Season 3 Episode 10

The Luck of the Fryrish

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2001 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia


    • (At the horse race)
      Announcer: And it's a dead heat. They're checking the electron microscope. And the winner is... number 3, in a quantum finish.
      Prof. Farnsworth: No fair! You changed the outcome by measuring it.

      This is a very clever joke. According to quantum mechanics (specifically, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle), one cannot measure the exact location of sub-atomic particles because the act of measuring the particle would be enough to change the position and momentum of that particle, therefore making the measurement itself useless.

    • The episode shows another manhole cover with the PJ's logo on it.

    • When Bender breaks into Fry's record locker, you can see a Bart Simpson head on the shelf above the locker.

    • When in Old New York, Fry stands on top of a newspaper stand. The headline on the paper inside the case reads "Mayor Predicts Victory Over Aliens."

    • Signs and advertisements seen at the race track include 'Trojan Horse Condoms' and 'Welcome Deadbeat Dads.'

    • In a flashback, Fry says he is going to do a septuple head spin (7 spins), but he does at least 20 spins. Perhaps, being young at the time, he just picked septuple as being a "large" number of head spins.

    • In The Cryonic Woman, Fry's old girlfriend told him that his family didn't care about his mysterious disappearance or missed him enough to search for him. But in this episode, we find that his family did miss him dearly.

      RESPONSE: While his family did miss him dearly, it was also said in The Cryonic Woman that Fry's parents felt that searching for him would be "a waste of taxpayer money."

    • The Internet in this episode is different from the Internet in A Bicyclops Built For Two.

    • In this episode, the sewers in front of Planet Express lead to Old New York, but in other episodes, it leads to the land of the mutants. On the DVD Commentary, it is said that Old New York and the mutant sewers are on different levels in different parts of the city.

  • Quotes

    • Yancy's Wife: Any thoughts for names yet, Yancy?
      Yancy: I'm thinking of one. (Taking the baby) Hey, little guy I got a present for you. Do you know what this is? Its a seven leaf clover that can help you be successful in anything you do even break dancing, and it once belonged to someone very special.
      Yancy's Wife: I know what you want to name him Yancy, it's okay.
      Yancy: Really!? Son I'm going to name you Phillip J. Fry, after my little brother. Who I miss everyday (Tears form in his eyes)I love you Phillip.

    • Fry: I may not know a whole lot about horse racing, but I know a lot about doing anything for a dollar!

    • Fry(reading): Here lies Philip J. Fry, named for his uncle to carry on his spirit.
      Bender: Pay dirt! I got the clover! Plus his wedding ring. Sorry, ladies, I'm taken! Hey, Fry, you want me to smack the corpse up a little?
      Leela: Uh, Bender, I think Fry needs a moment alone.
      Bender: Alright, grab a shovel. I'm only one skull short of a Mouseketeer reunion.

    • Bender: There! Now no one will be able to say I don't own John Larroquette's spine.

    • Yancy: Hmm, Breakfast Club. This'll clear out the room at the end of the reception.

    • Leela: They buried your brother in the World Heroes section? I'm impressed.
      Fry: I should be the one in that grave!

    • Yancy: Oh, that reminds me: I was thinking I'd rummage through Phil's records for something to play at the wedding.
      Mrs. Fry: Have a look downstairs. Your brother may be missing but his crap sure isn't.

    • Mrs. Fry: I'll never forget the day Philip disappeared. Wisconsin won the Rose Bowl 17-9.

    • Yancy: Thanks for lending me your tux, Dad. It'll be perfect for my wedding.
      Yancy Sr: Yancy, that tux got me through 'Nam in style.

    • Fry: So that's where my clover is? Hey, is that orbiting cemetery near here?
      Leela: It will be in a couple hours.

    • Narrator: Philip J. Fry: Astronaut, philanthropist, entrepreneur was a great man truly worthy of narration. Fry was the first man on Mars, a feat that has never since been equalled.
      Fry: That should have been me!
      Narrator: The ever-lucky Fry made his fortune after striking oil in the bathroom of the mansion he had won in a lottery.
      Fry: That's my clover! Yancy stole it!
      Narrator: After a whirlwind fling with Icelandic supermodel Njord, Fry scored a string of top 10 hits with his rock band Leaf Seven, known for their hypnotic rhythms, driving basslines and memorable hooks.
      Fry: That's what I'm known for!
      Man: Phil came in, right, strummed out this tune, yeah, and I said, "That's a number one record!"
      Narrator: Today, Fry spends most of his time in his grave in Orbiting Meadows National Cemetery, buried with the trademark seven-leaf clover that will bring him luck in the next life, perhaps some Egyptians believe.

    • Hermes: First person on Mars? Oh, so your brother was that Philip J. Fry.
      Fry: I'm Philip J. Fry!

    • Fry: That clover helped my ratfink brother steal my dream of going into space. Now I'll never get there.
      Leela: You went there this morning for doughnuts.

    • Bender: Who is that God-like figure?
      Fry: It's my brother, Yancy! And there, in his lapel, my seven-leaf clover! I knew he stole it.
      Leela: Hold the phone. If that's Yancy, why does the inscription say Philip J. Fry?
      Fry: Wait a second. That's my name! Good Lord. He ditched his goofy name and stole mine!
      Bender: Apparently this brave Adonis, this Cadillac of men, was the first person on Mars.
      Fry: First person on Mars? I should have been the first person on Mars. He stole my clover, he stole my name and he stole my life. [He punches the statue.] And now he broke my hand!
      Bender: His legend lives on.

    • Fry: I hid my seven-leaf clover in this very record jacket so my brother Yancy wouldn't get it. Here goes... It's gone! The whole place has been cleaned out! Yancy stole my clover! That thief!
      Leela: How do you know it didn't disintegrate?
      Fry: Everything else in here held up OK.
      Bender: Except Sports by Huey Lewis.

    • Fry: Here it is. The Breakfast Club soundtrack.
      Bender: You mean "breakfast club sandwich"?

    • Fry: This was the storage room. My dad spent years turning it into a bomb shelter.
      Leela: And yet you guys never had a single nuclear war.
      Bender: What a waste.

    • Yancy Sr: What's happenin' up there? Did Kremlin Joe let fly with the nukes?
      Fry: Not yet, commander. Yancy's just trying to steal my stuff as usual.
      Yancy Sr: Well he'd better keep his hands off these bananas. Gonna need them when the radiation turns us all into monkeys.

    • Mutant: Pardon me, but did I overhear you saying you used to live here?
      Fry: That's right.
      Mutant: Did you know Andy Goldman?
      Fry: Yeah, he was my neighbour. Why?
      Mutant: I mutated from him!
      Fry: Get outta here! What's Andy up to these days?
      Andy: The short answer is I'm teaching.
      Leela: He seemed nice.
      Fry: Sure. When he's sober!

    • Fry: Gosh! My old neighbourhood. the bench where I found some shirts! That fire hydrant! In summer we'd light it on fire! On that corner, some guy with a bushy beard handed out a socialist newsletter!
      Bender: Was it poorly Xeroxed?
      Fry: You'd better believe it!
      Leela: The old comedians were right, this place is a lot different from L.A.

    • Bender: This is the Brooklyn-bound B-train making local stops at wherever the hell I feel like!

    • Teen:Name?
      Fry: Cosmic F.
      Teen: Style?
      Fry: Outer space.
      Teen: Special moves?
      Fry: The moonwalk... the robot... the zero G.
      Teen: Name?
      Yancy: Cosmic Y.
      Teen: Style?
      Yancy: Uh, deep space!
      Fry: Deep space?
      Teen: Special moves?
      Yancy: The spacewalk...
      Fry: Hey!
      Yancy: The robot...
      Fry: The robot? That's similar to mine!
      Yancy: The zero G.
      Fry: What are you doing? You totally ripped off my routine.
      Yancy: You callin' me a biter?

    • Fry: Look, up ahead.
      Bender: Old New York: The city that inspired a casino in Las Vegas.

    • Zoidberg: So the clover is still in the hiding place, maybe?
      Fry: Hey, yeah! Maybe it is still there. Underground in the ruins of Old New York, helping some ant defeat another ant or helping some piece of dirt turn its luck around.
      Farnsworth: Dirt doesn't need luck.

    • Amy: So whatever happened to this seven-leaf clover?
      Fry: I hid it in a secret hiding place whose location I never told anyone. Not even Scruffy.

    • Leela: Well, someone's in a good mode.
      Bender: Let's just say I lucked-out at the track! Also, I rigged one race.

    • Announcer: And the winner is Harry Trotter by the entire racetrack.
      Bender: That'll teach those other horses to take drugs!

    • Fry: Dear Horse God, I know I don't usually pray to you. Sometimes I doubt you even exist. But if you're willing to grant me luck, please, stamp your hoof once.

    • Vendor: Get your piping-hot horse burgers, horse fries, horse cake and shakes. We got tongue straight from the horse's mouth.
      Leela: Hmm.
      Hermes: It all sounds good.
      Vendor: All our horses are 100% horse-fed for that double-horse juiced-in goodness.
      Leela: I'll have the cholesterol-free omelette with horse beaters.
      Vendor: And you, sir, how can I horse you?
      Hermes: I'll have a horse coke.
      Vendor: Horse Pepsi OK?
      Hermes: Nay.

    • Fry: I am so unlucky! I've run over black cats that were luckier than me.

    • Bender: Ooh! Look! It's the Centaur race.
      Fry: Come on! Come on! Hey, Leela, how about a kiss for good luck?
      Leela sighs and reluctantly kisses him on the cheek
      Fry: I meant tongue luck.

    • Mr. Wong: In today's field we own four horses and two jockeys.
      Mrs. Wong: We just put our best jockey out to stud, Amy. He's perfect for you!
      Jockey: Hey, baby! Ever do it in a suitcase?

    • Leela: How'd you do, Fry?
      Fry: I'll tell you when my horse finishes... bad.

    • Fry: C'mon!
      Hermes: Baby needs a new pair of shoes!
      Zoidberg: To hell with your spoiled baby! I need those shoes!

    • Doctor: Push, Mrs. Fry. You're almost there.
      Yancy Sr: You can do it, honey! Squeeze one out for America.
      Mrs. Fry: Hey, keep it down! It's the 9th inning.
      Commentator: Here's the 02 pitch to Craypool. He's taking all the way for a called strike three!
      Mrs. Fry: Swing the bat, you bum!
      Doctor: It's a boy. And look at that red hair!
      Yancy Sr: You sayin' my son's a commie?
      Commentator: And Groady leans into the pitch. It hits him! The Mets win!
      Mrs. Fry: This is the happiest day of my life!
      Doctor: Here's your baby, ma'am.
      Mrs. Fry: Yeah, OK, thanks.

    • Fry's Mom (talking about Fry's name): You pick. I picked last nights supper.
      Fry's Dad: I was thinking of Philip, you know, after that screw driver.

    • Leela (reading tombstone): Philip Fry, the original Martian.
      Fry: It's all a lie, every word! *pointing at the words in turn* He wasn't original, he wasn't a Martian, he wasn't Phillip Fry, and since when is Yancy a "the?"
      Bender: You're twice the "the" he ever was!

    • Leela: The description says Philip J. Fry.
      Fry: Wait a second, Philip J. Fry, that's my name.

    • Fry: This is it, the Ronco record vault. I still remember the combination, three.

    • Farnsworth: No fair, you changed the outcome by measuring it!

    • Farnsworth: Shut up friends! My internet browser heard us saying the word Fry and it found a movie about Philip J. Fry for us. It also opened my calendar to Friday and ordered me some French fries.

    • Fry: Hmm, some of the tunnels had metal bars... So I need someone who is good at bending... Leela? How about you?
      Leela: Sure, I'll do it.
      Bender: Like hell you will. Bending is my middle name.
      Fry: It is?
      Bender: Yep. My full name is Bender Bending Rodriguez.

    • Fry: Leela, Bender; we're going grave robbing!
      Bender: I'll go get my kit.

    • Yancy: That stupid clover is a worthless piece of garbage! Give it, give it, give it!

  • Notes

    • Bender's full name is revealed as Bender Bending Rodriguez in this episode.

      This adds to Bender's claim in Amazon Women in the Mood that he's Mexican.

    • First appearance of Fry's family.

    • Alien code: When one of the horses is being brought out onto the racetrack, an ad in Alien Code #1 can be seen on the inside of the track. It reads: "Not Without My Egg Case - Tonight On Lifetime" (a cheap stab at the programming on the Lifetime channel).

    • It doesn't jump out at you on the first viewing on the episode, but when Fry's father lists off the Frys who have been called Yancy, he says "me, my grandfather," etc - leaving out his own father. This was to leave the door open for Roswell That Ends Well, where we find out who is his father.

    • Fry's Mother was correct when stating that on the day Fry disappeared, Wisconsin won the Rose Bowl 17-9. They defeated Standford with that score, January 1, 2000 in the annual Bowl Game.

    • Fry's house in the 20th century is actually Futurama writer Eric Kaplan's childhood house.

  • Allusions

    • Dukakis
      The poster ROCK US DUKAKIS is reference to Michael Dukakis who ran for President in 1988 while in office as the 67th Governor of Massachusetts.

    • Play-dough

      The clay Yancy uses to blast open the safe is named Doh-Doh which is clearly a parody of Play-Doh.

    • Benetton:
      The poster for the 'Loosely confederated colors of Benetton' is a warp of the real slogan, 'United colors of Benetton.'

    • Bender: Alright, grab a shovel. I'm only one skull short of a Mouseketeer reunion.

      The Mouseketeers were members of the Mickey Mouse Club in a Disney-produced show on ABC which ran from 1955 (as advertising for the new Disneyland Park) to 1959. A famous Mouseketeer was Annette Funicello, who started her acting/singing career right on this show.

    • Harry Potter

      One of the horses' name is Harry Trotter. The allusion to the young wizard, is quite obvious.

    • The British band-mate and his speech is a tribute to all the old VH1 Behind The Music shows, especially The Police episode when they talk about the song "Roxanne."

    • TITLE: a spoof on the saying " THE LUCK OF THE IRISH"

    • Doug

      Yancy is the middle name of Doug Funnie from the Nicktoon "Doug". Billy West, who did the voice for Fry, also did the voice for Doug.

    • Fry: Noticably F.A.T., rewind the track!

      Noticably F.A.T. is likely a reference to the famous late east coast rapper Notorious B.I.G.

    • Fry: Name: Maurice Occupation: Space Cowboy

      This is a reference to the Steve Miller Band song 'The Joker.' The lyrics for the first verse are as follows: "Some people call me the Space Cowboy. Some call me the gangster of love. Some people call me Maurice. Because I talk of the pompitous of love."

    • Marvel Comic's The Thing

      "It's clovering time" is a reference to "It's clobbering time," an oft-repeated phrase by The Thing, of the Marvel Super-hero group "The Fantastic Four." Fry's brother's name, Yancy, is also a reference to one of The Thing's enemies, "those spiteful and insulting kids on Yancy Street."

    • The Gong Show/Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

      You see a tomb in the cemetery marked "Tomb of the Unknown Comic." This is a quick tribute to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and "The Unknown Comic", a comedian on The Gong Show who wore a paper bag over his head.

    • Madonna

      During the break-dancing scene, a few girls standing in the background are in vintage Madonna clothing from her "Lucky Star" video.

    • Safe-Cracking
      When Yancy breaks into the safe, he puts a certain type of clay along the edge and lights it on fire. This is an actual reference to the Anarchist's Cookbook, which was the first book to ever mention it.

    • Kangaroos
      When Fry attempts the septuple head-spin, he pulls the clover out of his shoe. Fry was wearing a pair of Kangaroos. These shoes were famous in the 1980s because of their pockets on each shoe.

    • Fry: Howard Stern is overrated!
      Of course, Billy West (voice of Fry) provides some celebrity impersonations on the Howard Stern show.

    • The Breakfast Club
      Fry hides his clover in the soundtrack to The Breakfast Club. Later, at the end, "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds is played as Fry looks proudly at his nephew's grave. This song is from the soundtrack! There are also mentions of other 80's artists, such as Huey Lewis and the News.

    • Professor: You changed the outcome by measuring it!
      When the winner of the horse race has to be determined under the microscope, Farnsworth's complaint hints at one of the interpretations of quantum mechanics. This interpretation states that until a measurement is taken a system is a mixture of all possible outcomes and that taking a measurement disturbs the system altering the results and forcing the system to choose only one of the possibilities. Subsequent measurements of the same situation taken far enough apart (timewise) may not yield a consistent outcome.

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