Season 5 Episode 11

Three Hundred Big Boys

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 15, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • why it took me seeing it twice to actually like it.

    I was first introduced to Futurama through my boyfriend, who has a wonderful obsession with it. He showed me this episode first before starting me through the full seasons. The first time a saw this episode I was utterly confused with what was going on. Of course the characters were new to me and I hadn\'t really seen any other episodes of it. My boyfriend\'s advice was just watch it. Well.. a few weeks later and a complete submersion into the world that is Futurama I finally come around to watching this episode again. Needless to say I was rolling on the floor laughing. I believe that it takes the character development of all the previous episodes to truly enjoy this episode. I think this episode is really the epitome of everyone\'s personality. For example... Kif spends all of his refund on Amy... and Amy spends all of her refund on herself... and when she looses the watch that kif gave her, it is Leela, that always gives everything of herself to everyone else that spends her $300 on the ability to get the watch back. Its also in the personal touch of when Fry blows out the flame on Leela\'s dress before rescuing her that shows you how much he cares. I believe it is the added touches and the painstaking time that was put in to all of the episodes before this one that make this one, in my opinion one of the best episodes.... that and the often used quote from Morbo of \'stop it, stop it, its fine... I WILL DESTROY YOU!\'
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