Season 6 Episode 10

The Prisoner of Benda

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 19, 2010 on Comedy Central

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  • A very funny episode with a decent plot, and some rather disturbing but in-character outcomes...

    "The Prisoner Of Benda"

    Grade: A

    As usual from our expectations, Ken Keeler delivers another fantastic episode of Futurama! The storyline of the episode was very interesting and funny, to have characters constantly switch with mixed parings such as Farnsworth and Zoidberg being Fry and Leela (delivering a rather disturbing scene) to Amy switching with Leela and making her fat as a result. The best scene by far is the one with Amy and Scruffy though, since it was in character for Scruffy and not expected, plus its kind of heartbreaking in a way too.

    The plot's resolution was quick, but I'm actually impressed on how much content this episode fitted in within the 22 minute mark. Nevertheless, The Prisoner Of Benda had jokes which almost all worked for me (The only one that didn't work too well I thought was the Japanese translator guy, and the mentioning of Nicolas Cage), but other than that, this episode had a strong plot, similar to Three Hundred Big Boys and The Farnsworth Parabox, with plenty of laughs (Zoidberg being Fry, Amy being Leela, and Fry and Leela as a couple... in Farnsworth and Zoidberg's body), many memorable quotes, and is easily one of the best this season. I'm going to give this episode a strong 9/10 on first viewing!