Season 3 Episode 11

The Cyber House Rules

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • great episode

    Bender adopts 12 kids because he wants to get $1200 a week ($100 a week for each kid). He steals food for them and he names them all Bender junior. They go through a bunch funny stuff until Bender relizes that he is $100 a week but spending $110 a week on them. He decides to sell them.
    Leela gets plastic surgery on her face so she has two eyes. Then she starts going out with the person that gave her the plastic surgery. His name is Adlia. A bunch of funny stuff happens with them too. Then Leela and Adlia decide that they want to adopt a kid. They decide to adopt a kid from Bender. Leela wants to adopt one that has three ears and a tail. Adlia makes fun of her and Leela relizes that she shouldn't change who she is. She changes her face back to one eye. Then Bender donates all of the kids to the place where Leela grew up