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  • Season 5 Episode 6: Less Than Hero

  • It was established that the team cannot fly. But we see Fry jump out of a window and fly back into the room in costume.

  • Leela ripping her clothing is a series of continuity errors. First, she tears a shirt that shows cleavage to one that doesn't. Then she rips that suit off, and she's got her pants back.

  • When the Zoo Keeper captures Leela's parents, Morris (Leela's dad) complains about his allergies and Leela's mom says that there was animal fur all over so we can assume Morris is allergic to animal fur. But at the beginning of the episode, Leela's parents have a mutated cat sitting between them and Morris didn't sneeze once during that scene.

  • In the scene when Morris, (Leela's father), is fishing in the sewer and blabs to his mutant friends that Leela is Clobberella, Raoul, the mutant with the arm growing out of his head, has the third arm protruding from the left side of his head. In previous episodes such as "Leela's Homeworld", the arm was coming out of the right side of his head.

  • Season 5 Episode 5: Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch

  • In this and the future episode "Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles," it is implied that Bender grew from an infant to an adult, however we know from the Season 3 episode "Bendless Love" that Bender was built in adult form.

  • One of Kif's babies has one eye, probably caused by Leela's dna.

    Actually, if you look closely or pause the show while the tadpoles first start heading toward the ocean, you will notice that several of them have only one eye.

  • It is revealed that Zapp either wears a hairpiece or a really bad comb over.

  • Kif's home planet is revealed to be 'Amphibious 9.'

  • Kif has several pictures on his wall of Zoidberg giving Amy 'rabbit ears' with one claw.

  • Leela has a 'pair' of glasses with one lens laying on the book next to her bed. Leela was seen with a 'pair' of glasses when she was younger and had braces.

  • Fry speaks only three times in this episode.

  • Atilla calls Zap's ship a 'space canoe', but canoes didn't exist in ancient Rome or the Germanic territories.

  • In a side of the big jar containing the Tea of the New Life, there was a tea bag.

  • Pub Name: O' ZORGNAX'S PUB; We believe any I.D.


  • Two of the tadpoles collide, suggesting some of them inherited Amy's "klutzy" DNA from Amy grabbing Kif's face during the fiasco. We also see a one-eyed tadpole from Leela's DNA.

  • Amy's Calander:
    1-Mon – Bimonthly Dimple Rotation, 2-Tues – Yoga Rave, 3-Weds – Girlicure, 4-Thurs – Baby Shower, 5-Fri – Shop, 6-Sat – Drop, 7-Sun – Lunch with Molly, 8-Mon – Trash Molly with Tina, 9-Tues – Trash Tina with Molly, 10-Weds – Find New Friends, 11-Thurs – Pony Aerobics, 12-Fri – Cuteness Trainer, 13-Sat - 10 (unknown) Wang (unknown), 14-Sun – Recharge Bra, 15-Mon – Extreme Aromatherapy, 16-Tues – Finish Thesis Buy Stocks, 17-Weds – Adopt All Puppies, 18-Thurs – Pity Party for the Less Popular, 19-Fri – Green Shirt Day, 20-Sat – New (unknown) Announced Today, 21-Sun – Hang with Walter Koenig, 22-Mon – Tolstoy Seminar, 23-Tues – (blank), 24-Weds – Neutron Croquet, 25-Thurs – Search Couch for Spare Millions, 26-Fri – Do Something for Myself, 27-Sat – Hair-(unknown) Olympics, 28-Sun – Benefit for Divorced Princesses, 29-Mon – Snub All Dark-Haired Boys, 30-Tues – (blank), 31-Weds – Rearrange Teddy Bears. Promote Mr. Fluffy

  • Opening theme promotion: BIGFOOT'S CHOICE.

  • Zoidberg flies out of the chamber, but we never saw him inside to begin with.

  • Kif can walk on ceilings, even when wearing boots and gloves? Either a goof, or he has special issued clothes.

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