Season 3 Episode 1

The Honking

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2000 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Bender gets news that his uncle died, so he and the whole Planet Express gang go off to his castle for the funeral. While at the reading of his will bender recieves his uncles castle, on acount that he stays one night in it.

While Bender and his friends are at the dining room having supper, Bender begins hearing things, then eventually seeing the ghosts of the original owners of the castle, along with his uncle.

While Bender is still inside, the others dig up the graves to find that the robots have linked their programming to the castle, therefore projecting ghost like figures within the walls. Bender then comes running out of the castle screaming and is stopped by a car like figure and is run over.

When he awakens to his friends, he explains what he saw. Of course, they don't believe him until they see the tire tracks. They then head back home and Bender goes out to drink, only to awaken to find himself in a old car lot.

He and his friends seek help from the robot fortune teller. And she tells him that he has been cursed by becoming a werecar. He will soon seek out to kill his closest friend.

Upon hearing this Bender asks how he can stop it, because he doesn't want to kill Fry. She tells him to seek out the original were car and destroy it.

Bender and company then head back to his room and Leela nails him to the wall. Of course, it doesn't hold him and he then comes after Fry and Leela, but mostly Leela, which in turn hurts Fry's feelings; thinking Bender went after her because she's his best friend.

The next day they go off in search off the original werecar, which eventually leads to Prodject Satan. Before they get a chance to destroy ut, Bender becomes a werecar for the last time and comes after Fry, much to his relief.

Prodject Satan is soon destroyed in a furnace, turning Bender back to normal. Although there is no sign of Fry, Bender starts to weep because he thought he killed him, only to find him stuck in his stomach, which was from before when Fry fell into the Bender werecar's seat.

Fry then takes a beer and drinks it in celebration, but it was Benders last beer and he strangles him for it.