Season 6 Episode 7

The Late Philip J. Fry

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 29, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • The most stimulating episode of the new season so far...one can only wonder if the level of quality here will be sustained until September.

    The ersatz crap we sat through over the past month finally seems to be subsiding.
    Finally, the characters and plots are the primacy rather than the jokes; even you Futurama apologists who disregard the lack of gentility in the newer episodes while praising the expressive eclecticism of the earlier ones will likely agree that this is the zenith of season 6. I won't ruin the plot for those of you who don't take kindly to spoilers, but I can guarantee that it never slips into mundanity or seems characterless; there isn't a single moment here where the jokes cause the plot to become monotonous tedium. Perhaps it's because their purpose is to accentuate the story line rather than overwhelm it, unlike those in previous episodes. My only gripe with this episode is how protracted the plot (seems to) become towards the end (which may come off to some viewers as excess ambition), but that's a minor complaint that most likely won't be affecting too much of the audience.