Season 5 Episode 8

The Why of Fry

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 2003 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Bender and Leela go on a mission without Fry and it makes Fry feel unimportant. Even worse, Fry finds out that Leela has a date with the Mayor's Aide. While on her date, Leela asks Fry if he could walk Nibbler, just in case she won't make it home and he reluctantly agrees. Bad luck ensues as he takes him out and when he says how unimportant he feels, Nibbler speaks to him and tells him of his importance. Nibbler takes Fry to his home planet and tells him of his importance in the universe. When he had gone back in time to 1947 and became his own grandfather, it had caused a genetic abnormality which resulted in him not receiving the delta brain wave, therefore making him immune to the brain-spawn's rays to make people stupid.

The Nibblonians ask Fry to go and set off a bomb at the brain-spawn's new base which is just about finished absorbing everything there is to know in the universe. The bomb will send the brain spawn into an alternate dimension. Fry sets off the bomb, but can't escape because his scooter the Nibblonians had given him to escape on had broken apart. In the last few seconds before being zapped into the alternate dimension, the brains tell Fry to ask the computer about what happened the night he was frozen. Fry then finds out that Nibbler had set Fry up to be frozen and it angers Fry to know that because of those few minutes in 1999, he had lost his old life. After being sent to the alternate dimension, the brains tell Fry that they can send him back to 1999 to right before he was frozen so he can stop it from happening. It would also allow the brains to take over in a thousand years. They send him back and he appears under the desk that Nibbler was at preparing to shove Fry in the freezing chamber. After choking him a bit, Fry lets Nibbler explain himself and he tells Fry of the importance that he be frozen. He asks if there is anything he would miss in the future and Fry says that the only thing of importance to him is Leela. Nibbler reveals her as "the other" and says that Fry has a good shot to be with Leela. Fry then agrees to allow Nibbler to freeze him and he is sent back to the future. Nibbler remembers the event and in a thousand years on the night Fry was to infiltrate the brain spawn's base, he gives Fry a more powerful scooter to escape on, therefore not getting Fry trapped in the alternate dimension. Fry and Nibbler return to Earth where Fry's memory is erased and they continue on as if nothing had happened.

Meanwhile, Leela's date with the Mayor's Aide had gone over very well... at first. They had started the evening off dining at Elzar's, then they went to the hoverskating rink. Much to Leela's surprise, the Mayor's Aide had rented the whole place to themselves because it is so hard to get in. As they are skating, Leela notices that the orphanarium had come to go skating and she asks the Aide if the orphans can join them. The Mayor's Aide says no and tells the orphans to beat it. Leela shoves the Mayor's Aide's badge in his mouth and then storms off.

When Fry and Leela get back to Planet Express, Leela tells Fry how glad she is to have Fry there for her. Fry says that he must be the most important person in the universe. The episode ends when Leela shares a small kiss with Fry.
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