Season 6 Episode 13

The Futurama Holiday Spectacular

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • why are there so many low scores for this episode?

    why are there so many low scores for this episode? i thought this was a great episode of futurama it was kind of like a simpsons tree house of horror because there is short segments that dont solve a solution and the segment ends with planet express getting killed. there was three segments and i liked all three this was a very funny episode my favorite joke was in the last segment when bees were dying and a bee almost crashes into hermes but misses and hits a wall and dies, hermes says whats with all these comacosbees(i probably spelled that wrong).
  • The Futurama Holiday "Spectacular"

    So as an Anthology Of Interest or a Treehouse of Horror, this episode was divided into 3 segments. First: Xmas
    So FRy wants a pine tree for Xmas so the whole gang travels to a seed vault on the north, as pine trees are extint and the vault has seeds fo every tree known. But the seed vault is right next to a germ vault. So then Fry plants a seed and a year letar a pine tree is born, but then it suddenly mutates adn creates more trees. So the trees start to create tons of oxygen and when Bender lights a cigar, the Earth blows up.

    Second: Robannukah
    After Bender presents the most important tradition of the holiday (oil wrestling) he realizes he only has enough oil for 4 and 1/2 weeks instead of 6, so he and the gang go to look for some. When they hear there is none, they so search deep in the Earth soil. But they go deep enough fro the ship to collapsew. A million years laer, Bender realizes his firends turned into oil and went to use it, but he sees the oil he had lasted longer.

    Third: Kwanzaa
    So yeah, Kwaanzabot tells Hermes that he needs beeswax candles or else. So they go to look for beeswax but bees don't produce it anymore cause they all have pareasites. So FRy decides to go look for beeswax on the giant bee hive from "The Sting". They go and every bee is a kamikazbee. The queen tells them it's because of the parasutees, so Hermes talks about them about unity and they unite and turn the gang into candles.

    OVerall: Pretty lame considering how this season ended, but there were some laughs, like Hermes' icecream sandwich. 7.5/10.
  • The Futurama Holiday Spectacular

    here is my review for the chrismas episode of futurama The Futurama Holiday Spectacular. there was three episodes in 1, the first one is when they grow a pine tree but things backfire ill rate it a 7 out of 10. the second one is when bender wants to celebrate the holiday that he makes up every year so he can get off work ill rate it an 8 out of 10. and finally the third and final one is about bees getting parasites and dying so planet express tries to fix things ill rate it an 8 out of 10.
    overall 8 out 10
  • Good but not reat

    This episode of Futurama was good but not great over all I have to say I was a bit disappointed with this episode because Futurama in my opinion is about the best show I have ever seen on TV animated or other wise so my expectations are very high, it was just not as funny as I am used to Futurama being. This show I am afraid is not doing as good as it was before it was canceled since it came back to TV, the show I hope gets better in the future becuase it has been getting worse, still a very good show though.
  • A not so spectacular holiday episode for Futurama

    "The Futurama Holiday Spectacular"

    Grade: C-

    After months of waiting for a new episode, we are given the Futurama Holiday Spectacular episode to end this year with. To be honest, this episode was a huge letdown to be honest. For starters, I was confused half the time of what the hell was going on, since the pacing of all the episodes were all over the place, and not using the Anthology Of Interest story structure meant we weren't sure if the stories were canon or not. It is assumed by us that they aren't, but then again, what's the point? Are they trying to make Treehouse Of Horrors for Futurama? I think it's best it was left to Anthology episodes, plus there was way too much singing in this episode! Three below par songs for one episode is not a great record to be holding to be honest, and I thought they'd learn not to do this from that "All Singing, All Dancing" episode off The Simpsons!

    Nevertheless, the episode is split up into three different stories: Xmas, Robanukah, and Kwanzaa. The first segment focuses on Planet Express reviving an extinct pine tree for Christmas, and this backfires on then once they find out the seeds are contaminated by biological weapons, and this causes the Earth to ignite and kill everyone. The first segment is passable, although the pacing is off and there's not too many jokes, but it's ok.
    The second segment, being the best one of the three, is about celebrating Robanukah, and Bender doesn't have enough petroleum for two fembots to continue wrestling for a couple of weeks. The crew try to get some petroleum by heading towards the center of the earth, getting attacked by a humping worm (get it?) on the way. As they get closer however, the pressure is too much for everyone except Bender, as the Planet Express crew are crushed to death by the ship. Bender waits 500 million years later and discovers the crew has turned into petroleum, and returns to the fembots, realising that the original petroleum lasted 500 million years anyway. This segment had the most laughs and believe it or not, the best writing of all three segments!
    The 3rd and final segment focuses on Hermes' family and the crew celebrating Kwanzaa. After a song by Kwanzaa Bot is sung to everyone, the crew realise that they need beeswax for the candles to celebrate. Heading back to the Bees' hive last seen in The Sting, the crew discover that the bees are infected by termite-like creatures. This causes them to get angry with one and another, and gives the crew an opportunity to obtain the beeswax. The crew then decide to try and help the bees by telling them about Kwanzaa, and for some weird reason this gets rid of the parasites, and causes the bees to attack the crew once returned to their normal state, leaving them to feed and eat until they die. This segment is by far the worst one, despite having the best song, but everything else about it makes no sense. Why all of a sudden can bees talk, and why is Family Guy mentioned here? Seriously, this segment made no sense, and this really got on my nerves, as there weren't many jokes either.

    So in conclusion, only 1 out of 3 of the stories are decent, and the rest are below par in my opinion. The other Christmas and Anthology episodes are miles better than this one, and this episode is almost the worst one I've seen so far (It's in my bottom 5 episodes), and to be honest, pretty much all of us were disappointed with it. Hopefully next year, Futurama will come back up with some good stories and plenty of humour again.
  • Decent, but disappointing.

    I wasn't that fond of this episode believe it or not. I had absolutely no idea this would be an "Anthology of Interest" like episode, so I was very confused throughout this episode. Nevertheless, I watched it, and I felt like the episode was a letdown.

    This episode is divided into three segments focused on three holidays, Xmas, Robanukah(The holiday Bender made up), and Kwanzaa. Xmas: Just okay. The plot was good, but it felt rushed, and I didn't laugh much.

    Robanukah: My favorite segment. This segment had excellent writing, good jokes, and a hilarious ending.

    Kwanzaa: My least favorite segment. This segment had the worst story in my opinion, and I hardly laughed at all. I also thought the ending was predictable and poorly written.

    Overall, this episode is just an alright episode to me, and I thought it could've been better.
  • mediocre

    three tales, of x-mas, robonukkah (however you spell it) and kwanzaa.

    not very humorous and kind of boring. the biggest joke for me, even though it itself was not that funny, was "Kool aid man!" and labarbara's "This is not a made up character; it's Kwanzaa-Bot." I also likd Bender's "I thought they were selfish, but in the end, it turns out I thought they were selfish!" the rest was kind of boring. i don't see why people hate it so much, but i guess that's why we all have our opinions. look forward to new episods next year. Grade- C+
  • Worst episode ever!

    I am not the Comic Books guy but a dedicated Futurama fan and I have to tell the truth when an episode really sucks and this one probably shows what Futurama should never be again!

    Boring, pointless, without imagination nor creativity and worst of all it was supposed to be a Christmas Special!?

    Forget about this episode and please David & Matt, bring us a new season with great content. Some of the latest episodes were really great, possibly among the best ever shown.

    Futurama is incredibly rich and this episode was just incredibly poor. I think it is he first one I'll never watch again.
  • This episode really sucks. I couldn't bear to watch it until the end because I was afraid I would grow to hate the show.

    It consists of three stories, all of them ending in the extinction of mankind. The stories are bad. No fantasy at all just fillers. Each story includes singing which is annoying (could be just for me). The characters seem less likable than usual. You can guess the storyline by the third one.

    I skipped the last third and just watched the end. It was a little releaving that the writers will be back next year.

    If you don't want to hate the show, you should not be wasting 23 minutes watching this episode. I love this show but frankly this was its worst episode.