Season 5 Episode 3

The Route of All Evil

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2002 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Bender, Fry, and Leela are out buying beer, and can't seem to agree on which one to get. Leela decides to settle the argument by suggesting that they brew their own beer, an idea which Bender literally loses his head over.

At the Planet Express, both Hermes and Professor Farnsworth are scolding their sons for getting suspended from school for pouring salt on the school's gelatinous bully. They charge the crew, who is brewing and fermenting their homemade beer inside Bender, with babysitting duties. The boys soon get into mischief, even going so far as to send the Planet Express crew on a fake pizza delivery to a planet at the edge of the universe. The frustrated dads decide to punish the boys by telling them to get jobs. Cubert and Dwight announce to their dads that they are opening a competing delivery company, Awesome Express, which is really a newspaper delivery route. Their dads laugh at the idea and Cubert decides to make their business better by ordering instructions to build their own hovercraft.

Meanwhile, the beer inside Bender continuously ferments, causing him to swell and making him look pregnant. In fact, he, Fry, and Leela treat the whole process like a pregnancy, including Fry and Leela putting their hands on Bender's "bump" to feel their beer ferment and coming up with the name "Benderbrau" if it's an ale and "Botweiser" if it's a lager.

Despite their fathers' teasing, Cubert and Dwight prove to be better businessmen, with more customers and more money than Planet Express could ever dream of. Yet Hermes and Farnsworth seem unimpressed, so the boys resort to extreme measures to get their dads' attention. First they make a better job offer to the Planet Express crew so that they could now work for Awesome Express. Then they use a technicality, that Farnsworth was legally declared dead years ago, so that Cubert inherits Planet Express and the ship, and turns it into Awesome Express. Now jobless, Hermes and Farnsworth are forced to admit that their sons have become better than them.

While watching tv, Bender goes into "labor" with the beer and, with Fry and Leela's help, delivers an ale, 5 galleons 6 ounces, and names it Benderbrau. The boys then return from their recent delivery and are angry to find Bender with a armload of beer. Just then, the calls start pouring in from angry customers because they haven't received their papers in a while.

At Hermes house, the dads are still feeling sorry for themselves when their sons come running in and begs for their help because they took on way too many customers and were so overwhelmed that they started dumping the papers in a moon crater. Their dads are ecstatic that they are still needed after all, but they have to know why the boys did what they did. Dwight confesses it was to make the men proud of their sons, to which Hermes replies "You ruined us with sleazy business practices and a complete disregard for human decency; of course we're proud of you."

The fathers then help their sons with the newspaper delivery, but the last house they go to belongs to the bully they had poured salt on earlier.

Cubert and Dwight explain that they also broke the window of the house so the dads take their sons to the house to apologize to the bully's father. However, they soon fight with Mr. Blob, who winds up eating Hermes and Farnsworth and digesting them.

At the hospital, the boys are commenting on how their dads are the coolest ever, when Mr. Blob comes walking in. He apologizes for his behavior and explains that he needs to show his son that real men settle their arguments with words and not violence. Bender then comes walking in with his new beer.

While the dads are enjoying the Benderbrau, the bully takes a page from his dad's book and eats Dwight and Cubert.