Season 3 Episode 10

The Luck of the Fryrish

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • Probably one of the best episodes.

    I watch Futurama for it's witty commentary and parallels to our present time, but I'm a sucker for touching plots. This episode ended so bittersweet and thoughtful. The bullying older brother grows into a mature husband and father and honors the little brother he never got to say goodbye to. It was wonderful and endearing.

    The only thing that bothered me was a small nitpick. If the professor is Fry's great, great, great (many greats) grand-nephew and Fry only seemed to have one brother (Yancy), wouldn't Philip J. Fry the Second have been one of the professor's ancestors? It's possible the professor just didn't know this, but I wondered about this point a little. Not enough to take away from what was a great episode though.
  • Don't You forget about me

    The series is renowned for its weird antics, zany characters and off-the-handle approach to futurisms. But here, they come off with one of the most touching episodes ever. Protagonist Fry is down on his luck, so he resolves to find his long hidden seven leaved clover which made him lucky. The search leads to many more revelations.

    Perfect writing, with an excellent combination of humour and plot spread across the episode while finally ending with the perfect transition to wonderful. The jokes always land. The sarcasm is perfect. The story takes you in, wraps around you and leaves you with a warm hug. This deserves more than a mere standing ovation.
  • An excellent, touching episode!


    I believe this is the best episode of the show. This proves the power of Matt Groening, the script for this episode is so touching and well-written, that I think it could dwell some episodes from The Simpsons. The first portion of the episode was pretty much normal, but everything became awesome when they used Bender as the subway. And, the final scene is so heart-touching, that I even wanted to cry, definetely one of Matt Groening's best!

  • Wow!!!

    All I can say about this episode is just "Wow!!!". It was just such an amazing episode. This is one of my favorite "Futurama" episodes and it's one of those episodes that are just enjoyable to watch over and over again. I loved seeing Fry's past in this episode and they were very interesting especially when that clover Fry used as a kid to get lucky. There were alot of funny moments in this episode. Fry's parents in the beginning of this episode made me laugh so hard. Bender's part in this episode was hilarious. The racing horse scene in the beginning of the episode was also very funny. It was interesting when Fry, Leela, and Bender wemt to the town that Fry grew up in which is now pretty much old and destroyed. Fry going inside his house to get the clover and the clover wasn't in his record was interesting. Fry thinks that his brother stole everything such as his name, his dream, and everything he did. Fry went to the grave to visit his brother but it turned out that his brother did care about Fry and that Fry's brother named his baby after Fry which was Phillip J. Fry... that part was very emotional and pretty much made me in tears. Overall, this was a very funny episode with an emotional ending. 10/10
  • One of my favorites.

    This episode deserves more than a 10, the perfect score. It was funny, with just the right amount of emotion to be a classic episode of Matt Groening and David X. Cohen's Futurama. It was a very sweet ending, and " Don't You (Forget About Me) " was a very fitting song for the end of the episode. I recommend this episode to ANYONE.

    Fry has some bad luck, and a chain of events makes him think that his older brother Yancy stole his name and his lucky seven leaf clover. Fry is angry, then discovers that Yancy did not steal his name, but name his son after him.
  • Brilliant, incredibly well written.

    This episode started was really funny throughout but the very end was very clever and emotional. Some hilarious parts are when Fry tryed to get a dollar from a telephone pole and tryed to get it bwith a rake then got electricuted and then got struck by lightning and he fell in a trashcan and a guy man that is one unluckly guy and he poured this disgusting stuff on him and it was very funny when Fry declared his bad luck over and he fell through a sewer. Overall because this episode is really funny and emotional is why I like it so much.
  • Fry discovers interesting things on the past.

    As most Futurama fans might know, the main character Fry is genuinely unlucky. But memories come back to him and he remembers a time that wasn’t so unlucky: In the past, when he owned a seven leaf clover. Problem is his brother wanted it too, among other things of Fry's. So he hides it, only in the future to discover it's no longer in its hiding place and finds to believe that his brother stole it and became successful from the luck it brings. Overall this episode is interesting in the exploration of flashbacks and sibling rivalry, but what really made it for me and still makes it, is the ending. I won't give it away, if you haven't seen it but it's one of the more personal endings to a Futurama episode and really hits at the heartstrings. It's one of my favorites of the series, maybe the favorite.
  • Well-written emotional episode

    This episode is about Fry as he tries to get his lucky 7-leaf clover from his former house in New York (Sorry, Old New York) when he has continual bad luck. Along the way he has flashbacks about how much luck it gave him, and how it made his brother, Yancy, envious at him. This episode is very well-written, and has a good emotional feel throughout the whole episode, and keeps it up until the emotional end. This episode also has a couple of laughs at the begginng about how crappy Fry's luck is, and Bender drugging the other dogs, but once we get to the clover it becomes emotional. Overall, this is an excellent episode that shows how well drama and animation can work together, and it results in one of my favorite episodes. 10/10 A+
  • My Favorite Episode

    This episode is easily my favorite episode. It has a lot of great humor (especially Fry's parents in the beginning), and interesting plot that captivates me, and the ending is my favorite moment in the series. I basically love everything about this episode. It is funny, it is emotional, and it has a great plot. My all tome favorite episode of this show, it is just such a great adventure watching this episode. My grade for this is easily an A+, 10 out of 10, a perfect score, words cannot accurately describe my extreme love of this episode. Just perfecr
  • The ending always gives a tear to my eye "Don't you forget about me" :(

    "The Luck Of The Fryrish"

    GRADE: A*

    This episode tends to be a favourite for many Futurama fans. I remember watching it for the first time, it was so sad and interesting to learn what happened in Fry's past. It's not the funniest episode of Futurama, but in my opinion, it's the most emotional episode next to Jurassic Bark.

    The story is excellent. Having enough of bad luck, Fry goes to search his long lost lucky seven-leafed clover he left back in the 20th Century. He kept it in a safe at his house (which is underground) and reckons it's still there because he never told anyone where it was. Fry opens the safe and discovers it's not there, and he instantly assumes his brother Yancy stole it off him. He then discovers a statue outside the house named "Philip J Fry, first person on Mars" and he notices it's his brother and the clover on him. Fry accusses of Yancy stealing his dreams and fortune back in the past.
    Fry is determined to get the clover back from his brother's grave, only to discover on the tombstone that it was not his brother, but his nephew who his brother named after him "to carry on his spirit". After realising he was wrong about his brother the whole time, Fry starts to burst into tears. Bender gives him the clover, but Fry places it back into the grave, to show his respect to his long gone brother and nephew.

    The ending is so touching that it will always bring a tear to your eye, no matter how many times you watch it. The "Don't You Forget About Me" song works so well at the end it makes it even more emotional. It's also an interesting episode to watch because it shows you flashbacks of Fry and Yancy's past and how they coped together. It also shows you alot of Fry's other past such as his birth and his parents. Yancy appears to be a meanie to Fry, but the ending shows you he's not and actually missed him the whole time he was gone. A very emotional episode, and one of the best.
  • Introduction of Yancy

    It was obvious from the pilot that Fry had a brother (after all, Farnsworth is his great, great, etc. nephew) but the episode was still surprising and hilarious with Fry not having any luck, just like in the 20th century before he found the clover. The twist at the end where Yancy Jr didn't really steal his name, he passed it on to his son, was very good and it shows that Yancy Jr did care for his brother Fry. The breakdancing scene was terrific but my favourite scene is where Bender is all too prepared to dig up someone's grave. Both funny and emotional, this episode is a must see.
  • Matt G you are sooooo clever :D

    In this episode Fry realizes he has been incountering quite a lot of bad luck lately. He remebers when he was a young chap =) He was very lucky because he found a 7 leaf clover. ( He also remebered when he was young Yancy his bro was jealous of it.) So he finds out it is currently burried with " Phillip J. Fry the original Martian" Fry thinks his brother stole his name and clover. Which you find out at the end of the story is Fry's Nephew, ( Yancy Named his kid after Fry, Cuz He missed him!) So it was very sad, but amazingly plotted to how they present it
  • great episode

    This episode starts out like any other Futurama episode. With the Planet Express crew going to the horse track and everything and all the jokes they pull. It's really funny. It wasn't until the end thought that it really gets to you. When Fry finds out about his brother named his son after him and how actually his brother gave the clover to his son to bring him good luck, it brought tears to my eyes. It's probably one of the sweetest episodes of the series, considering how humorous all the other ones are. There don't seem to be too many that can make you cry, unless you laughed to hard. But this one, this one can make you cry, especially if you happened to have siblings and you know you don't get along too well with them
  • A great episode with a great ending. One reason I love Futurama is because it can be sentimental.

    This was a well thought out episode, and it had the best ending of any Futurama episode. (The one with Seymour was pretty good too) This episode furthered Fry's character, and it established a sadness for the people that lost him in the 20th Century. It also gave an explanation for Fry's personality. Maybe he was unsuccessful because he was always in his brothers shadow. Maybe he is a talented guy who just felt repressed because of his brother. Its hard to analyze this because its a cartoon that probably shouldn't be analyzed. But at the end of the episode I was very impressed with the effort put forth by everyone. What impressed me the most is how this cartoon can be light and funny, but still so touching.
  • Best fricken episode ever!

    I cry everytime I see this episode. It has humor, emotion, great music, and it shows no matter how much riverly you have between your siblings, they still love and care about you :)
    I love it when Bender says "OK let's go, Im one skull short of a Mouseketeer reunion" LOL
    The only epis that MIGHT be better than this one, just because they have more LOL jokes, are Rosewell that Ends Well, and Where No Fan Has Gone Before.
    I can't really think of any more to say except for great job Matt Groining and the rest of the Futurama crew. Great job guys!
  • Not necessarily a funny episode, but a touching episode about the bond of brothership and of Fry's past.

    The episode opens in the mid-1970s, where a young Yancy Fry is jealous of his newborn brother Philip, and copies him in almost anything he can. Meanwhile, back in the year 3000, Fry is getting fed up with his bad luck which consists of losing nearly all of his money at the racecourse, being violently electrocuted trying to hold on to his final dollar and landing in a steel garbage can with leftover Horse d'oeuvres being tipped on him as a final blow. In a flashback, Fry discovers a seven-leaf clover, which grants him extraordinary luck and allows him to beat his brother in any contest, from basketball to breakdancing. Fry sets off, with Leela and Bender, to find his clover in the ruins of Old New York and makes his way to his old house, which looks the same outside back then and now.

    Back in the 1980s, a teenage Fry hides the seven-leaf clover inside his Ronco record vault. In the year 3000, Bender opens the record vault, but Fry discovers that the clover is missing, concluding that Yancy must have stolen it. They happen across a statue of Yancy, with the seven-leaf clover in his lapel. The inscription: "Philip J. Fry-First person on Mars" angers Fry because he believes Yancy stole his name and his dream.

    Professor Farnsworth pulls up a biographical movie about "Philip J. Fry," where the crew learns that he was a millionaire rock star astronaut, and is now buried in Orbiting Meadows National Cemetery with the seven-leaf clover. A furious Fry sets off to rob his "brother's" grave and recover the clover. The story jumps back to the early 21st century, where an adult Yancy is rummaging through his missing brother's music to find something to play at his upcoming wedding. Yancy discovers the seven-leaf clover in Fry's copy of The Breakfast Club soundtrack, and takes it.

    Fry, Leela and Bender reach the grave site, and start digging. But Fry knocks loose some moss that is covering part of the inscription, and begins to read. The story jumps back to Yancy, who is discussing naming his newborn son with his wife. Yancy didn't steal Fry's clover; instead, he had given it to his newborn son, and had named him Philip J. Fry in memory of his brother. The inscription on the tomb reads "Here Lies Philip J. Fry, named for his uncle, to carry on his spirit". Fry returns the clover to his nephew's grave as "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds rolls over the end credits.
  • Every character gets their big emotional episode, and Fry's, in my opinion, is the best.

    Quite frankly I'm not usually a fan of these kinds of episodes, but this seemed much less awkward and forced than some ('Leela's Homeworld', for example). There were still a few good jokes, and the plot was clever and all came together very well at the end. The horse race scene at the beginning was funny, as was the first flashback to the 20th century. However, some of the flashbacks involving Fry and Yancy when they were teenagers seemed a bit too long and were rather dull. Maybe it's just that I didn't get the 70's/80's references, what with my not being alive and all, but that usually isn't a problem. Once we got to the big revelation at the end and the emotional climax, the ep got much better, and it's hard not to get a lump in your throat watching the final scenes. Billy West (the voice of Fry) is a brilliant actor, the best on the show in my opinion, and he really pulled this off well. Loved Bender's 'Want me to smack up the corpse?' line.
  • This episode starts out like a typical funny Futurama episode, but leaves you touched.

    This episode starts out like any other Futurama episode. With the Planet Express crew going to the horse track and everything and all the jokes they pull. It's really funny. It wasn't until the end thought that it really gets to you. When Fry finds out about his brother named his son after him and how actually his brother gave the clover to his son to bring him good luck, it brought tears to my eyes. It's probably one of the sweetest episodes of the series, considering how humorous all the other ones are. There don't seem to be too many that can make you cry, unless you laughed to hard. But this one, this one can make you cry, especially if you happened to have siblings and you know you don't get along too well with them.
  • A sweet sibling bonding episode

    This one has to be one of my favorite episodes. I always enjoy sibling bonding and watching the development of Yancy and Fry's relationship. The ending of the episode was heart warming. The scene at the ending where Yancy names his son after Fry tugged at my heart. It showed how Yancy truly did love his brother and acted like the only one who did. Also Fry's realization of how Yancy didn't steal his life and in fact named his own son after him in his honor. It was one of the sweetest episodes I have ever seen and it has to be my favorite episode along with the humor and sibling bonding this is easily the best episode in the series
  • Family reunion...of sorts.


    On a mission to retrieve his seven leaf clover, Fry retells the story of his teenage years, of his sibling rivalry with his brother. Leela and Bender follow as Fry returns home to Brooklyn, reminiscing of his old haunts. He eventually finds his hiding spot for the clover, realizes it isn't there, grows even angrier with his brother Yancy, and vows to find it no matter what. When he "learns" that his brother was the first martian, essentially becoming what Fry had dreamt of being, he becomes even more impassioned, hoping to grave rob what he thinks is his brother's grave. There is a cut to his brother's son's birth and to the realization that Philip J. Fry, keeper of the clover, was actually his nephew, named after him to carry on his spirit. Then, of course, Breakfast Club tune "Don't You Forget About Me" plays.
    I have to say that, though I love this episode, it absolutely depresses me. This show is always funny, tongue in cheek, sarcastic, the works but the few episodes that really remind me that Fry is out of his time make me so sad. He's a cartoon character and yet I get sad that his family thought he disappeared and he can never see them again!!! I want a movie where he time travels back! Anyway, beautiful episode. Funny!
  • Fry's exploration of the years after his disappearance reignites his feud with his brother, and leads to a startling revelation.

    This episode, perhaps more than any other, demonstrates why I consider "Futurama" a superior show to Matt Groening's other legendary creation, "The Simpsons." While "Simpsons" is one of the funniest TV shows ever, the characters and their world are so defined that the writers can't really make the sort of revelations we see in this episode without seeming trite. Fry, having spent his life bickering with his brother, assumes that Yancy Fry continued his spiteful ways after his disappearance. After discovering that Yancy took both his name and his lucky seven-leaf clover, then went on to be the first person on Mars, Fry is determined to get his clover back from the brother who wronged him.

    As is so often the case with this series, though, things are not always what they seem. After an episode that is consistently witty and funny in its own right, the final scene delivers a brilliant twist that not only places the entire episode into perspective, but grabs you by the gut and twists. The ending is both bittersweet and beautiful, and perhaps the greatest in the entire run of this highly underrated cartoon classic.
  • Wonderful episode with a wonderful ending.

    I love this episode. Fry is having bad luck so he seeks out his seven leaf clover. Meanwhile in the past, Fry's brother Yancy, is copying everything he does. From daning to basketball. Leading Fry to think his brother hates him. So back in the year 3000 Fry goes to dig up what he thinks is his brother's grave. To get back his clover that Yancy took. But he finds out it was Yancy's son Philip Fry named for him. All and all a touching episode.

    But the one thing I don't understand is. If Philip was so famous, why was his head not in a jar in the head museum?
  • A great episode.

    There are only a few episodes of Futurama that tug at your emotions and this is definately one of them. The episode is partially told in flashbacks, about Fry's childhood and his competitive relationship with his brother Yancy.

    On one afternoon Fry discovers a seven leaf clover that he believes will bring him luck. With the clover Fry is able to achieve things he was not able to do previously.

    Realising that the clover may still exist, Fry returns to the ruins of New York to find if it is still in its hiding place. Finding the clover is missing he blames Yancy for stealing it.

    Fry believes Yancy stole his clover and his name after he discovers that a Philip J Fry was the first person on Mars and went on to achieve many great things with his lucky clover.

    Fry decides to go steal the clover only to discover that it was not Yancy's grave, but his son's who was named after him.
  • Best episode ever!

    Never thought I had to cry with an episode of Futurama! In my opinion this is the best episode ever! Watching this episode you can feel how underated this show was. Thumbs up for the writers of this episodes and to Billy West (voice off Fry) who did a wonderful job! This is a series classic one!

    \"Here lies Philip J. Fry, named for his uncle to carry on his spirit.\", never see this coming! It is such a sad story that has started funny.
    Just like later episodes \"Jurassic Bark\" and \"The Sting\" it express the feelings of Fry.
  • Keep it Klever

    This was the first episode of Futurama I saw that left me in shock. I dont ever remember a cartoon that left me with my mouth partialy open due to the episode being so dramatical and i couldn\'t come to terms to the fact that a cartoon witch to me was so funny all of a sudden became sad and almost put me in a depressed mode. Everytime I watch this episode I still get that little gutless feeling that shouldn\'t come from a comedic cartoon. This episode is a classic, a comedy with kind of a depressing situation, I love it!
  • A first time apperance of Fry's family.

    A sad past for Fry having to put up with Yancy trying to do better than his younger brother[Fry] who was great at sports like basketball and break-dancing.And the idea of a clover as a good luck charm in which what the Irish believe.
    Luck of the Fryrish started very humorous, and ended quite sad still it's a good episode.
  • It's a very sad episode only surpassed by Jurassic Bark. Basically; Fry always thought that he and his brother had a poor relationship, and that Yancy hated him. But, in the end it turns out his brother loved him so much that he named his son after Fry.

    This is my second favourite episode of Futurama, it is very funny, well-written, and sad. And when you think about it; learning your brother really did love you after years of thinking otherwise may be even more sad then the death of a beloved pet. But, Jurassic Bark, I believe, is slightly better written than Luck of the Fryish with that very depressing montage at the end. At the end of Luck of the Fryrish, you are in a kinda sad, kinda happy, but very emotional state; whereas Jurassic Bark just leaves you feeling very sad and emotional.
  • This was a very good episode; a great example of the quality of this show.

    Fry has a bunch of bad luck at the race track, losing all of his money and get electricuted while trying to save his last dollar. Bender makes a ton of money by rigging a race (classic Bender).

    Fry then goes into some flash backs involving his brother Yancy and a lucky 7 leaf clover he found. Everytime he had the clover with him he had good luck (even while break-dancing, that was surprising!). He deciedes to go back into old New York and try to find this clover.

    While in old New York, he finds a statue of a man who looks like his older brother, but has his name. It turns out this guy became was the first man on Mars and mayor of old New York. He looks in the place where he hid his clover, but it's not there, so he automatically assumes his brother stole it from him and his name too, to have better luck. He decides to go with Bender and Leela to dig up his grave to get his clover back. Bender, of course, has a kit. When he goes there, he sees the gravestone and knows what happened. Yancy found the clover and gave it to his son, named after his uncle, Phillip J. Fry, because he loved his brother so much. It hit Fry like a mallet; his brother actually loved him and wasn't out to get him like he always thought. Bender found the clover, but they put it back and filled in the grave.

    It was so sweet how Yancey named his son after him, and the kid became so famous with the luck of the 7 leaf clover. The song at the end fit the feeling well. It made my eyes water a bit. A touching and funny episode you expect from Futurama.
  • Awesome

    I really like this episode. It's cool that you get to see the history of the Fry family and some history of the planet Earth itself. The episode starts off with cute little Philip being born and Yancy(his brother) being jealous of his name and wanting it instead. Then another flashback occurs with Yancy getting married and finding Fry's lucky 7 leaf clover. Then Fry latter learns that the first person on Mars was someone named Philip Fry, with our Fry assuming it's Yancy stealing his name and going on to fame. In the end we learn that Fry's nephew is named Philip J. Fry in honor of our Fry, and all that fame actually belongs to him. After thoughts are, it's amazing how much Yancy actually cared about his little brother, especially after how he treated them.
  • Series Classic Episode

    The episode started great and ending amazing . It was sad at the end when he realize it was his nephew , not his brother. It was a sad episode that sits right next to Jurassic Bark . And when Fry was reading the head stone and flashed back to when Frys brother had a son and decided to name him Philip J. Fry, the painting on the baby's room wall was sad :*( . Because it was drawn by his uncle . And on the head stone it said

    Here lies Philip J. Fry,
    Named for his uncle
    to carry on his spirit.

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