Season 5 Episode 3

The Route of All Evil

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2002 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • The flower bouquet offered by Horrible Gelatinous Blob appears identical to the bouquet Kif brought to his date with Amy on the episode "Amazon Women in The Mood" from the third season. (Though the two were produced together.)

    • Bender gives "birth" to a 5 gallon 6 ounce Ale

    • When the beer that Bender is brewing is finally ready, Bender calls it "Benderbraü and the label shows Bender with a comic balloon that reads: "Get Drunk!"

    • This episode's Taco Bellevue Hospital sign reads:
      Urine samples in collectible NASCAR cups.

    • The 7-11 sign reads:
      The cashier does not have the keys to a successfull marriage.


    • In the 7-11, we see that Samuel Adams beer still exists, but its been changed to Sam Adam's Head.

    • Bender is seen looking through a magazine called Victoria's Circut.

    • LOOK HARD: One of the joke ads you can see on the comicbook: Army Of 5 Million Robots! $2.00

    • Either Dwight or Cubert has a lunch box with Zapp Brannigan on it.

    • In I, Roomate Bender isn't allowed to stay at Fry's apartment because he has an antenna. He has to chop it off. In this episode Fry just pops it off to put in yeast for the beer.

    • When they're delivering the papers, who's flying the ship?

    • When Bender is giving birth to the beer, the table is clear. A few moments later, it has a bunch of phones on it.

    • When the Daily Supernova is first delivered to Dwight and Cubert, there is a stack of papers next to Planet Express (on the left side of the screen). They are gone in the next scene.

    • It seemed like it took quite some effort to transform the ship into the Awesome Express. When the ship was changed back to the Planet Express, it only took a moment and they were delivering the newspapers.
      RESPONSE: It was probably much easier for them to strip the new paint off than to paint it on as they had to do the lettering, decals, and such.

  • Quotes

    • Bender: Hey, chumps, I heard you were on the ass-end of an ass-kicking so I figured you could use a couple these little babies.
      (hands everyone a beer)

    • Horrible Gelatinous Blob: Aww. Tell you what, I'll accept their apology when they kiss my ass! Which I don't have!

    • Bender: (singing) Hush, little brewski,
      Don't you leak,
      Daddy wants to drink for at least a week.

    • (Cubert and Dwight have taken over Planet Express)
      Hermes (angry): You rotten kids! (nice) Will you be hiring?
      Dwight: No.
      Hermes: (angry) You rotten kids!

    • Leela: You know how much an apartment that big would cost on the Sun?

    • Farnsworth (shouting): I'm blowing you a kiss.
      (He blows it and Cubert screams)
      Cubert: Take evasive action!
      Farnsworth: (shouting) It's closing in! You can't avoid it! It's a cheek-seeker. And ... gotcha!
      Cubert: (screaming) Nooo!

    • Farnsworth: Goodness, there must be 50 papers in that bundle! That's a big number, 50.
      Cubert: Yeah, if you're an idiot!

    • Cubert: Uh, there's a crack in the hull here. That could cause explosive decompression.
      Dwight: Put a sticker on it.

    • Fry: Have you thought about what to name it?
      Bender: I was thinking Benderbrau if it's an ale, or Botweiser if it's a lager.

    • Dwight: Man, the ad said to allow four to six seconds for delivery.
      (Cubert snorts)
      Cubert: More like seven!

    • Dwight: Why do they always treat us like dumb kids? We're practically old enough to find the Fox Network infantile!

    • Hermes: Welcome to the world of business!
      (He and Farnsworth kick the stand)

    • Hermes: Company? (He laughs) How cute! What will you be peddling? Lemonade? Shoe shines? Cootie insurance?
      Farnsworth: Perhaps they've constructed a teddy bear hospital!

    • Cubert: Come on Dad, shuffle faster!

    • Hermes: You jerked the words right outta my mouth. We're their fathers and it's high times we acted like it.
      (Bender rubs his hands together)
      Bender: Ooh-hoo! Here comes violence!
      Hermes: Get a job, you lazy kids!
      (Dwight and Cubert gasp and Bender groans)
      Bender: I guess if you want children beaten (He pulls out a bat) you have to do it yourself.

    • Cubert: Plus, they're making bootleg beer inside company property!
      Bender: (shouting) Lies! Lies and slander!
      Farnsworth: Accusing gentle Bender of a misdeed? That's the last straw!

    • Dwight: What's this devices marketability? Who's the target consumer?
      Farnsworth: There is no target consumer! Only targets.

    • Cubert (Farnsworth's voice): Good news, everyone! I'm a horse's butt!
      Farnsworth: I am? That's not good news at all.

    • Cubert: Hey, Dad. What useless contraption are you half-baking today?
      Farnsworth: Eh, wha? Oh! This is my latest invention, it's a device that lets anyone sound exactly like me!

    • Leela: Actually, Dwight, you're right. Alcohol is very, very bad ... for children. But once you turn 21 it becomes very, very good. So scram!

    • Bender: We're making beer. I'm the brewery.

    • Cubert: (He looks at Leela) If it isn't my old friend, stretch pants (He looks at Bender) no pants and (He looks at Fry) idiot!

    • Farnsworth: Crew, you remember Cubert? Wonderful! Then I'm sure you won't mind being their legal guardians for a month!

    • Cubert: That's it, Bret. You've compressed our lunches to a singularity for the last time!

    • Dwight: My Manwich!

    • Bret: Pretty scrawny black hole. It must be hungry.
      Cubert: Duh! Black holes don't need food.
      Bret: Neither do nerds!

    • LaBarbara: Now hold on. Everyone, cool your daiquiris!

    • Hermes: Alright, alright. What do we do when we break somebody's window?
      Dwight: Pay for it?
      Hermes: Heavens no! We apologise! With nice cheap words!

    • Dwight: Can I use the gun Dad?
      Hermes: Aw what kind of father would I be if I said no?

    • Farnsworth: Why did you boys do all this?
      Dwight: We just wanted you to be proud of us.
      Hermes: Proud of you? You ruined us with sleazy business practices and a complete disregard for human decency. But, of course we're proud of you.
      Farnsworth: Damn right we are! Now come on. Let's go do a little Father/Son weaseling out of this.

    • Cubert: Hey Leela, help me apply these flame decals I got in my cereal. They'll make the ship go faster.
      Leela: And what's your scientific basis for thinking that?
      Cubert: I'm 12.

    • Hermes: Sweet guineapig of Winnipeg! They've taken over our company!
      Farnsworth: Balderdash! I never agreed to that!
      Dwight: No. But you did declare yourself dead 3 years ago as a tax dodge.
      Farnsworth: Tax dodge nothing! You take one nap in a ditch in the park and they start declaring you this and that.

    • Hermes: Naturally, we're humiliated.
      Farnsworth: That's why we need you, our loyal crew, to make Planet Express 800% more profitable.
      Hermes: We'll start by slashing salaries. And this time I mean really slash.
      Leela: Uh guys, I don't know how to tell you this. So I'll just let Fry blurt it out thoughtlessly.
      Fry: We don't work for you anymore!

    • Dwight: Our Dads are never impressed, no matter what we do.
      Cubert: Maybe we should start a fire.
      Dwight: If we really want to impress them we'll have to crush them with strategy...Dwight Lightning!
      Cubert: Very well. But I get to name the next strategy.

    • Sal: Gets movin'! Those newspapers won'ts deliver themselveses! Only the Sunday edition can dos that.

    • Hermes: So your delivery company is just a cute harmless paper route?
      Farnsworth: Phew!
      Dwight: No. Its a serious business.
      Farnsworth: Yes its a tremendous responsibility alright! What if a paper were to land in a puddle?
      Hermes: Civilisation as we know it might get splashed!

    • Bender: Those pork dumplings sent us on a fake delivery.
      Fry: The address was on Dogdoo 8 but the universe ends right after Dogdoo 7!

    • Cubert: See? That bully started it. We couldn't fight back with brawn so we used our brains!
      Farnsworth: I've warned you not to use those things!

    • (Zoidberg comes in as Farnsworth and Hermes are yelling at Cubert and Dwight)
      Zoidberg: What's going on? Is this angry yelling or busted hearing aid yelling?
      Hermes: I'm afraid it's both.
      Farnsworth:(Shouting) What?!

    • Hermes: Cursed bacteria of Liberia. My own son suspended from boarding school.
      Dwight: It's not my fault dad.
      Farnsworth: And you Cubert. I cloned you from one of my warts and I can send you straight back in there.

    • Bender: Ah beer! So many choices! And it makes so little difference.
      Fry: How 'bout Löbrau? It has dots on it.
      Bender: Overruled. The choice of champions is Pabst Blue Robot!
      Fry: I can't drink that! The metal shavings make my throat bloody.
      Bender: Waah waah! Baby wants a Zima!
      Leela: Hey hey! We can all fight when we're drunk. Now listen: Why don't we just brew our own beer?
      Bender: You can brew your own beer?
      Leela: Sure, the kids at the orphanarium used to do it all the time.

    • Leela: If you were my kids, you'd get quite the talking to. From your father. When he got home from the senate.

    • Farnsworth: Good thing I had this net installed for catching giraffes.

    • Dwight: I heard alcohol makes you stupid.
      Fry: No I'm ... doesn't!

    • Farnsworth: He's come to finish the job! Someone toss me out the window!

  • Notes

    • According to the commentary on the Season 3 DVD for this episode, the Futurama writers brewed beer whilst writing the episodes.

    • When the slime guy throws the lunch boxes into the miniature black hole, Conrad says "My Manwich" which is what Hermes says in The Deep South twice.

    • The label that the crew put on their beer is roughly the same that writter Dan Vebber used to put on his family's real beer they used to brew.

    • This episode was originally made to be aired during Season 3 (two seasons ago), but was put on the shelf for all this time by FOX. It was also going to be the 5th Season Premiere, but FOX changed it at the last minute.

    • Although Amy is seen in this episode, Lauren Tom does not provide any voices in this episode. Neither does Dave Herman.

    • Cubert was first introduced back in Season 2 with A Clone of My Own and although this is the first real episode featuring Dwight Conrad, he did make his first appearance back in Season 4's Anthology of Interest 2, and then again in A Leela of Her Own.

  • Allusions

    • Klein Bottle

      The second beer shown in the opening sequence is "Klein's beer", and is presented in Klein bottles. Klein bottles are 4-dimensional surfaces observed in mathematics.

    • Fortran, Olde English 800: The beer brand Olde Fortran is reference to the both the Fortran programming language (Which is pretty old) and the actual beer Olde English 800 which has a similar looking bottle.

    • Lightning Bolt

      The lightning bolt symbol on the "Dwight Lightning" coverpage is similar to the symbol of "Static Shock." Phil LaMarr also voiced the main character in "Static."

    • Paperboy

      While Dwight and Cubert are first delivering papers, they are chased by a dog, they break a window with a paper, and they find themselves on the front page of the local paper (on a very slow news day). All the while, music that is similar to that of "Paperboy" plays in the background.

      "Paperboy" was a video game for the Nintendo game console. The object of the game was to deliver papers while overcoming obstacles and minimizing mistakes. This is exactly what Dwight and Cubert were doing.

    • Sticker that reads: "Mom's Moron Oil for Dumb Robots"
      This is a parody of Wacky Packages, a highly successful line of stickers that spoof popular products

    • Farnsworth: "Accusing Gentle Bender of a misdeed?"

      Gentle Ben was a TV series that lasted from 1967-1969 and starred Clint Howard, director Ron Howard's little brother.

    • Hermes sings the lyrics "Stuff it, file it, oh yeah, send it overnight" to the tune of Bob Marley's "Get up, Stand up."

    • Hermes' neighborhood is exactly identical to the Cosbys'.

    • Title: it's a parody of the expresion, "THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL"

    • Star Wars
      When the Space-Dog chases the kids and gets eaten, the worm that pops out is the famous space slug the Millennium Falcon escapes from in The Empire Strikes Back.

    • The Little Prince
      The boy on the round asteroid is a character from the book "Le Petit Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. When hit by the paper and disappears into space, he exclaims "Au Revoir", which is French for "Goodbye".

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