics lab to get her old job back. Only to discover that she has implanted Fry's chip into her hand and is assigned a delivery boy job. Likewise Fry is offered Leela's old job as a cryogenic counselor.

Fry is excited to discover Pauly Shore in one of the tubes and wakes him up early to have a chat with him. Pauly explains to Fry that he froze himself so that he could attend the 1000th anniversary screening of Jury Duty II. A little while later Fry is shocked to find his old girlfriend Michelle in one of the cryogenics tube. He wakes her up not understanding why she would want to freeze herself believing that her life was going really well. She tells Fry that things did not go well after he left and she realized that she was only ever happy when she was with him.

Fry takes Michelle on a tour of the city, but she is not impressed, finding the world very strange and intimidating. She finds it difficult to understand how Fry can fit in so well, believing that she will never be able to fit in, she convinces Fry to freeze himself with her and travel forward another one thousand years to find somewhere that they can be happy together.

Fry and Michelle awaken to find they are on a desolate landscape with no signs of life anywhere around them. Fry immediately begins to regret his decision. The pair travel out and look unsuccessfully for some form of life. While resting, they awaken to find themselves surrounded by a pack of children, with guns. Believing this to be the remnants of human society the pair join the group. Michelle is not happy with her lowly position in the tribe and urges Fry to challenge their leader and take the leadership for himself. Fry is able to defeat the chief in the set challenge only to discover that they are only children when they are picked up by their mother. Fry decides to leave Michelle blaming her for the predicament that they are in. Fry realizes the mistake he has made, he was happy in the Year 3000, having friends and a job that he liked.

Fry is relieved to discover that he is not in the Year 4000, but in LA, when he finds himself outside the 1000th anniversary screening for Jury Duty II. He finds that the producers thought that Pauly Shore was in the cryogenic tube and when they discovered it was not him they dumped the tube out in the desert. In total he was only frozen for two days. A limo rolls passed with Pauly Shore and Michelle in it, she tells Fry that it is not working out and leaves him to be with Pauly.

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