Season 2 Episode 16

The Deep South

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • LOL AN Adventure under the sea.

    Well the Planet Express crew goes on a fishing right in the middle of the ocean. There having fun not really catching fish ( they do catch boots small fish and zoidberg :D) but then Bender catches A colossal-mouth bass which takes them WAY under water! Sience its a SPACEship and not a submarine things in the ship start breaking and the crash under water. So they take Air pressure pills so they dont get crushed from presure and special little gadgent so they can breathe and they lurk out to seek for food and when everyone kinda splits up Fry sees a Mermaid, Back at the ship no one believes him. Fry Knowing he say one was angrey in his room (at night) The Mermaid goes near the outside of Frys window. He goes out side to see the ( pretty ) mermaid. She (Umbriel) gives him a easier breathing gadget, and shows him around her home [City Of Atlanta] They do many things together and fall in love. After the crew comes and finds this sunken city they meet up with fry. After staying a awhile when the crew decides to go back to the surface, Fry dosnt want to go,he wants to stay with Umbriel. So the crew leaves, Fry gets -ahem- in Bed with Umbriel but after figuring about her TAIL (if you catch my drift) He runs after the ship and grabs onto it so he can go back to the suface. everything back to normal Ü < smiley face