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  • Season 5 Episode 8: The Why of Fry

  • Isn't the name of the orphanage that the children are from called "the Bender Bending Rodriguez Orphanage"? If it is, then why does the bus say "Minimum Security Orphanarium"?
    Response: A wing of the orphanarium was renamed after Bender's contribution. It is still the Cookieville Minimum Security Orphanarium.

  • When the timer for the quantum interface bomb starts, it is displayed as '0:60". Sixty seconds is of course one minute, so it should have read "1:00" then "0:59". Unless the number of seconds in a minute has changed in the future.

    Response: There's nothing wrong with a timer displaying 0:60. I can type in 0:90 on my microwave and it will run for 90 seconds, or I can type 1:30 and it will run for 90 seconds.

  • Fry tells Nibbler that Scooty Puff Jr sucks, so Nibbler gives him Scooty Puff Sr when 3002 comes around again. Fry escapes the InfoSphere in time, but that means he is never trapped in the alternate universe, which means he never goes back to 1999, which means he never meets Nibbler, which means Nibbler never realises that Scooty Puff Jr sucks, which means Nibbler gives Fry Scooty Puff Jr, which means Fry gets trapped in the InfoSphere and so on.

  • When the Nibblonian ship approaches the Infosphere, the female niblonian is on the left hand side (from viewer's perspective) and then when the camera goes into the ship, she and Lord Nibbler have swapped places, she is now on the right!

  • The light in Applied Cryogenics changes during the scene. When Future-fry emerges and grabs Nibbler all shadows indicate the only light source is directly above the table. When the countdown on the clock begins the light source is between the table and the cryogenics tube, and finally when past-Fry tumbles over there's an incredible powerful light source at the entrance door.

  • Either the Nibblonians found a way to bypass the missing delta wave, or they decided not to erase Fry's memory of the brain spawn. They did decide to erase his memory of the Nibblonians, though.

  • In Jurassic Bark, we see a Nibblonian eye-stalk in the trash bin, yet in this episode Nibbler is under the desk all the time.

  • When Fry enters the Nibblonian Hall, his jacket is done up, then next shot it is undone again. He would not have had time to undo it.

  • In I Dated a Robot, Fry and the others see the parallel universe. The Professor remarks how there's only two universes. However, if Fry was in the future in the parallel universe, that means Nibbler must have helped freeze him, which means the brain spawn must be in the parallel universe as well! As the universes would be the same (unless the cowboy hats changed something) that means the brains would have swapped universes at the exact same time, leaving a set of brain spawn with cowboy hats in the "real" universe.

  • When Fry is flying into the sphere, there's a shot of him looking down at his wrist communicator and he isn't wearing a glove. Every other shot shows he is.

  • Season 5 Episode 7: Teenage Mutant Leela's Hu...

  • How would the Fountain of Aging take the Kronatons of their DNA? Shouldn't it just age them, then when they got out they would continue growing younger?

  • The planet with "its asteroid belt pulled so high up", actually has rings, like Saturn and Uranus in our solar system (along with a few others with very small rings...) so this is incorrect.

  • There is no proportion whatsoever among the character's getting younger, especially with Bender. Bender's head starts out oldest, at over 1050 years old, and yet it simply appears as young as the rest of his body, which should have gotten younger much faster than any of the other characters. Next was Farnsworth, and though his losing many more years at first makes sense, due to being covered in the oil for longer, it doesn't make sense that he should end up about 8 years old when the others are in the "womb" when after the first age loss they appear to have about 40 years between them.

  • Zoidberg was shown as a child in A Taste Of Freedom, and he was the same as he is now. Even if this was supposed to be after all these "larval stages", how could the slug-like form of Zoidberg have been "a teenage heartthrob"?

    Furthermore, in Why Must I Be A Crustacean In Love? Zoidberg states that he "hung out as a larva" in a puddle, and implied that he was bullied by a tiny hermit crab, which he then ate. None of the Zoidberg's forms shown were that small, and it seems highly unlikely that he had many before being coral.

  • In the scene where Farnsworth is drowning in the Fountain of Aging, why doesn't Bender just elongate his arms and pull him out?

  • In part of the episode Farnsworth reverts to his youngerself in which his apperance matches a man from the 70s. Also he is reverted to look like a hippie, both which is odd considering the year is 3000 and unless history repeated fashion styles that wouldn't make sense. However hippies prove to still exist as seen in previous episodes, but the 70s disco clothing is strange.

  • If the "street race" in the sewers was spontaneous, how could there be a finish line and a crowd of cheering people at the end?

  • Bender's role in this story is a HUGE goof. even if robots aged like human beings (which they don't), Bender, being a robot, has no skin, so the mud shouldn't have affected him.

    RESPONSE: This wasn't a goof at all, Bender growing younger was just for the comedy, although partly just to help the plot, since all the characters needed to become younger. It is explained that it affected Bender's Robo or RNA (another joke), and on the DVD commentary Matt Groening says that whilst Bender has looked the same since he was born, we didn't see all of what he looked like on the construction line, even if this would have been a waste of time just to build Bender small and then build up from there.


  • Amy was a bit on the heavy side and needed glasses at age 8 but was fine shortly before that?

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