Season 6 Episode 13

The Futurama Holiday Spectacular

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • The Futurama Holiday "Spectacular"

    So as an Anthology Of Interest or a Treehouse of Horror, this episode was divided into 3 segments. First: Xmas
    So FRy wants a pine tree for Xmas so the whole gang travels to a seed vault on the north, as pine trees are extint and the vault has seeds fo every tree known. But the seed vault is right next to a germ vault. So then Fry plants a seed and a year letar a pine tree is born, but then it suddenly mutates adn creates more trees. So the trees start to create tons of oxygen and when Bender lights a cigar, the Earth blows up.

    Second: Robannukah
    After Bender presents the most important tradition of the holiday (oil wrestling) he realizes he only has enough oil for 4 and 1/2 weeks instead of 6, so he and the gang go to look for some. When they hear there is none, they so search deep in the Earth soil. But they go deep enough fro the ship to collapsew. A million years laer, Bender realizes his firends turned into oil and went to use it, but he sees the oil he had lasted longer.

    Third: Kwanzaa
    So yeah, Kwaanzabot tells Hermes that he needs beeswax candles or else. So they go to look for beeswax but bees don't produce it anymore cause they all have pareasites. So FRy decides to go look for beeswax on the giant bee hive from "The Sting". They go and every bee is a kamikazbee. The queen tells them it's because of the parasutees, so Hermes talks about them about unity and they unite and turn the gang into candles.

    OVerall: Pretty lame considering how this season ended, but there were some laughs, like Hermes' icecream sandwich. 7.5/10.