Season 5 Episode 8

The Why of Fry

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 06, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • A hilarious explanation of why Fry came to the future.

    This episode is hillarious,and informative and some hilarious parts are when Fry said he did do the nasty in the pasty and when Fry was getting ready for the mission and he yelled at Zoidberg for giving him the same toy surprise as last time. Also it was very funny when Fry was talking to Bender and Bender kept saying nope to everything Fry said and then Fry said Bender is great and then Bender said nope and then he got annoyed. Also some more hilarious parts are when The Giant Brain said he killed the dinosaurs and when one of the brains said to Fry if he sent them into another dimention that they would make a clique that you won't be part of. Overall because of it's hilarity and explanation of why Fry came to the future is why this is such a good episode.
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