Season 6 Episode 7

The Late Philip J. Fry

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 29, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • A touching and hilarious episode

    This episode is always clever, often beautiful, and at times genuinely moving; I teared up at the whole Cavern on the Green scene. It's also fucking hilarious. This is my favorite Futurama episode, and one of my favorite episodes of TV ever.
  • I would go back in time just to watch this episode again!

    Wow, what an episode! This is without a doubt, one of my favourite episodes of season 6. I love a good Futurama time-travel episode and this one definitely counts as one of them. I loved the story between Fry and Leela as they went forward in time, the different time periods that they travel to and I thought that the ending was one of the smartest things that they've ever done. *SPOILER* The idea of the universe starting from the beginning over again after the end of the universe was a fantastic theory to put into the story, nearing the end of the universe I started to suspect that that's what might happen, but I loved the "kinda" flash backs through Futurama's history as they traveled nearer and nearer to the present, with the aliens destroying Earth, the rebuilt castles and seeing the conference room's past with little winks to previous episodes and I just thought that this episode was fantastic. The side story worked as well and I would have to give this episode a 9/10. Good going Futurama!
  • Great and defining episode in the same way as The Farnsworth Parabox and Time Keeps On Slippin'

    Fry is developing a habit of being late everywhere he goes, including being there to celebrate Leela's birthday. Right before he is about to leave to go see Leela, he travels with the Professor and Bender in a time machine that only travels forward in time. The trio then has to figure out a way to get back to their own time..


    Great and defining episode in the same mindtwisting way as The Farnsworth Parabox, Time Keeps On Slippin' and The Sting. Same kind apocalyptic, time-jumping science fiction humour.

    Without a doubt, the fans put heavy expectations and pressure on the new season, but this delivers. Futurama has maybe lost some of it's edge, but I hope they manage to keep the series multi-layered, original and subtle, filled with good ideas.

    This one goes right next to the classic top rated episodes. 9/10
  • The most stimulating episode of the new season so far...one can only wonder if the level of quality here will be sustained until September.

    The ersatz crap we sat through over the past month finally seems to be subsiding.
    Finally, the characters and plots are the primacy rather than the jokes; even you Futurama apologists who disregard the lack of gentility in the newer episodes while praising the expressive eclecticism of the earlier ones will likely agree that this is the zenith of season 6. I won't ruin the plot for those of you who don't take kindly to spoilers, but I can guarantee that it never slips into mundanity or seems characterless; there isn't a single moment here where the jokes cause the plot to become monotonous tedium. Perhaps it's because their purpose is to accentuate the story line rather than overwhelm it, unlike those in previous episodes. My only gripe with this episode is how protracted the plot (seems to) become towards the end (which may come off to some viewers as excess ambition), but that's a minor complaint that most likely won't be affecting too much of the audience.
  • how does this only have a 8.2 rating....

    I dont understand why people are rating these new episodes so poorly. I thought for a comeback season they were all great. But this episode outshines the rest. Probably one of my favorite episodes ever. Very cool story involving time travel and a great montage using a classic song (the year 2525). Had some funny moments. Overall i think this episode is a fine example of why futurama is so awesome. It feels like there are a lot of haters trying to bring this show down but futurama will succeed because it has true loyal fans who actually enjoy the creativity.
  • Futurama at its best, and what a blast it was!

    "The Late Philip J. Fry"

    Grade: A*

    Easily one of the best episodes of Futurama ever! The episode was very funny, but what made it stand out for me was the time-travel storyline. I liked catching all the past Futurama references, as well as the changes of history throughout time travel, plus I loved that song they used for it. The animation was beautiful, and the whole thing was well written and Emmy worthy indeed.

    Not only was the episode exciting and full of good jokes, but the emotional aspect of Leela missing Fry was also very touching. The message that she leaves for him is tearjerker worthy, as Fry realises he has to move on and accept that he had a great life with her, was kind of a bittersweet moment. Despite realising that the whole universe was in a repeated time-loop, it was nice to end the episode with Fry reaching on-time for the date with Leela. Overall, I'm going to give this one a 10/10, and it's by far the best episode of this season so far!
  • The Proffesser takes Fry and Bender into his time machine that can only go forward in time. So they just keep on going, hoping to get to a time in which the technology exists to go backwards in time.

    This is an absolutely brilliant episode of "Futurama!" The Whole time travelling thing can get done to death in science fiction shows, but I think this is the first time the "Futurama" characters have gone even further ahead in time than the future they live in.

    Yes this episode has it all. Its hilarious and clever and its plot is ingenious and jam packed with ideas. What could really go wrong with an episode that has all the best lead characters in the show trapped together in a time machine? Though the always too serious Leela does feature in a relevant side story, that does works in well with the entire first class storyline.
  • Very creative and funny.

    After a great and heartwarming episode with Bender, I thought the following episode wouldn't be nearly as good. It turns out I was wrong, because this episode was amazing! Everything went right! From the hilarious opening to the touching message from Leela to Fry, every moment of this episode was entertaining. I loved the plot, it was highly original, and there were also plenty of funny gags. I liked Elzar's birthday song, the forward time machine, and every moment in the future that was visited. There also wasn't a single cringeworthy moment in the whole episode. This episode was definitely one of the stronger episodes of this season. I hope we get more episodes this season as good as this one.
  • An episode you'll think about for days

    The Human mind cannot fathom infinity nor the End of Everything (wouldn't let me all cap that) and this episode went there...Twice!. Not to spoil anything but 2 days later I'm still thinking about this episode and life in general. There were funny moments like 30 years later with Leela in charge and some of the Futures that are impossibly far into the future. Like unfathomably far. Some of them really funny (Humans enslaved by a Giraffe) others W.T.F. (Swordsmen on birds sticking said swords in ones anal cavity) The Episode gets really deep near the end and to me disturbing. Though I highly doubt that this is how it'll all go down (and the unfathomable to us timeframe in which it happens) it still makes you think. Although there are inconsitancies with other episodes (Nibblonians, God, the Eyncylopod) it doesn't take away from from overall impact of the episode. There's LOTS of humor, alot of emotion and development of Fry and Leela's relationship. And an ending that goes were no American show has gone before. Anime like Akira, Eveangelion, Trigun, and Wolf's rain have gone where this episode goes but no NO other American show does what this single episode has done. I give it an 8 though because there are unaddressed inconsistencies....and I can't forgive hitting Elanor Roosevelt either. But this episode really messed with my head and that makes it genius.
  • Fry gets pulled into another adventure as he journeys with Bender and the Professor in the Professor's new time machine. Only problem is, it only goes forward in time.

    What at best, is a creative episode, "The Late Philip J. Fry" is kept simple but smart. It's fun to see some of the funniest characters travel throughout time and space, getting their retrospect on how things turn out. Another Futurama storyline dealing with time travel is fun, but isn't it’s most sophisticated. On the other hand, it’s more of another episode dealing with the Fry and Leela relationship and reassuring fans more than ever, that they were made for each other. I also like the ending and its outtake on the theory of the end of the universe. To say the least, it’s definitely worth a watch.
  • best episode of the season so far. some spoilers

    Fry accidentally travels to the future, again, with the professor and Bender. I loved this episode. brought the show back down to reality and back to futurama. I enjoyed all the different times and their references to movies such as the terminator or could be the animatrix both the same as far as robots taking over. Since the professor decided to make the time maching go forward only, the gang must go forward till they find someone who has invented a back wards time machine only to discover none and unravel the mysteries of the universe at the same time. p.s. i loved the reference to the last futurama movie, where you see the green comet traveling through the universe.
  • The best episode in a very, very long time.(no spoilers)

    Since the beginning of the new season of Futurama I have been awaiting an episode that truly captured the essence of the original series. I had begun to lose hope until The Late Philip J. Fry. Not only was the episode hilarious, it also contains stunning visuals, great sound effects and music, and a very well written storyline. Futurama has dealt with time travel in episodes past, but this episode was able to remain very unique in its own way. I think that this episode may be this season's only shot at an Emmy nomination so far. I hope the best for the series, and pray that more episodes like this turn up.
  • Farnsworth killed Hitler

    So this episde begins with Bender sleeping with a hookerbot and Fry couldn't sleep and because of that he is late for work, there he asks for Leela and amy tells him some idiot stood her up at Elzar's so he goes there, as He is the idiot. He apologizes, but Leela is still mad. Then he tries to make it up by having dinner with her at The Cave on The Green, but doubts for a moment when Bender announces Hedionismbot's bachelor party, but then remarks:

    I can throw up on a stripper any night. tonigh I want to not throw up. On you.

    When he is leaving Farnswoth makes him test his new time machine because as he was late, he needs to compensate. he says he can while he reocrds his b-day card.

    Farnsworth: this machine only goes formward so can't do anything disgusting like sleeping with your grandmother

    Fry: yea...I don't wanna do it again.

    So Prof wants to advance 1 minute but he trips and they advance into the year 10.000 There Fansworth gets the idea of constantly moving forward until they find someone with a backwards time machine. They explore many futures (machien taking over, giraffes taking over, half popultaion smart, half dumb, medieval age, hot women taking over,..., one I particularly liked:

    (sees Statue of Liberty) the humans civilzatio nis destroyed! (Ape Staute) asnd the apes' civilzation too! (sees bird Statue) the birds' one too! (sees cow statue) and the cows (sdome thing statue) and that thing that looks like a slugs' too! NOOOOOOOO!

    Meanwhile we see Leela in charge of planet Express in the year 3030 and the busdiness is succesful. She marries Cubert as he reminds her of Fry. (CUBERT'S BACK!!!) Then in the year 3050 Cubert left Leela for Amy on a robot's body. and hermes (his head on a pogo stick) consolates her b ut then Fry's card appeares from when they were travelling and she realizes she was 20 years anfry at him and wasn't his fault so she goes to the Green point Cave and writes a message.

    In the year 2billion, there is nothing, its the end of things, and Fry finds the cave and reads the message. moved, he realizes he had a good life and the 3 decide to see the Earth collapse while drinking a 6pack. The universe vanishes, and suddenly there is another Big Bang, so the professor figures they can just land in Planet express again, and Fry can be on time for his date. In the travelling, Farnsworth makes a pause and kills Hitler (LOL, in the Infosphere it says Hitler just said: Look at my moustache!, which made me LOL more!) But then they accidentally miss the year 3010 so they expericence the end and beginning again and before they land we see moments from eps like Love's Labors Lost in Space, the one were Zoidberg eats the USA flag, Future Stock, Into the wild Green Yonder, and attack of the Killer App, and when they land, they kill their paradox selves.

    Fry goes to the Cave, and he apologizes for being late, but turns out he is actually on time. Latyer at a bridge, he tells her he was going to give her a card, and she says it doesn't matter as she doesn't like cards that much anyways. She also says her best moments in her life where the ones they spent together, and as the ep sings off, we see Bender burying their paradox selves under the brdige (LOL).

    This episode was classic Futurama, it's back, officially back. 10/10!
  • Perfect

    In this episode, Fry is late for lunch with Leela, and promises to make it up at dinner that night. However, he has test a time machine with the professor and Bender. the only problem is that it can only go forward in time, not backwards. So, now the three must find a way back home. To me this episode could've belonged in season 4, it was that good. I liked the references to past episodes, like the reference to when Fry became his own grandfather. I also liked the emotional aspect of this episode, and how both Fry and Leela became depressed without the other one, it worked out tearjerkingly perfect. Overall, the best of the season so far, and I would definitly recommend this episode to you. 10/10 A+
  • the best of the newer episodes

    farnsworth, bender, and fry go to the future, the year 10,000, because of an invention farnsworth invented- a time machine that travels forward in time. now they must keep going forward in time until a backwards time machine has been invented.

    this is easily my favorite of the new episodes. it was funny, especially the second act, which quite honestly is probably my favorite second act in the entire show. It was completely absurd but it was funny absurd. The entire episode was great from start to finish, and thus the only fair grade for my to give it is an A+
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