Season 5 Episode 8

The Why of Fry

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • This is a sweet episode.

    This episode is super funny. It's one of my favorite episodes. It is the best written episode out of all the other Futurama episodes. It is just sweet. It's a sequal to "The Day The Earth Stood Stupid".

    Bender and Leela went on a deliivery without Fry. They got medals. Fry feels unimportant because he was left out. On top of that, Leela goes out with the mayors aide. He is really sad. He feels worthless. He walks Nibbler because Leela asked him to. Nibbler knocks out Fry and brings him to his home planet in the little spaceship that he brought Leela to his home planet in, in the episode "The Day The Earth Stood Stupid". The Nibblonians ask Fry to set off a bomb in the brain spawn's new base. The bomb would send them to a alternate dimension for eternity. It has to be Fry because he is the only person that lacks a certain brain wave. The brain wave is the only way that brain spawn's can know if something is there or not, and that's the wave that they need to turn people stupid. He doesn't have the brain wave because he went back in time to 1947 and became his own grandfather (it's in the episode "Roswell That Ends Well"). The brain spawn's are alomst done absorbing all the information in the universe. Once they do, they will destroy the universe so no new information will be made. He agrees to. The Nibblonians give Fry a Snooty Puff Jr. to go in and out (Snooty Puff Jr. is a kind of hover bike). Fry has one minute to get in and out because the brain spawn's base is scanning itself and that's the last piece of knowledge it needs, to know everything in the universe. He goes in and he realizes that the brain spawn's base knows everything in the world. He asks a few questions and the alarm goes off. The brain spawn's try to stop him, but he lacks the brain wave, so he doesn't get affected. The brain spawn's base is starting to close. He starts pedaling out, but the Snooty Puff Jr. breaks. Fry is really stupid, so he sets the bomb off anyway. He saves the world, but he is trapped for eternity with brain spawn's. They hate him and they want him gone, so they have an idea. They can send Fry back to the year 2000. They do, but right before they do, they show Fry a video. It's of him in the year 2000, when he got frozen. It turns out that Nibbler is the guy that did the prank phone call the night that he got frozen. Nibbler is also the one who pushed Fry into the freezer. He did it so that Fry could go to the future and save everyone. Anyway, Fry goes back to the year 2000. He goes back to where Nibbler pushed him in the freezer (under the desk). Fry stops Nibbler, but Nibbler convinces Fry to push himself into the freezer because Leela would die if he didn't. He starts fading away and realizes that he would just get blown up again and spend an eternity with brian spawn's again. Right before he fades away completly, he yells "Just remember, Snooty Puff Jr. sucks". He went to the future and did the exact same stuff he did before. When it gets to the part of his life where he blows up the brain spawn's base, he does and makes it out alive. He makes it out because of what he said about Snooty Puff Jr. They made the hover bike better. Then Nibbler brings Fry back to Earth and erases his memory. Leela's date didn't work out with the Mayor's aide and Fry is happy. Everything is back to normal and Fry doesn't remember a thing.

    I give this episode a 10 out of 10.