Season 6 Episode 5

The Duh-Vinci Code

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 15, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • The Proffesor discovers something about his favourite inventor Leonardo Di-vinci that sees he and Fry traveling to the planet of the famous artists birth.

    I've got to say that i loved this episode because of Frys stupidity through the whole thing. It was very funny, and one slapstick scene in particular had me in stitches!

    The Whole plot and idea for the episode is unique, and when the gags are brilliant too it just makes "Futurama" look like one of the best shows on TV. Even if it can have some average moments.

    I see this episode isn't everyones cup of tea but i think it's up there with the best and is a standout addition with its crazy story and high good joke count.
  • Fansworth and the crew discover the deepest secret of Leonardo DiCaprio, er.. DaVinci.

    This episode is the best so far in the season as the crew goes on a weird, comlex adventure like they did back in 2001. After Fry lost in Who Dares to Be a Millionaire? (hosted by Morbo, of course) after saying that you hammer a nail with another nail, Fansworth shows his his most coveted posetion: DaVinci's beard. Which Fry breaks and they find blueprints, so Prof asks Bender to bring a copy of The Last Supper, but of course Bender brings the original one. After discovering a robot hidden in the painting (and that Hermes isn't big boned after all), they travel to Future-Roma to unfold the secret. Hermes: Didn't we use to be a delivery company???
    Very true. We then meet the Space Pope and go to the museum were we meet ANnimatronio (Hi Animatronio!) who tells them that the secret is in a fountain and "dies". So Farnsowrth gives up, but then gives up on giving up and decides to find the fountain. So Neptunes trident has 3 dents, or trey, and the U in the statue look like a V so Trey-V. Trevi Fountain!
    Fansworth: No questions, it's the Trevi Fountain!
    Leela: But Professor..
    Fansworth: I SAID NO QUESTION!!!
    There Bender steals all the coins, has a gunfight with a krakken like thingy (LOL) and find a Vitruvian Man coin and grabs it, creating a whirpool.
    Fansworth: Let's all go into the whirpool
    Leela: Why?
    So the Prof grabs her and they land on a catacomb where Animatronio tells them he didn't die and he faked it to not reveal DaVinci's secret, but later in the museum, they put the Vitruvian MAn coins in the slot and it opens DaVinci's workshop, where Animatronio again tried to destroy them but "dies" again. Fry accidentally activated a chain of machines and he and Fansworth are left going into space (Bye Animatronio!).
    One month later they land on planet Vinci where they meet Leonardo DaVinci (not DiCaprio, Fry..)
    Farnsworth: It's DaVinci, moron (punches his stomach and gets hurt
    Fry: Looks like eating those rocks wasn't as dumd as you said
    And it's revealed DaVinci is the stupidest there and bonds with Fry and they make the machine that was on the beards' blueprint, while Farnsowrth goes to a match class. At a conference DaVinci reveals that the machine is a doomsday device to take revenge on the guys who mocked him and the Professor unites
    Fansworth: Your because I'm stupider than they are they think they are smarter than me!
    But Fry attemprs to break the device, by nailing a nail in the core with another nail, ut gets stuck and turns it off, and DaVinci dies. So they return to Earth, and Fry says that he may not be smart but has a heart as his mom says and Prof agrees.
    There was a lot to enjoy on this one and the main reason I didn't give this ep a perfect 10 is that after Fry and Prof go to Planet Vinci, the crew vanishes and we don't see them again. If Leela and Bender went to planet Vinci it would have been a 10. Oh! and Zoidberg's doctorate isn't on medicine, is on art history (LOL) which came in handy in this ep. 9.5/10. The best since the revival.
  • An episode that surprises all. The Planet Express crew have found yet another secret about Leonardo da Vinci. Everyone learns a valuable lesson.

    First of all, let me just say that Futurama has come back with the same twisted futuristic force it had in the beginning.

    That said, I think that this episode really highlights that point. The show introduces itself with the moral of the story basically. Fry loses at a game show for outstanding stupidity, and results in the laughter and scorning of the rest of the crew, especially Professor Farnsworth.

    Another blunder of Fry leads to the discovery of a secret of Leonardo da Vinci, whom Farnsworth idolizes. Not to spoil anything in between, this discovery leads them to a planet with a vast superior intelligence.

    Farnsworth learns that he is one of the least intelligent people on the planet, which he realizes puts himself in Fry's shoes. The final lesson? There will always be someone smarter, but there's only one of you.

    This kind of lesson is very welcomed to see on TV today. Where most shows rely on crude and dirty humor to be funny, Futurama strives to go beyond that and achieves a balance between being hilarious and also bringing out ways where when the credits start rolling, we are left with a satisfied feeling that everything ended perfectly. Where you just turn off the TV, sit for a bit and smile.

    This is why I watch Futurama.
  • Superb

    In this episode, Fry loses at a game show for outstanding stupidity, and everyone scorns him with laughter, especially Prof. Fransworth. Later, as the prof is explaining his favorite inventor, Fry makes another mistake that leads to the uncovering of Da Vinci's lost invention. The crew then learns that St. James was actually a robot!? No, Da Vinci just used a robot model. Then later, Fry and Fransworth take off for a planet with a stronger vast intelligence, where Da Vinci lives. Then, Da Vinci and Fransworth are both ridculed for not being as smart as them, so they design a Doomsday Device to kill them with, and so Fry tries to stop them. Overall, a pretty good episode, one of the better ones of this season, and had a good moral as well as storyline and laughs. 9.5/10 A
  • Very good and entertaining almost the whole time

    "The Duh-Vinci Code"

    Grade: B

    So here we have a futuristic take on The Da Vinci Code by Futurama. Overall, the episode is decent, though maybe slightly out of character. Is Fry really THAT stupid? Well, I'm not sure. What I really did like about this episode was how Fry and Farnsworth related to each other, and gave out some good quotes, both humourously and touching. As for the others, well... they weren't as important, though Hermes does deliver one of the best quotes in the episode.

    The episode's first 2/3rds of the episode is excellent, and you definatly get that old Futurama feeling out of it. Starting off with a spoof on Who Wants To Be A Millionare presented by Morbo, the episode kicks in when the crew investigate Da Vinci's works. After discovering a hidden robot in the painting, the crew head to Rome and are given air-control traffic by The Space Pope (lol). Once heading into the ruins of Rome, they revive a Da Vinci robot who tries to stop them from discovering Da Vinci's secret.

    Farnsworth figures out the location of Da Vinci's secret and they find out it's an invention he made. Fry and Farnsworth accidently start it up, and it turns out to be a space-like ship which travels to a planet. The rest of the crew are taken a backseat and do not appear, in which in my opinion is where the episode goes slightly downhill, as it goes a little silly.

    Fry and Farnsworth arrive at a planet called Vinci , and they discover Da Vinci. It turns out that Da Vinci is the stupiest person there, so Fry relates to that almost automatically. Farnsworth takes a lecture course there and ends up feeling stupid as well compared to the others. Fry and Da Vinci create the invention Fry discovered earlier on Da Vinci's paper, and it turns out he invented it to kill the people he hated. Farnsworth joins in to with the killings, though Fry decides to stop the machine, by accidently getting himself jumbled up inside the machine's mechanics, also resulting in Da Vinci also accidently killing himself too. Heading back home, Fry admits to the professor he may be a little stupid, but he has a good heart.

    So what was different about this episode compared to the ones before in Season 6? Well, the humour wasn't quite as dumb, though there were still parts that made me cringe a little (Fry constantly mentioning Leonardo DiCaprio, getting hit by traffic and no one visiting him the whole time while recovering, people reacting to Da Vinci's dumbness), though a small reference of the Fry-Leela relationship is in there with the "Mile Deep Club" quote Fry says. As mentioned before, the episode is quite strong for the first 2/3rds of the episode, but goes a little downhill on the final act, since you'll notice a huge Back To The Future reference sticking out like a sore thumb, so it's slightly distracting for being used in Futurama. Nevertheless, this episode had alot of memorable moments, but it still a little iffy in its jokes, continuity (1 month stuck in a bare-bones spaceship with no food or drink?), and pacing, but had me laughing out loud in many parts and felt more like a classic episode of Futurama too. The most successful episode of Season 6 so far for Futurama.
  • Futurama finds its groove again!

    This was a classic Futurama episode in the classic Futurama style, and it feels similar to other Fry-heavy episodes like Luck of the Fryrish or the intestine-worm episode.

    The jokes in this were MUCH better and more well-integrated than the last two weeks' episodes. They seemed to be, no pun intended, "smarter" than the earlier episodes this season, and I always liked that Futurama was willing to make jokes that most of the audience would have to Google to get. It wasn't overly filled with easy pop-culture jokes...it took a topical reference, Da Vinci Code, but worked it in very fluidly. It wasn't just making straight parodies of the plot and characters in that movie, and it wisely let that joke go away once it had run its course, rather than try and flesh the whole episode out around it.

    I loved the Zoidberg doctorate joke, and I hope its something that (occasionally!) comes back up as callback jokes in future episodes. Hermes' line about being a delivery company was a direct hit of show-self-awareness humor. Even the timing of the bus hit was flawless, and subtleties of 'physical' humor like that are often lost in cartoons. It was nice to see Bender looting priceless pieces of art again.

    One major new change that's starting to manifest itself is the difference in Fry and Leela's relationship. The answer she gives to Fry's question in the catacombs seems to suggest that this season will see a more developed, overt relationship between the two rather than the unrequited love of the previous seasons, which I think is going to benefit the show.

    Perhaps its nitpicking, but it did bother me and break my sense of immersion when they spent a month in space with apparently no food or water, and there was no reason why they had to mention the time at all. The show did also seem to have a dichotomous "part a/part b" feel since we lose all the characters but two for a good chunk of the episode, but the episode resolved itself in a satisfying mix of its usual unexpected, slightly absurdist humor.
  • Inventing is fun!

    Watch as Fry and the Professor, along with Leela and Bender travel to Rome, in hopes to find what Leonardo DaVinci's greatest creation is. It was a clever idea for these guys to come up with a way to parody Dan Brown's novel "The DaVinci's Code", and of course its movie adaptation, not mention Brown's other novel "Angels and Demons" and create something new and exciting.

    I was excited to watch this episode, because I knew the show would come up with something as crazy as travelling into space to discover one of the greatest secrets from Renassance. Not even Tom Hanks would have been able to solve this mystery (even if he did wanted to, and I bet he would have enjoyed doing it).

    I give this one a 9.5 for being so inventive and fun.