Season 3 Episode 14

Time Keeps on Slipping

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM May 06, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • Gets Boring The More I See It

    It is an exciting episode the first time you watch it, but I think that the more I see it, the quality goes down. It is too predictable (Well of course it is, but still), it's not as funny, and the plot doesn't seem as good. And I do not think the ending is that sad, to be honest. My overall grade for this is an A- or so, but to be honest I do think it should be lower. I like the episode it just goes down a little more the more I see it. Still good, I think
  • One of my favourites and is usually underrated

    "Time Keeps On Slippin'"

    Grade: A*

    This episode of Futurama is a fine example of being able to use a plot of making funny and serious things happen at a same time, whilst using the development of the characters in the show as a key point in this episode. Time Keeps On Slippin' is able to use this mechanic perfectly, and ends on a rather sad-happy ending as a result.

    The story begins with the Planet Express crew taking a day off in Central Park, when a spaceship lands on the park. It turns out to be the Harlem Globetrotters, who want to challenge Earth to a basketball match for no reason. Farnsworth accepts the challenge, and goes back to Planet Express to make the team, whilst Fry tries to get Leela to go out with him continously throughout the episode, with no success.
    Farnsworth shows the crew his Mutant Basketball team he made, but everyone sees they are still infants. Farnsworth sends them on a mission to collect time chronitons in space to speed up the process of growth.
    The crew come back with the chronitons, and Farnsworth feeds them to the Mutants, speeding them up adult form in seconds. At the game, the Mutants are actually beating the Globetrotters for a while, until time skips start happening randomly forwards through time. One of the Mutant members gets accidently killed, and Fry, trying to impress Leela, fills in as the substitute, but with less than 2 minutes to go, a time skip shows his team getting thrashed by the Globetrotters by the end.
    Farnsworth starts to worry about the time skips, and the Globetrotters are willing to try and help solve the problem with them as well. Farnsworth and the Globetrotters think that if they can move the stars correctly back from where the chronitons were moved, time would stop skipping.
    Unfortuantly, they need to build a "huge ass" gravity pump, which would cost alot of money and time to make. The time skip helps them speed this process up, and as a result they have it built. The crew use the pump to move the stars back to what positions they were by default, and are assumed to have successfully stopped the time skips.
    Shortly afterwards, Fry again tries to win Leela with trying to impress her on knowing how to fly the ship and giving here the Champagne she likes, but Leela tells him outright that "there's just no way that they're both ever going to..." but then the time skip occurs again, and its at Fry and Leela's wedding.
    Leela assumes that Fry drugged or hypnotised her due to the side-effect of the time skip of not knowing what happens in between. Fry tells her this is not the case, and then another time skip occurs and they are divorced.
    Fry, annoyed at not knowing what he did to win Leela's heart, is confused and baffled to how it happened. Meanwhile, Farnsworth and the Globetrotters noticed a flaw in their space-time equation and conclude that if they create a black hole to remove the remaining time chronitons, then it should permanantly stop the time skips.
    Fry, Leela, and Bender head to do the mission, and Leela originally decided to pilot the ship, but seeing Fry depressed she changes her mind and offers him to do it whilst setting the black hole device off. With the last remaining seconds of the time chronitons, Fry sees a message in the stars. It says "I LOVE YOU LEELA" and he realises what made him win Leela's heart. The bomb is detonated seconds later and the message disappears into the black hole. Fry asks Leela and Bender if they saw the message, but they didn't, and Fry keeps it to himself. He looks at the window, and realises he's missed his opportunity.

    A fantastic and slightly sad episode. Time Keeps On Slippin' has alot of good jokes used on the premise of time skipping randomly forwards, and the subplot with Fry and Leela was very good. I also liked how Bender wanted to become a Globetrotter, but realised there's no way he can be on. This episode is quite underrated on some sites, but I feel its one of the best by far!
  • The Harlem Globe Trotters come to Earth and challenge it's inhabitants to a basketball game for glory. Professor Farnsworth accepts their challenge with his team of mutant super men.

    The first time I saw this episode I came in at the end, after the crew had moved the stars around the nebula with the gravity machine.

    I came in at the part when Leela was telling Fry that there was no way that they would ever go out, and then time skipped to when they were getting married.

    After this Leela accused Fry of tricking her into marrying him, divorced him, and pretty much stopped on his heart, showing that there is no way that she will care for him the way he cares for her.

    Then Leela lets Fry pilot the ship to take them out to a safe distance from the nebula, so they won't get pulled in when they set off the doomsday device. While Fry is doing this she goes into another room to do something else with Bender.

    The whole time Fry is taking the ship out he is wondering what magnificent thing he did to get Leela to love him, and just before they set off the doomsday device he sees that the stars around the nebula say "I love you Leela." Then the device goes off and sucks them all in.

    Fry yells for Leela and Bender to come back, and when they do he asks if they seen it, and they ask "Seen what?" Fry says "Nothing," and just stares out the window as Leela and Bender walk away and Bender whistles the Globe Trotters theme music.

    So Fry moved the stars themselves for Leela and got nothing. It was much more sad for me the first time I saw it because I thought it took a lot more work, but after I saw it the second time, it was still pretty sad. Overall a great episode. In my top three.
  • Hilarious and sad.

    This episode was so funny and the end was sad and some hilarious parts are when Leela told Fry to cool his jets and he said come on Leela and she said really cool your jets your melting Bender's face and then you see Bender under Fry's jet melting and when that mutant with a cannon in his chest showboated after making a shot and Farnsworth got made and could barely pick up a chair and barely could throw it. Also it was very funny when those kids where standing outside and on kid said stupid old people why do we have to give them money and then time skipped and they where old and the same kid said we deserve money. Overall because of the hilarious time skips,basketball game,and because of the sad last scene is why this is so good.
  • Excellent!

    A really great episode. This episode has to be one of my favorite episodes of Futurama. It was a great idea for a plot, and the jokes were spot on ever single time. I also enjoyed the introduction to the Harlem Globetrotters, it was very memorable. I also liked Professor Farnsworth's mutants, they were very funny, and I enjoyed them a lot. Another shining scene was the basketball game. I enjoyed it a lot.

    After a basketball game with the Harlem Globetrotters (who, in Futurama of course, are from a distant planet in the universe), time starts to skip at random times.
  • one of the best episodes, touching and funny

    Freakin hillarious episode. If you've never been in Fry's shoes in this episode, then count yourself to be one lucky son of a gun. I've seen this episode many times and each time it proves meaningful since I find myself in some random heartbreak every few months.
    It never ceases to amaze me that Futurama can be completely absurd with the Harlem Globetrotters, be absolutely hilarious, and prove to be one of the most touching shows on television.Catch this episode for some real life truly touching pain in a comedic setting. You don't see that in Family Guy. the whole episode is hillarious until fry sees the stars and found out what made leela like him before, but leela sucks the stars into a black whole before she can see what they say
  • One of my favorite episodes in the history of TV!!!!!

    In the 30th Century, the once entertaining Harlem Globetrotters are now feared as they will humiliate any planet in the Universe who dares to play them. Feeling up to the challenge, Professor Farnsworth creates a group of mutant basketball players to go head-to-head with the Globetrotters. Farnsworth's secret winning ingredient is chronitons, time particles found in the Tempus Nebula. However, when the Planet Express crew removes the mutants from harvesting, they tip off the Time/Space Continuum causing forward motion of time to skip ahead.

    This episode had so many hilarious jokes that no other show could duplicate!!! I absolutely loved this episode as one of the best episodes from a TV series ever! Maybe not that good but still amazingly hilarious with many great jokes. You don't want to miss this episode.
  • Professor Farnsworth creates mutant, superhuman basketball players to play against the Harlem Globetrotters but in the process ruins space-time. The crew need to figure out how to solve the problem as time keeps skipping forward.

    This is one of the first episodes that really pushes the idea that Fry loves Leela. Other episodes have hinted at it but it takes on a major role from here on out in the series. There was one major issue I had with this episode. Bender and Fry both seemed to be out of character throughout the episode. Fry could be explained by him simply falling in love with Leela and trying to act less childish to win her over. With Bender, I was always expecting him to just give up on trying to become a Globetrotter and end up robbing Bubble Gum Tate. Both characters just seemed very different in this episode. Also, I thought that Bender's life long dream was to become a folk singer, which he realized in the previous episode.

    In conclusion, Time Keeps On Slipping was still a good episode. Not as entertaining as most others but the development of the Fry - Leela "romance" can boost its grade up.

  • Time leaps forward and random moments.

    After being challenged to a basketball game by the Harlem Globetrotters, the Professor grows some mutant superman to play against them. He harvests some chronitons to accelerate their growth. After which times starts leaping forward at random moments in time.

    During the time jumps we see Fry and Leela get married. But Fry cannot remember what act caused the change in Leela's mind about their relationship. Fry desperately tries to discover what great thing he did to win her heart only to see that destroyed before his very eyes.

    Overall this is a very special episode, another hint towards the fact that Leela holds feelings for Fry.
  • Introduction of the Harlem Globetrotters

    This episode is a very well plotted one and can do the one thing most sitcoms cannot, being a hilarious show with some emotional scenes that can still make you laugh yet feel for the characters at the same time.
    Bender never being able to achieve his lifelong dream of being a Globetrotter makes you laugh at his idea of a dream but also has some scenes that make you realise he'll never be completely happy.
    Fry and Leela somehow getting married, Fry thinking he must have done some great gesture and Leela completely convinced that Fry tricked her by drugging or hypnotising her makes you laugh yet feel for Fry, especially at the end where the one thing that made Leela love him was destroyed and all hope was gone.
    Farnsworth was hilarious in this episode with one of those frequent "Good news everyone" before sending the crew to gather cronatons, which destroyed an entire civilisation, the doomsday devices and the super-atomic super men.
    The time skips are hilarious, especially Amy's, Zoidberg's and Farnsworth's aswell as the kids down at the soial security office, though why nobody else aged, I'll never understand. The news report skipping was hilarious aswell and this episode proves that Futurama should never have been cancelled.
  • Episodes like this make me fall in love with Futurama over and over again.

    If you've never been in Fry's shoes in this episode, then count yourself to be one lucky son of a gun. I've seen this episode many times and each time it proves meaningful since I find myself in some random heartbreak every few months.

    It never ceases to amaze me that Futurama can be completely absurd with the Harlem Globetrotters, be absolutely hilarious, and prove to be one of the most touching shows on television.

    Catch this episode for some real life truly touching pain in a comedic setting. You don't see that in Family Guy.
  • After an experiment of the Professor's(creating a team of mutants to play the Harlem Globetrotters) goes wrong, the Planet Express crew must find a way to stop time from skipping forward randomly. Meanwhile, Fry pines for Leela.

    This isn't an episode you hear about (compared to, say, the Roswell episode) but it's a personal favorite of mine. The great thing about this episode is that it is not only incredibly funny, but it has a good plot and is very character-based. This episode really focuses on Fry's attempts to woo Leela. He even succeeds in winning her, but due to a time skip, neither one remembers what he did, and he loses her again. The random time skips made for some hilarious moments, and the sad ending will make you go "awwww."
  • Fry loves Leela so much, but she doesnt want to be more than friends and Bender wants to be a globetrotter

    This was a very sad, but at the same time, funny episode. It was sad because Bender tried everything to be a Globetrotter and in the end he couldn’t be one because the Globetrotters didn’t let him.

    Fry wants Leela so bad, but she doesn’t want him. Fry even learned how to drive the ship just to impress Leela but still she didn’t even want to go out with him. Because of the the space/time continuum, we saw that Leela and Fry got married but then divorced and at the end where Fry finally sees what he did that made Leela fall in love with him, he had moved the stars to say “Leela I love you” but she didn’t see it.

    The professor was hilarious. With all his dooms day devices, getting all the money in the world and his invention to move the chronitons, he really made me laugh.
  • The Globetrotters challenge Earth to a basketball game for prestige points, and Farnsworth takes up the gauge with his mutant-atomic superman. But they are just babies and the crew must collect particles called chromitones to help them grew. This distorts

    This is my favorite eipsode and probably the best of the series. Because of the time-skips the plot skips past the uneventful parts, such as when Bubblegum says "we'd need all the money on earth..." and time skips forward to President Nixon handing him and the Professor a check for "all of Earth's money." The two best lines of the episode are: 1. When one of the Globetrotters says they'd need some sort of doomsday device, Farnsworth perks up and says "Doomsday device you say? Now the balls in Farnsworth's court!" 2. When Bender is putting the doomsday device in place and Leela tells him to be carefuly he replies, "What does it matter...my life and by extension everyone else's is meaningless."