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  • Season 1 Episode 1: Space Pilot 3000

  • In the scene in Old New York, where Leela quits her job and Bender steals her ring, she clearly puts the ring back on her finger. However, when her hand reappears after being hidden behind her leg, the ring is gone.

  • In the beginning of the episode, The Cryogenics building stays on the Old New York surface. But afterwards, the building's on the surface of New New York!

  • In the Hall of the U.S. Presidents, there are actually two heads of Grover Cleveland. This is a reference to the fact that Cleveland is the only person to serve two non-consecutive terms as President, and is numbered as both the 22nd and 24th President of the U.S.

  • It turns out Bender is the one who destroyed the city while Fry is frozen in the year 2308, as seen in Futurama: Benders Big Score.

  • Opening theme promotion: IN COLOR
    Opening theme cartoon: Little Buck Cheeser (1937) (MGM)

  • The career chips of the previous Planet Express crew come from an envelope stating they were found in the stomach of a space wasp. However, it is learned in the future episode, "The Sting", that they were killed by space bees.

  • No one reacts oddly or in alarm to Fry saying that Leonard Nimoy was Spock in public like they did in the future episode, "Where No Fan Has Gone Before."

  • When Fry asks the head of Leonard Nimoy, aka Mr. Spock, to do the Live Long and Prosper finger thing, Leonard says he no longer does that. It is presumed in this episode it is simply because he has no hands, but the truth behind this statement is seen in the future episode, "Where No Fan Has Gone Before".

  • Fry is frozen holding a LöBrau beer from 1999. But in later episodes he is seen drinking the same brand. So somehow that company lasted 1000 years...

  • While Fry is frozen aliens come and destroy civilization twice, but there are no ruins for the medieval civilization that rose up after the first time.

  • A Professor Farnsworth invention seen in this episode is The Relative Box.

  • During the complete earth shot in the countdown scene, the western hemisphere was shown in complete daylight, which does not correspond with Fry being in New York City at midnight.

  • The career chips system introduced here, in this episode, are contradicted several times throughout the series through job changes, incompetents, examples of a free market economy and references to the 'Earthican dream.'

  • Professor Farnsworth's slippers change colour and shape from one scene to the next when in the Planet Express building.

  • Leela wasn't wearing a ring prior to the handholding scene with Fry.

  • When in the Head Museum, Barbra Streisand's head is able to be seen, although it is incorrectly spelled as 'Barbara.'

  • The Panucci's Pizza box Fry is delivering reads 'Do not tip the delivery boy!'

  • The man in Leela's poster, who gives a thumbs-up, has five fingers on each hand. People within the Futurama universe, maybe a part from select mutants, have four.

  • The Circle Line ship can be seen shipwrecked under New New York Harbour.

  • In the intro, the Statue of Liberty holds a gun in her torch hand, but during the episode, in the future, she is holding part of the 'travel-tube.'

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