Season 6 Episode 12

The Mutants Are Revolting

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 02, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • 100 Deliveries (and episodes)!!!

    So Planet Express is about to deliver their 100th delivery: a souffle with medicinal nitroglicerin from Elzar to Mrs. Astor in Waldorf Asteroid. Bender is given the task of holding the souffle as he is gyroscopically stable of sth like it. There, they have to get to the mansion, but the only path is a very rickety bridge, so Bender to get the strength, runs backwards through all the asteroid, and then goes forward crossing the bridge, backwards again, and then jumps. In the mansion, Mrs. Astor thanks the company and invites them to stay for a dinner to raise funds or a mutant university. That night, they show a movie, nd Leela asks Fry to please be careful and not tell anyone she is a mutant. First they show a movie about the Land Titanic,, the only land cruise ever, with sank after it hit a mailbox, which both Mr. and Mrs. Astor went in, but only Mrs. Astor survived. The movie heavily critizises the mutants and when Leela stands up for them, she ends up lieaving. Fry tells Mrs. Astor she will be fine Fry: "you know how mutants are".

    And then the police sends her to the sewers. so Leela stays with er parents. Thjen at Planet Express, Bender is making plans for a great 100th party, Fry feels bad for Leela, and has a funny scene with Hermes: Fry: I feel bad for Leela

    Hermes: You SHOLUD fell bad for Leela!

    Fry: I feel like if it was my fault

    Hermes: It WAS your fault!

    Fry: I think we should do sth about it!

    Hermes: We SHOULD do sth about it!

    Fry: Shut up Hermes, I don't care what you say, we are doiing sth about it.

    Hermes: You DO care about what I say!

    So the gang goes to the mayor's office the try get her back, and Hermes accidentally says sth he wasn't reallt supposed too: Mayor: You could be punnished for havign a mutant living ileegally abouve surface

    Hermes: We DID have a mutant living illegally above surface! Oh oh...

    So they are all banished and they all fall on each other on the sewers, 'cept Zoidberg, who fell floating on an umbrella a la Mary Poppins and stated:

    Zoidy: Three dollars at the drugstore

    ^He sure knows how to make a good deal.

    Next to that Leela snaps and tells Fry he deosn't know how is to be a mutant and she won't forgive her. Bender meanwhile is having a great time at the party, which brings back lots of old characters, such as Lrrrr, Hedonismobot, Roberto, amogn others. So the gang sans Bender looking for a place to sleep find the rremains of ther Land Titanic. There the professor has a great moment

    Farnsworth: (after finding a skull) We should respect the remains of this dead people (proceeds to try and open a safe by smashign the skull against it)

    And they find a list of passengers and find something very interesting, a gemerald Mr Asotr bought for Mrs. Astor. And Fry makes a revealing comment:

    Fry: You guys know I have a crush on Leela?

    ^Yes, we do. Farnworth even slaps his cheek with a sketon's arm

    Bender suddenyl sees a picture of his friends toghether (and Zoidberg in the background, LOL) and decides to be with them and kicks everyone out of the party. So then FRy goes to the pond that turns humans in to mutants and jumps in, coming out as a diguisting weird slimy thingy I can't describe, he tells Leela he was right and both along with mutant DEvo, attempt to fight for mutant rights, by causing mayhem with the sewers, how? by bending together the main ducts, but who can bend those huge pipes together, Who??!?? Oh, yeah! Bender can.

    So, in comes BEnder as bends the pipes so everythign that comes down goes back up, and New New York is covered in filth, wich is being dragged to Madison Cube Garden. So the mutants come from the sewers to fight for their rights, asnd FRy, ,leading them tries to convince Mrs. Astor, giving her the gemerald they found, she throws it away and stays firm. But then Leela and Munga brind an old lady who tells her a tale from the day the Land Titanic sank. The mutants worked on the machinery ,and when the ship was sinking, Mr. Astor stayed in the ship and left her and her daughter go on the emergency boats. Then the lady turns out to be Leela's granny.

    Mrs. Astor starts to re-think and then when LEela kisses FRy, his mutant-y parts go away and it's revcelaed that when Fry jumped in the pond, he fell on Mr. Astor's mutantized body's mouth, and could leave FRy's body since then. The AStors are happily reunited and the mutants are given equal rights. Zoidberg: Hurray! A happy ending for the rich people!

    Then at Planet Express, Leela shows her parents her workplace, where Morris asks if there has been a fire. Bender then asks for another party, and the song Bend It! plays and Bender & Amy, Fry & Leela, Hermes, Zoidberg, Morris & Munga and Farnworth & Granny Leela dance together.

    I liked this one, it had a great share of humor and interesting story.
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