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  • Season 4 Episode 12: Where No Fan Has Gone Before

  • When the Star Trek Cast members are reading the script Mellvar wrote you see that Deforest's shirt is yellow not blue like it usually is.

  • The opening theme promotion and the title of this episode coincide: WHERE NO FAN HAS GONE BEFORE


  • Shirt on nerd getting killed: Beam me up Scotty, there's no intelligent life here.


  • When Leela tells the crew to "lose some weight," you'll see that the three main cast members are posed in the same areas as the people standing next to them. Shatner next to Leela in the captain's chair, Fry sitting at the communication desk with Nichols behind him, and Bender standing with his hands behind his back the same way Nimoy is posed.

  • Some more bits of info: When the priest in the Church of Trek says "And Scotty beamed them to the Klingon ship, where they would be no Tribble at all.", it is a reference to the season 2 TOS episode, "The Trouble With Tribbles." Also, "Nazi-Planet-Episode Land (formerly Germany)" refers to a TOS episode where Kirk & Spock visit a planet that's very "Nazi-Land (formerly Germany)"-ish. When Fry takes Nimoy's head from the Head Museum, the head that comes and says, "Yes. Front row!" is the head of Jonathan Frakes, who plays Number One (aka Commander Riker) on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    When Nimoy's head says to Shatner's head, "Bill, you are, and always shall be, my friend" is a reference to Spock's last words (before he dies) in Star Trek II, "I have been, and always shall be, your friend. Live Long and Prosper."

    When Fry powers up the Planet Express ship, the buttons make beeps like the ones on the original series Enterprise registry number NCC-1701.

    The term "Omega system" is a reference to Star Trek with various systems like the Viridian system or our solar system: the Terran System.

    Bender's comment about Melllvar being a cheesy effect is obviously a reference to the cheesy effects in the original Star Trek.

    After the first commercial break, during the establishing shot of the ship you hear TOS-ish music.

    The sparkly effect of the "TrekFest 3002" appearing is a reference to the cheesy original series transporter effect.

    George and Walter sharing a copy of the script may be a reference to their characters, Sulu and Chekov, sharing a "connected" console.

    Leela's plan to overload Melllvar is a classic Trek-like plan complete with Trek techno talk.

    When Bender is modifying the weapons, or as he put it "'recafoobelling' the energy-motron... or whatever", the "room" he is in is supposed to be like the original series Jeffries Tubes.

    When Fry and Melllvar are listing fight-to-the-death episodes, they forgot episode 34, Amok Time, where Kirk and Spock must fight to the death.

    The machine gun that Bender finds is a prop from the TOS episode, A Piece of the Action.

    Nichelle Nichols' fan dance is from Star Trek V.

    The music that plays while the 2 crews are fighting is roughly from almost every hand to hand Star Trek fight.

    Melllvar being called for dinner and being referred to as a child is a reference to to the season 1 TOS episode, The Squire of Gothos.

    The mention of a self destruct code, Destruct Sequence..., is a reference to the TOS episode, Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, and Stra Trek III.

    The music at the end BEFORE the credits is straight from TOS. The music DURING the credits is merely Trek-ISH.

  • First Nimoy tries to steer away from Spock, and talk about his other achievements as an actor, but latter admit that he can't escape it. This is a cheap stab at the actions he took writing his two books "I Am Not Spock" and "I Am Spock."

  • In A Head In The Polls Bender says that his self-destruct mechanism is on his body, indicating it's a mechanical device. Now it's a simple voice-activated device. Maybe an upgrade?

  • When Leela says "We're too heavy," Shater's shirt is back in one piece.

  • Why would there be a welcome to "Germany" sign in the middle of Berlin?

  • Why is it everyone's face stays younger when they get dumped in the head jars except Nimoy?

  • Melllvar creates "Trek Fest 3002", but the year is now 3003.

  • The words 'Star Trek' are allegedly not to be spoken, as revealed in this episode. However, the actual words 'Star Trek' were used by Hermes in Brannigan Begin Again, when used to describe DOOP, "Like the Federation in your Star Trek Program." Also, in Space Pilot 3000, Fry uses the term 'Star Trek' to describe how the doors open and close. Finally, in That's Lobstertainment! one of the nominees for soft drink product placement was a movie, 'Star Trek: The Pepsi Generation.' Finally, a Star Trek argument is recorded in I Dated a Robot in a chat-room entitled 'Old-Trek vs. New-Trek.' (Although "Star Trek" is not directly stated, just "Trek" and character names.)

  • Season 4 Episode 11: The 30% Iron Chef


  • Zoidberg's first name is John.

  • The "dark side of cooking", by which Elzar was seduced, includes cilantro, mango, mint chutney and raspberry vinaigrette.

  • Hattie is sitting at the table Elzar is attending when Bender comes in. Her cat is swept off the table by Bender.

  • After Fry and the others decided to use the ship to hide from Bender, they walked toward the door. However, if they wanted to get to the ship, they were heading the wrong way. The ship was behind them.

  • No one seemed to care that Bender was missing, but they were all worried when he disappeared in Godfellas.

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