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  • Season 2 Episode 20: Anthology of Interest I

  • Gary Gygax died during the making of the third Futurama direct to DVD movie Bender's Game which spoofed Dungeons and Dragons. After a dedication credit, a clip from this episode is shown of Gygax saying "Anyone want to play Dungeons and Dragons for the next Quadrillion years?"

  • After Fry falls and bumps his head on the freezer door, he gets up and the table he was sat at is now a lot further away from the freezer than it was when he fell.

  • When giant Bender rips Shea Stadium from its foundations, a sign indicates that the Mets were the World Series Champions in 1969 and 1986, which means that they won't win between now and the year 3000! This is further stated in the episode "A Leela of Her Own".

  • Bender: I wanna ask it a question! As a robot living among humans, I've never really felt accepted at parties or nude beaches. So I've always secretly wondered: What if I was 500 feet tall?

    At first it seems as though Bender is going to ask what it would be like if he were human, but instead he changes it. This foreshadows future events because in the sequel, Anthology of Interest 2, this time Bender does ask the What If machine what it would be like if he were human.

  • Two songs played during the Bender's segment are Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" and Hanson's "MmmBop".

  • The finglonger that Farnsworth said would be impossible to invent was used in The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz episode.

  • The reason for Fry's missing the freezing tube was probably because he fell by himself. Had he been blown in by either Nibbler or himself, he most likely would have fallen in.

  • Scruffy reappears, although his moustache is now brown, not white like it was when he appeared in A Fishful Of Dollars.

  • The What If machine isn't meant to run more than one "What If" at a time. Since most of the episode's based inside a "What If" scenario, the "What if" questions posed to the machine that the What If machine generated wouldn't be very accurate. And as time goes on, the original "What If" environment could be degraded.

  • Why do Bender, Leela and Zoidberg appear together in Fry's "What if'? If it wasn't for him, they wouldn't have met each other.

  • When Fry creates a rip in time and space by not being frozen, the future we saw could have been the one that originally existed; thus explaining Leela and Bender's presence. The second time we see the hole, when just Bender appears, could be from the time lines, which are not being altered by Fry not being frozen.

    RESPONSE: This doesn't make sense, because Bender remembers having already seen Fry in the earlier hole.

  • In Space Pilot 3000, Fry wipes the condensation off one of the tubes and we see a man - without glasses. in this episode, when Fry does the same thing, the man is wearing glasses.

  • Scruffy's moustache and hat keep changing colors throughout the episode.

  • Al Gore called Nichelle Nichols Commander Uhura, but she only had 1 gold braid which indicates the rank of Lieutenant.

  • The jet on Bender's butt disappears after a few scenes.

  • In the scene where Fry falls back in his chair he was drinking a soda but when he gets up the can isn't in his hand or on the floor.

  • Season 2 Episode 19: Mother's Day

  • Among the robots looting under Mom's control are Chain Smoker, Clear Cutter, Crushinator, Destructor, Fatbot, Fender, Gearshift, and a Repobot.

  • Among the robots at the Mother's Day celebration are Clear Cutter, Crushinator, Fatbot, Gearshift, Officer URL, Oily, the Repobot, Reverend Lionel Preacherbot, and Tinny Tim.

  • Linda and Morbo are seen in New New york, next door to Planet Express at the beginning of the third act, but don't they reside in L.A? And the funniest thing is, it was only a short while until their news show was done in act 2.

  • In Mom's robot museum the Bender goggles identify Fry as a rube and also advise to pose as a friend, and then rob and leave in ditch.

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